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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 Dec 2007: It's called the Past coz it's Passed...

I've been putting this off in respect to Christmas...but now that Christmas has passed...I'm going to fire...

Incident 1)

Over a year ago right before I met sister and her friends went to a bar and met a dude named L. They took one look at each other and said, "SAUCY"...they then gave him my phone number and some text messages and myspace peepin' insued. Basically - I went on 3 dates with him. We had ONE chaste kiss. However...he did indicate that he thought of me often and his homies co-signed such statements. However...once Julian ...I advised L that I now had a boyfriend and he should act respectfully. He also confessed that he now had a girlfriend who had been his girlfriend in the past. I clowned about his recycling...and he called me cold but laughed. He admitted to lookin' at my page and reading my blogs and feeling jealousy. How odd. I shrugged it off. So over the last year he has randomly called. I remember him calling over 5x on Valentines and I didn't pick up the phone...there have been other incidents as well. The most annoying was around 1130 pm a few weeks ago.

L---! Behave your ass. I have a man. We are TWO-gether. I don't understand why you must call or text or whatever when you have a girlfriend. I don't egg you on and I wish you well - but get the fuck on with that. It is disrespectful to me and to the female you are with. You are a pretty goodlookin' cat but you ain't goodlookin' enough to infiltrate on my house and you ain't goodlookin' enough to sideways a chick that is your hometown girl.

Don't even bother tryin' to run game on a female that's a real G.

Consider this a smidgen of Mercy that I don't put your face and phone numbers on deck...also consider it a Final warning.


Incident 2)

A few days ago I heard my text message alarm go off while I was running errands for the Crashwarming Party. It was kind of early for texts to float in for the eating gig - so I checked it. I can't believe this shit.

I've held my tongue for deserve this.

First of all...Keep your WISHES to YOURSELF...uhhhh...don't you have a girlfriend or something to keep you occupied? Why the hell are you sending text messages to another woman first thing in the morning. Curb your dog Bitch. Bwaaa hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahha. Okay still laughin. Bwaa hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhaa

Second of all...Pour some dirt on your already dead ass...

Thirdly...I haven't spoken to your Whack ass in like 16 months - let's try for another 16/160/1600 months.

Fourth...You have no business tryin' to talk to your ex...or telling people you wish you could talk to your made a decision now live with it. Keep my phone, my name, and any nuance of me the hell out of your mouth and while you are there keep my brothers names out of your mouth as well. Just keep yo' shit away from mine and it will be cool. Be fabulous in your squalor.

Finally...I'm glad you are the dumbest dipshit on the planet I ever dumped.

Someone asked me what was the one thing you liked about your ex? I said this,"I liked that he is the dumbest motherfucker in the world so I could dump his ass - or i never would have been out with Wendy and ended up meeting Julian."

Been around the world and back Cracka...ain't shit crackin for you Huh....

Bwaa hahahahhaha


I don't recycle dates or exes. When I am done with you I am done with you. If the parting is due to circumstance then I won't feel the urge for retaliation. I just get amnesia. However, if it ended in betrayal and bullshit - you will get served, it's only a matter of time. My memory long and my fist is swift.

When I love people I love them in totality...but when I exorcise you out of my life it's just a stank ass turd flushed away.

Exes cannot be friends. At least not to me.


comments attached

th3 7th

GIRL...i had a guy i don't care for AT ALL that i formerly talked to, then dropped...he text me on christmas! i didn't have his number saved, and when i asked who it was he beat around the bush until i figured it out...

then i gave my phone to a friend that we both know...and he start textn him back from my phone. fuck those dudes.
Posted by th3 7th on 27 Dec 07 Thursday - 10:11 AM
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grrrrrrr! at what point is THAT okay?

yeah what you said.

Fuck those dudes.
Posted by Saucy on 27 Dec 07 Thursday - 10:14 AM
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Phahahahah... Well Martha.. he thought he had something he didnt.. just tell that fool to harass someone else.. better yet call the phone back moaning at 3am, when his girl is home.. i bet he stop then. lmdao... And A (f-en)+ for not being the recycle gal! I have to admitt... I do recycle.. ... i guess one of us has to...
Posted by ♥L3sLi3♥ on 27 Dec 07 Thursday - 10:12 AM
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you know i put fools on Front Street. Who cares!!! Bwaahahahahha.
Posted by Saucy on 27 Dec 07 Thursday - 10:15 AM
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Laura Bess

i was going to write 'puttin' fools on front street!' and i see you beat me to it....great minds think alike.

people must have been text happy this past week cuz the same thing (but not to this degree) happened to me twice.
Posted by Laura Bess on 28 Dec 07 Friday - 2:30 PM
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law student

uuuuuuuuh....this is why i changed my number first before i got amnesia! hahaha. seriously... but it's all good like i said, you should send a thank you card cuz you got hella much to be thankful for now. =) see you in vegas!
Posted by law student on 28 Dec 07 Friday - 7:43 PM
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how do you send a thank you card to a dumpster??? yanno Squalor Street and shit - bwaa hahahha... It's all good...and it ain't over. But yeaaaaaaaaaaah - Vegas it is.
Posted by Saucy on 28 Dec 07 Friday - 8:39 PM
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Can you handle my TRUTH?

SAY THAT SHIT ELAINEY.. hahahahahha cracking up.. still crackin up. gotta show adia so she can laugh..........
Posted by Can you handle my TRUTH? on 31 Dec 07 Monday - 5:38 PM
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you know how we do it. Now Serving 3,000,000,000,000,000
Posted by Saucy on 31 Dec 07 Monday - 6:15 PM
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i'm clutchin' my heart right now!!!

i'm sooooooooooo not about recycling people - there's a reason i threw your trash-ass out in the first place!
Posted by W.anderL.u$T on 02 Jan 08 Wednesday - 1:56 PM
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Bwaahahahha - you know how we do this...
Posted by Saucy on 03 Jan 08 Thursday - 1:45 PM
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Ray De Guzman

As much as I admire how you roll, I find it a tad disturbing that you could be so cruel. Sure, maybe the chump deserved it but he is only human after all. Infatuation is a hard thing to deal with...especially fruitless infatuation.

Maybe he deserves all of this...maybe he doesn't. You always want what you can't have...the grass is always greener and all that. Maybe he's unhappy with his girl and what he sees with you and Julian is the ideal situation for himself. Maybe he just want a piece of that dream.

A woman changed my life drastically...inspired me to lose 40 pounds this year and get my ass back home to Chi Town. It was never a relationship to her and maybe just infatuation for me. I pretty much screwed it up when I got back and I have't talked to her in months. I put that on myself though, it was my choice to keep my distance. I just hope the few text messages I sent her on her bday and through the holidays were not received with the same level of disdain as you. I love this girl...she changed my life and made me a better person. That in and of itself made the whole experience worthwhile.

Her best friend invited me to a party this weekend and I'm hoping that she is there and that maybe we can be cool again, but now I have my doubts.

I know my game is tight...I know I could probably be with anyone, but I want this girl. She has many qualities aside from physical beauty that I find rare and attractive. She also has infuriatingly bad things...but nobody is perfect and imperfections create beauty in my opinion.

Just a thought I wanted share with you, have a great new year!
Posted by Ray De Guzman on 03 Jan 08 Thursday - 5:51 PM
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Firstly...I respect your opinion which is why I approved the post. And I certainly can understand your empathy for the said dumbass. will notice that chump 1) Got spared...because although he was persistent - he was not irreverent.

Now...Let me address Chump 2) who got his text message posted. He was free to go any time he wanted and that's all he had to say, matter of fact - I offered to break up with him about 4x a week for a year - but he couldn't get his fallopian tubes unknotted and took the pussy way out. The only reason he wants to even REMOTELY be "friends" with me is because he thinks that by making good with me he can again be close friends with people whom I adore. His intention is to be a leech and a mooch as he was in the past. I may have forgiven those things in the past as his "girl/babysitter" but I will not now. As for this sack of shit being human - he ain't. As for him wanting a piece of the dream - he shouldn't. Maybe he deserves all of this? He deserved a lot more than I served his sorry ass - because I have assets to lose and a future to guard. And if he's unhappy - then that is what he planted for himself - slow terminal death would be too good for that fuckin' amoeba.

Like I said...I went easy - and I'm still going easy. But we can always play hard...coz all MY mothuhfucka's are FRESH off probation!

Finally...I admire how I roll - and that's what I live with.
Posted by Saucy on 03 Jan 08 Thursday - 6:11 PM
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you go girl!
Posted by Becky on 03 Jan 08 Thursday - 7:39 PM
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i would really hate for u not to love me no more hahahah...
Posted by anna on 04 Jan 08 Friday - 10:46 AM
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law student

let me just say this, for the sauce to love is infinite, there is no depth to the love and loyalty in our familial unit. however, once you cross the line (and it's not like you aren't given chances) then there lies the backlash. it's complete erasure, amnesia and the like that occurs through no fault other than your own. if you take the betrayal route, then you get thrown out. simple as that. really, it's not a complex concept, merely the reality of the situation.

if you keep poking a complacent beast, sooner or later, it's gonna bite back. =)
Posted by law student on 05 Jan 08 Saturday - 4:20 PM
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Posted by Saucy on 05 Jan 08 Saturday - 8:07 PM
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Benjamin Cohen


you should throw a flaming bag of poop through his window labled saucy
Posted by BenTheJew on 13 Jan 08 Sunday - 11:05 AM
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I trust that you will provide the bag of poop!
Posted by Saucy on 13 Jan 08 Sunday - 11:10 AM
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26 Dec 2007: Leadin to the Tree...'s always gotta be an adventure right...


We had a Christmas work party with Secret Santa and all that - Everyone knows I'm a coffee junkie and my Secret Santa gave me some 2 uber kyoote coffee cups with matching baby plates...coz the kiddo knew I have coffee or tea every morning with Julian...

I volunteered to cook the roasts and potatoes but our GM beat me to the punch so I ended up just being moral support. I was also makin' a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and our GM told me don't make it all pretty. I laughed and said okay - I'll make it easy "mommy" style!


Work was steady but not overly stressful. Julian's appetite has veangeance lately and I've been cooking as quickly as he can eat them. Always Asian Dishes with rice at almost every meal - except when I made a roast beef and he killed a roast beef sandwhich the size of my face before I could finish my sentence...I've been going home and workin' on my fish.

Wendy Lee has been eyeballing these fish paintings that I had only blocked out...on Thanksgiving she was swooning over them again...and I said you know what Wendizzle - I'm givin' you those fish for Christmas even though you are a Buddhist! She said Really? I said Really!

So I worked on them a few minutes a night until they were done.

So 2 fish to the Pisces Empress that don't need Sweet and Sour Sauce!


Often...when I'm stressed and grumpy my boyfriend makes it a point to leave me a voicemail or check on me to see how my day is progressing. The temperature dropped and all I wanted to do was sleep in. I wake up almost everyday to make breakfast and we have coffee together. A few mornings I was tired and Julian said,"Sleep in need the rest, you've been working long days..." and I actually took him up on it.

I got to work one day and opened my email and it was a note from Julian titled "My Bebe..." it said : Love u soooooo much! I love every moment we spend together. I am so proud to have u as a life partner and lover! May 2008 bring us continual growth and prosperity. Love u hun!'s little things like that - that make a difference. You know what's amazing is that our feelings have not wavered . Mr. Man does not forget to say thank you or plese, or express appreciation, or surprise me with treats. He always helps with the dishes and all the domestic shit that violates enjoyment. He is just so winning with that smile and attitude...I don't ever question that what we have is Love...and Love as it should be. It's like you know these things ... but it's always good to know that someone loves you enough to express it. It is so very nice NOT to be taken for granted


Then it was time for the Crashwarming Party...The Homie Deluxe Crash had a housewarming party on Saturday the 22nd...I did like 4 or 5 Italian dishes...I was so busy I didn't even have time to take pics but my lovely wifey Gya did...and I will post them as soon I get them.

I truly love these luncheons and dinners. Mattx and Crash make it so easy to cook in their joint they already called dibs on Italian Feast so I have no choice to make Italian at every Mattx Crash event!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

15 Dec 2007: I got conned...0_o

Last night I went home to my house for a few reasons. 1) To see my family and the doggies. 2) To do laundry - coz I love our new big ass front load high tech washer and dryer! Coz I can do our big ass Korean blankies in one load and the pillows too! 3) Coz I miss my personal space. 4) To check out the new stuff on our public drive to see what music and movies we have. 5) To meet my brothers lady friend M----.

I stayed up late last night until about 4am...Just futzing around with some of my spreadsheets, catching up on movies, starting laundry...I finally puttered to my room and pulled a book off the shelf and fell asleep after reading part of it.

I woke up this morning automatically around 8 and threw the blanket over my head to get another hour of sleep. I could vaguely hear everyone on the north side of the house so I made an attempt to wake up. I gave Bebe a good morning call and strolled down to the kitchen. My sister started a greek style chicken roast with potatoes and herbs so I did my laundry. I was thinking that I was gonna get out of makin' enchiladas coz lunch was already made. I was thinkin' excitedly that I would prolly be able to squeeze in a nap today

But...but my brother came home from the gym and he said Oh...what's up? Where's my enchiladas? I said well...Keyla already made lunch. He said So...


I said,"I don't think we have the sauce or even the red chili's so i can make the sauce from scratch." He said Hmmmmm. He then stood IN THE PANTRY and went through the entire thing and 20 minutes later said - here you go. He actually found 1 can of sauce in that 11 foot pantry.

I just laughed. I laughed and laughed because what he wants he gets.

So chicken enchiladas it was...and spanish rice

Here's an emptied pan

Sticky Spicy Spanish Rice...

And a Full be enjoyed tomorrow!

The only thing missing was Julian with a cold chili beer and his plate.


Keyla and I ran for movies, and jewel cases and groceries..Holla at Princess Raccoon featuring Zhang Ziyi and the dude from Shinobi...Also thank you for my copies of Anthony Bourdain in 4 cities...We observed a lot of crazy Christmas shoppers at Best Buy and dumbheads at Walmart so we left and I got asked over and over what would I like for Christmas and honestly I said nothing. But I'm sure I will get something and here I am. I think it's time for a coffee gelato on espresso - affogato. Ciao.

15 Dec 2007: Treats and Meats


Wendy and Grimey came home from LA and brought me treats...A lovely keychain of a raspberry cake and a strawberry tart mock cake with a hidden container inside - Bwaaa hahahaha. Sooooooo KYOOOOTE!

Ohhhh we love kyoote things SOOOOO much...


So after a crazy few weeks of work...I went back to makin' dnner for the kids. The other night I made this kinna minestrone albondigas soup with rice AND macaroni...I can't believe how much eveyone loved it.

Tonight I made them garlic oregano bacon, plus swiss, plus kaiser rolls, plus fries, plus carmelized onions. You know - the usual.

I dunno what to tell you kid.

I can tell you the restaurant manager next door has been getting hooked up with some of the plates from our family dinners and prefers ours to his. Hahahhaa. I might have to cook in HIS kitchen sometime.

I can tell you I baked everything if that makes your arterie unclog a bit. Hahahaha. I can tell you I actually felt famished today and ate a burger although it did make my heart pound a little bit. I can tell you that my Julian called a little after I had put dinner out for everyone, and I told him what I made for everyone. He said,"I bet you it's, I KNOW it's good!" I just laughed and told him he would have all his favourites after he gets back on Sunday from New Mexico. He sighed a little bit.

Love and Food and Beauty and Kyoote and Food and Beauty and Friends and Love and Little Ones and Old Ones and Lost Ones and Food and Cute and Beauty...and more...

This is what we do.