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Saturday, May 14, 2005

14 May 2005: Horseshit...of the day

I hate wanna be motivational internet book pimps...

okay first of all i normally reserve bulletin blasts for dickheads...but yes ladies and gentlemen we finally have a girl contestant... Hey Merina --- KISS MY BROWN ASS you are fuckin 23 years did NOT float over here on a BOAT and have to BATTLE pirates...obviously you were born in 1982. Give me a break you bullshitter - the republicans in office allowed full entry to many vietnamese people post might have floated on a crackboat - but not a refugee boat. Hey jackass girl - pirates want loot not pussy okkaaaay? you were the only person with black hair and asian in your class? as a child. you act like you had a third tit growing out of your head - join the rest of the planet - a lot of us asian kids were the only ones in the class - so what, don't milk that shit like your parents sent you to boarding school on a martian satellite. if serge labelle is like anthony robbins - then the anti christ has a backup - and if he is your coach - then let him spellcheck your shit you cow - coz if you are..."watchin the oscars and get the SHRIVELS" it means your foblish was affected by those pirates while you were waiting to get found by malaysian oiltankers. Don't be full of shit - you got something to sell and you wanna do it on myspace where you don't have to pay shit. It's hilarious that you think you have a birthright to fame. Fame used to mean a person had some type of talent - not just a desire for recognition. Fakeass. if you are gonna work that shit like Tila Tequila then get balls and do it. But c'mon now - most of the free world knows that a lot of auditioned porn talent comes from Canada - where a lot of the distribution is present. Don't lie - you know you earned some of that website money on your back. Instead of entertaining "russian tourists' singing - you should have got a library card - then perhaps your verbiage would be better. You have the AUDACITY to say that you are going to write an ebook and you say shrivels vs say elite as a pluralism (elites!!!) you are not as "deep" as you say. you're about as deep as the toilet bowl water - and you are a fucking scourge to any of us who actually do REAL writing - and it is an insult that you all yourself a writer. With that said. Shuttup're played out like a ps1 ------------- sidenote: this chicks profile irritated me coz she's trying to spin a tale as if she had an exceptionally hard beginning. As if Canada were Serbia and shit. Canada has the most culture forward Asians on the planet in their own northern way - they also have more dope tea houses than anywhere - puhleeze - it's not like she got sent to Alaska to chew whale fat in the depths of glaciers. Secondly, her story is iffy at best Thirdly, if you wanna be e-famous, get seen do and make...don't spin horse shit. Awww fukkit - she's just a nutchewer.

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