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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disgusting! Some People Are SOOOO Disgusting...

So...the other day our friend Teddy Came by and we were just hanging out.  He told me about this guy at his work...a guy that actually worked for him.  WORKED - as in past tense...know why - coz the guy was running late and ran head on into a mercedes with his motorcycle --- no skidmarks nothin - just went for it.  Supposedly, the point of no return.  So I probe Teddy to get a history on the guy...Apparently the dude has 3 daughters (13,9,4), a wife and is also supporting his elderly mother.  He also was taking home $30,000 a month.  Prior to the motorcycle accident he was pulled over and let off with a warning (no license, no insurance) and prior to that he was pulled over speeding in his car with no insurance, no registration and lost his license on the speeding ticket that broke the camel's back.  I said, "Why would anyone ride dirty with no insurance, no registration and then also speed if they are taking home 30K a month???"  Teddy shrugged in a confused manner.  

But it gets even BETTER...Teddy tells me that the dude was claiming ZERO on his taxes and he's been making 6 figures for 2 years now.  No gets he recklessly dies in this accident and his wife comes to Teddy and asks if she can have part of his check to cover the bills because she has no money - Teddy tells her well the month hasn't closed but he can cut her a check for 8,000 to keep their house afloat.  She said Oh no no no not that much because I don't think his check will cover that because "we" don't make that much.  WOW - she didn't even know how much her husband made.  Guess WHAT - it gets better --- he had NO life insurance not one penny.  He had told Teddy months prior,"...what do I need life insurance for I'm young and will always be here for my kids"  Really?

I could not hide my DISGUST.  Teddy tried to tell me "he really loved his family..."  I laughed and said no he didn't.  He was spending all his money on God KNOWS What...they had nothing in savings, or CD's or retirement and he made over a quarter million dollars a year.  His wife had no idea how much he made.  They are behind on their house payments.  The car and motorcycle he used were not insured and on TOP of all that he had no life insurance.  I told Teddy,"He not only left his 3 daughters naked, but he is about to make them homeless as well as his wife and Mother...that ain't love."  Teddy was absorbing that nugget of bullshit when I also added this,"Then come April, the IRS is going to be looking for their 30% cut of that 300,000+ income that he made...and where exactly is his wife going to pay for that - when she doesn't work and clearly has no idea about finances???"

Sickening.  Letting your spouse live in indulgent ignorance is basically harming them.  Who does that?  Now your daughters are without a net...they are fodder for the wolves of this world.  He not only left them fatherless...but also open to become victims or at the least at the mercy of strangers.  Many people are not so far from hunger or losing their homes...this is a perfect example of it - except what makes it perverse is he made more than 4 average peoples incomes.

I got my first life insurance policy when I was in my early 20's.  I got it because I traveled a lot throughout Asia and the US.  I kind of figured if my scuba equipment failed, or if I was taken hostage, or if I got trampled at Mardi Gras at least my parents wouldn't have to worry about paying for the funeral.  Not that they couldn't afford it - because they can, but I felt it would be unfair to them to have to pay on my behalf because I was off on another adventure.  I've never had to use it and actually it already matured and I collected on it - but that's besides the point....

I wonder how many people live like that?  Ready to leave their family naked and at the mercy of strangers?


Sunday, November 25, 2012

My best deal yet 80% savings! WooHoo

Last week some coupon chick robbed me of my coupons from the shop I work at and the shop next door...this week - I was the first one at the shopping center and since the papers had been thrown onto the ground in the parking lot and not in front of the doors - I grabbed both sets.

That was Black Friday and also time for the monthly Proctor and Gamble coupon book. 
The total haul was 49 coupon books.

This is what the coupons look like broken down.  I am giving half to my sister in law.  The coupons aren't as good novembers but I'm sure it will end up giving me some stuff for free that we use such as paper towels, anti perspirant, feminine hygiene products and shavers.
I did have to use the last of my coupons - so I went to 2 separate Fry's Grocery (aka Krogers to some of you)...After coupon: The Dawn was 99 cents, Safeguard soap was 29 cents, 6 pack of Pineapple juice was 1.79, blistex was free, halls cough drops were 27 cents.  All vitamins were buy one get one plus I had 5 coupons...the naturemade sublinggual b-12 ended up being 2.50 ea, the natures bounty sublinggual b-12 ended up being $2 ea and the melatonin ended up being 1.50 ea...Pretty good.

I stopped by another fry's and they were having a P&G event so all the Scope was 1.99 ea if you bought minimum of 4.  I happened to have coupons for 1.50 off - so all of those were just 49 cents ea.

I don't know about your area but in our area these are close to 5 bucks a bottle - so 49 cents is real attractive.

I have all my coupons on an excel spreadsheet that I email to my phone - and I checked and had a few I could use...
Scope: 49 cents each
Covergirl eyeliner 2 pack: 95 cents each
Advil travel packs:  22 cents ea
halls cough drops: 27 cents each
Energizer thermometer batteries: 49 c ea
Blistex: 22 cents each
Kettle chips: 1.39
Hersheys non rbst milk: 99 cents

My father in law came to visit this weekend and said,"I like to see that you kids set yourself up to save some one needs to worry about you."  Damn straight no one has to worry about us...coz we handle ourselves.  I'm looking forward to not having to buy certain things for a year...some things I won't even have to get for 2 years. 

You know what cracks me up when people say they are just 'gonna come over and get stuff over here..."  Yeah RIGHT!  At that point you better decide if you want my left foot or my right foot givin you a swift kick in the ass.  I heard a girl in the lobby at work talking about how she could barely pay her bills yet she had a new iphone5 and a new IPAD - hahahaha.  I guess priorities are out of fashion. 

Sometimes I wish I could be more sympathetic towards people except that I see they put themselves on a path to destruction and them being unprepared has nothing to do with me.  I love people who have children they can't feed...and with that same mouth they say "I love my kids."  I love people who have a family and think they don't need life insurance, or savings, or preps coz "God will provide..."  Bwa hahahahaha.  Really!  Coz if you listen real closely God is telling you to get it together...and you are just so self important you don't think you have to do anything coz in the billions of people on Earth "GOD" is going to provide for YOU...Bwa hahaha - arrogant.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm pooped...

Organizing is hard work...Mr. Man told me last night,"we are quickly running out of space in this new house of ours..."  I countered,"No we are not.  We just aren't putting stuff away where it belongs..."  So to cash the check my mouth wrote - I organized half the garage this afternoon...

I even found time to slow roast a 10 lb beef brisket...finish the 5th load of laundry...clean both the bathrooms and mail some coupons to a friend.

I'm making a pot of coffee as I write this - so that means I'll be organizing my canning jars soon.


Life is definitely not for the weak.

They grow up so fast...

 This is my niece Ashley in March.  You can't tell but she's thrilled that we got her not only the barbie cup but also the matching barbie tee shirt.

She's always been a real cool kid - inquisitive, smart and not afraid to take on tasks and challenges.
 Last week she told my brother,"Papa, I'm going to Aunties house to make cake then I'm going to her job to make cake and help her..."

She even let me do her hair...
 First lesson: how to wash hands

Second lesson: how to properly wash and sanitize dishes in a 3 compartment sink.

Third lesson:  how to pipe shells on a cake then finish with sprinkles (I forgot to get pics of this).
Then we got home and had dinner and she asked me to "curl her hair like the big girls do"  I just looked at her - she'll be 8 in a week - why does she look all grown up? name is Chef Saucy...and I'm an addict!

A freakin coupon addict...Hahaha...

You know this totally happened by accident.  I used to just use the ones that came in the paper with the ads.  I only have two rules: 1)  Don't get anything you don't use even if it's free.  2) Always buy/pay for something so the store makes some money...everyone has to make money along the way - getting over too often depletes the business.

I don't know if I told everyone but I'm working again...just as a cake decorator...well i got promoted 2 weeks in - so a manager and I'm on profit sharing lol...translation - quarterly bonuses.  I never thought I would get bonuses and raises in this economy...Anyway, we get a free local paper as do a few other businesses and on one of my breaks I noticed that in the Sunday edition there are 2 coupon books (see Red Plum and Smart Source)...and most of them are going into the trash.  Some weekends I get 20 papers and some weekends I get 35...and it's just gone out of control.

I "test" coupons at stores prior to making a large purchase.  Example:  i had 40 50cents off any C&H pure cane sugar.  Our local Fry's Foods (aka Krogers) had a special on 4 lb sugar 2.49.  At Fry's all coupons are upgraded to a value of $1 with no cap or limitations on how many you use.  This is my favorite store to use coupons because I can safely assume all coupons are worth a buck.  They honored all my coupons and with a smile.

I tried to use my coupons at Safeway for these Angel Soft I had 39 coupons for 25 cents.  Well supposedly Safeway will honor all coupons as $1...THEY DO NOT!  They will only honor 3 coupons as $1 - the rest are regular and they say it with a condescending  They weren't even that good a price (2/$3)

I returned all of it but the 3 items that they bumped the coupon for. 

I checked walmart - they were 1.17 a piece

I checked Fry's and they were 1.27 a piece BUT they would honor the coupon for $1.  They sold me 40 4pk.  I am so tickled because Angel Soft is not so bad - especially not for a little over a quarter a pack.  Plus I was so happy they were still in the original's much easier to stack that way. 

 Next I had 39 $1.50 off 2 hefty bags (12 count or higher)  Well I noticed Dollar Tree had the bags and they took the coupons.  I got 78 boxes for a quarter a piece - and a few of them were even double packs...

I picked both quart and sandwich size...Yay us..this really helps coz Mr. Man brings 2 sandwiches a day to work for lunch and snack...
 The bounty singles were an "OKAY" deal at 70 cents each - but that is still cheaper than the 8 packs.  I don't even use them that often but it sure is nice to have them...I have about 25 or so. 
 I was able to get the kosher salt this week for 38 cents...
 This is the weekly task that I absolutely detest...sorting out my piles of coupons...Look closely at my envelopes --- they are stuffed.  It's hard to be new at this stuff --- i get frustrated sometimes.  A lot of times I give them to people buying the same stuff so I don't buy more - haha.  People are so thankful.
 These charmin were on sale today for 4.99 but if you bought 4...but I had a coupon so that was another dollar off - then I had the store E coupon so that was another 50 cents off -  that made the 12 packs only 3.50 each --- AND they each had a new coupon book inside for TP, Dawn, Bounty and buy one get one on the cottonelle butt wipes and a whole lot more.So really they were free (at least to me)!!
This month was a motherlode month for lip products.  Here are the post coupon costs:

Nivea - 50 cents
Lypsyl - free
Blistex 5 star - 45 cents
Blistex Silk & Shine - 45 cents

Blistex Deep Renewal - 45 cents
Blistex plain - 7 cents

Average price was about 31 cents per piece - which is fantastic, because here in the desert we rip through these things like no ones business...I prefer the nivea and the lypsyl but Mr. Man loves the blistex products.  Ironically I still have about 50 blistex coupons...

Here are some of my best deals in the last 30 days...

8 oz jergens - 72 cents
old spice swagger (XL bottle) - 2.50
large scope mouthwash $2
beef brisket 1.99/lb
48 oz hilshire farms polka kielbasa $4.50 - (3 full links)
2 lb all beef no additive ball parks $4.50
minute rice brown rice 4 pack - 25 cents
libbys canned vegetables (including organics) - 25 cents
organic spinach bag - 50 cents
airwick candles - 49 cents
advil pm (4 ct) - free
cesar dog food - buy 1 get 2 free
Large Gain Dish Soap - 1.49
L'oreal lipstick - free
frozen pretzels - 50 cents
Gilette Mach 3 razors - free

I'm sure there's some other stuff I didn't mention like laundry soap and ladies products and all that.  I tell you what...last summer I was able to get these 12 packs of TP for 2.50...and now on salt they are 5-8 bucks.  Last summer I was able to get maxi pads and tampons for 99 cents after the coupons and rebates - this year the best I can do is 1.99.  But what is appalling is the regular price sticker...Who can really afford 12 bucks for TP - then I called my bestie in New Mexico and she said in Carlsbad the regular sticker price is $15 a 12 pack...oh goodness gracious!  It's nice to insulate yourself against inflation.

When they say on the news "...inflation is only up 2.8%..."  I'm like um from 6 to 12 per package is double - that ain't 2.8% folks.  I look at people's carts and they have 4-5 items in there and that is pretty much the average - most people don't even grab carts anymore..I wish I could take a picture of the peoples faces when they see my bursting cart.  I still haven't gone to the world of 2 carts - but I have gone to using the baby seat belt to lock my own purse to the cart.

One lady told me, "Wow...I just don't have time to do that kind of shit..."  I laughed.  I really laughed and she asked,"What's so funny?"  I stopped laughing and asked," you make $300 per hour?"  She said,"no..."  I said, "well doing this 'shit' saves me about $300 an hour"  She didn't say anything after that.  These chicks crack me up acting like their boo boo don't stank and they don't "need" coupons.  Hahaha.  The big 6 who control 80% of the food market get paid no matter what and they reimburse the store the coupons plus 8% for handling...anyone who says they don't have time - are really crazy.  I love how people who always say they don't have time for stuff really aren't doing much at all.

Mr. Man calls my coupons "the real food stamps" hahaha.  My friends husband calls her couponing "petty larceny time"

We've always been really good about putting away stuff...but today's fiasco at Hostess reminds me of why you want to have a little cushion to land on.  70% of those Hostess employees are non union - which means the 30% who decided to strike - actually cost the 70% their jobs.  Where exactly will 18,500 people find jobs pre-holiday and end of year when no one wants their labor up so their books look bad.  I hope all those people at least eat this year...because hunger is a bit humiliating.

Sunday, November 4, 2012