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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gotta Keep doin IT!

 Total: $4
cereal: $1.25
crush soda: 75 cents
childrens toothpaste: 50 cents
infants toothpaste: $1
bobby pins: 80 cents
weber bbq sauce: $1

to be continued...
okay back "  4/29/13

 We ended up scoring 45 total of the weber bbq sauce.  With the moneymaking Advil coupons - the average pay for the bbq sauce was 19 cents (because I had $1 off coupons)...

Sale price for weber bbq sauce is $2 = regular price is $3.49 - even at $1 a piece I would have been happy but what we got was great!

We even found a spot for it in the garage - we just had to reconfigure the juicy juice and the molasses somewhere else....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

dang i'm rusty...

I haven't really made bread since last fall -- but now the house is an ambient 79 I'm at it again...I can't believe i ran out of olive oil spray and eggs (gotta stop by our friends house for my 5 dozen brown organics!)


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Finds at the Store...

I went to get some scrubbing bubbles today coz it would be the last day that it would be 20 cents today - then I remembered that the catalina value is only $2 today - so it was actually 40 cents each - which is still totally acceptable...

 softsoap refill: 2.99
windex: 40 cents
scrubbing bubbles: 40 cents
shout: 40 cents
ranch dressing: 99 cents
kettle chips: 99 cents
mt olive pickles: 1.49
stayfree: $2
Pringles: 1.44
foodsaver micro bags: $3
iams treats: 75cents
dried currants: 49 cents
seattles best coffee: 3.49
beer chicken steel holder: 79 cents
wine openers: 99 c
beer plate holders: 10 cents

Monday, April 22, 2013

Everyone should have a stash...

I had to reorganize my immediate coffee stash...

This is what I've acquired in the last 5 weeks!

what do lazy people do all day?

I wish sometimes I could be lazy...

I worked today and he worked today...

and I came home and Mr. Man was changing the oil on his motorcycle and had just worked on some things in the yard area...I made some steak fajitas for a late lunch..

 after lunch I jumped right to it.

Mr. man took a cat nap coz he got up at 4am.
 I precooked 9 lbs of fries to freeze for easier use.  We no longer buy pre frozen fries from the store because they are cooked in cottonseed oil
 While the last batch of fries was cooking then i washed the last box of oranges...
 The new juicer works great it goes clockwise then counter clockwise based on if you push the center or pull it towards you...

Then I broke down the turkey breasts that we cooked and dropped them in the freezer.

After all that was done Mr. Man woke up and weeded the garden and vacuumed and used the leaf blower on the back patio...I swept and mopped.  Then he came in and vacuumed the area rugs while I did the windows on the back of the house.  He just ran off to refill our 35 gallons of water (7 5-gallon jugs) and I started the laundry.

That's it - just another day in the life.

It's crazy.  But I'm glad we have the energy to do it...

We had some people over here this weekend and I feel like I had to really clean up after she was around...I just didn't like her presence in my house.  Mr. Man is SOOOOOO lucky I am respectful of him and I didn't thump that hoe on the back of her skull.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Storage Solution! Yippee!

i went by wally world today to pick up some eyeshadow for my sister in law - she's collecting makeup for some of her cousins overseas and I could get them for a quarter at WW...

But in the process I found these:

Large Chrome Baskets on sale for $2 ea
Kettle Chips: 99 cents
Quaker pop chips:  49 cents
Shout: 20cents
Old spice soap $3 (6 bars)
envelopes: 60 cents
Eyeshadow: 25 cents
Strawberries: 3.49 (4lbs)

All in All a good day!

I'm so relieved to have a stackable storage solution.  I can't believe these chrome baskets used to be 12.97 and today they were $2.  I don't think it gets any better than that!

Ok...I put the stacking baskets to use - One shelf took 14 baskets.
It took me almost 2 hours - but now it's done! Yay!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sometimes a deal is just meant to be!

Today i went on a run to look for some makeup that I had a $4 off coupon...of course they marked it up to 7.25 knowing that a coupon came out.  Unbelievable.

However I was able to find some other things!

 2lb dark brown sugar: 49c
nivea body soap: $1
first aid kits: 2/1.29
binkies: 1.99
sharpies 16ct: 6.50
chinese mustard 75c
stubbs seasoning: $1
northern beans 2lbs: 75c
rice snacks and candy bar: free
libby's pumpkin: 49c
candles: 40c
molasses: 1.50 ea
crest toothpaste: free
colgate toothpaste: free
bandaids: $1

All in all this was about a $52 trip.
I didn't even use a lot of coupons.

i tell you was super shocking to see almost all the prep items on clearance.  I was most happy with the jars.  I really wanted more of these pretty pint jars and now I have 16 of them...I can salsa and jelly for at least a batch and a half --- and I paid half price!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sundays are Cool!

I had an easy morning - collecting coupons, doing some inventory at work, hanging out with the other manager and then doing a little shopping...

I talked to the "paper boy"  and he told me that he has 50 extra inserts that he will gladly give me weekly coz I'm so "nice"  Nice kid with 2 jobs and he's hookin up those inserts and hiding them in a spot I can hide behind the shop!  Awesome!  That makes my life so much easier now!  But today I found 160 red plum inserts and 100 smart source inserts and Mr. Man found 50 of the 2nd edition smart source inserts (yay Barilla pasta sauce coupons).

Today I went to get a few things for the shop (chocolate and scrubbin bubbles).  It turns out that our local Fry's (aka Kroger's aka Publix) is having a $5 off of 5 on certain items.  The coolest thing is - the manager priced items are far better than the advertised prices.

I was finally able to use some of the Rice coupons I've been hanging onto forever.  I thought they were going to fade into expiration but fortune was on my side.

pantiliners: free
pampers wipes: 99 cents
success rice: 29 cents ea
shout: 22 cents (including tax)

Super exciting day!

Here's a different angle of the haul.

I even tipped the cashier 10 packages of rice because she expressed interest!  I like tipping my cashiers when they are awesome.  If they don't express interest in my haul then I give them a gift card for coffee or ice cream!

I found these for Mr. Man everything was about $1 except the mini hack saw - that was 1.99.  I figure since he's doing carpentry stuff all these tools will come in handy!

he's always excited when I bring him surprises that will help with all the new stuff he is learning now!

SECOND HAUL:  more of the same but a bit different.  A little under $19 is what I paid.

Shout: 22c
Cheese: 1.99
Ranch: 1.49
10lb sugar: 4.25
Powdered sugar 2lbs: 1.19
Shavers: 1.20 ea
Fiber 1 bars: 49 cents
Special K: Free
pantinliners  - free

I also tipped this second cashier 10 pantiliners because she expressed interest.   You know I wish all people would at least be kind to their cashiers even if they can't tip.  Because it's nice if they are appreciated for their thankless job and being on their feet 8 hours a day.  It can't be easy to be nice to people one after the other.

Here's the video:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scary mini SHTF...

so this afternoon I went into the kitchen to make some popcorn.  I looked outside the kitchen window and saw walls of smoke in the backyard...then I saw black shreds of paper looking things being carried by the wind...

I called Mr. Man and said,"you better check this out..."

He came back and said,"that ain't no barbecue, it's a FIRE...get out here"

I said OMG...

he said Hold this ladder quickly...

He kept our side of the house wet until the fire department came.  I could already hear the sirens while I called 911 and they told me that other neighbors had already called.

Super Crazy.

The neighbors were not home - but their dog was locked in the house.
To be honest I never did like these neighbors.  If I felt sorry for anyone I felt sorry for the dog that was locked in the house.  THEN...the fireman told us something,"Apparently this is the 2nd fire related to the tenant - but that is 'to be determined' "

That's sickening...

I told Mr. Man he sprung into action without pause...he told me all he could think of was that this fire would not "get us"  A neighbor on the back side was telling him where to spray that he was missing so it wouldn't jump to our yard.  I'm so proud of him to just jump to action to protect what is ours.  I also told him I was so happy he was always blowing the pine needles off the roof and maintaining the gutters so there was no excess debris in there that would catch fire.  We checked the attic and the walls and everything was fine - and the fireman told him that "you saved your house!"

I thank God for watching over us and giving him the sense to spring to action!

This was the end result of that fire:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 just gotta celebrate...

but my brother is out of hand.  He believes in celebrating the baby's monthly birthday until she is 1 year old...and guess who gets to make the cake!  Duh. Me. haha

She is 1 month old and still got that steely glare that we all had as

My brother said it's all our fault she won't lay down coz someone is always holding her.

Oh yeah so what! HA!

There's her little ice cream cake I made her!

My sister in law was thanking me for finding a pacifier that finally "worked" hahaha

I like how she just randomly passes out - Oh it's so hard to be a baby right!

My sister in law watches these kids like they are gold...and she has a kind tone with her children which is nice to see!

I found all these for the baby for $6 today..what a steal right...

I spent another $6 on this stuff for the trade preps...cosmetic coupons are awesome.  It think nail polish is an underestimated prep - but that's just me!

And I got these for 20 cents ea.  It was $5/5 deal - that made them 1.99 then each bottle had a coupon  - so that made them .99c each THEN i got a $4 instant rebate from johnson and johnson. 

Woo Hoo

I just keep it going...everyone is moving here in my extended family and the pantry has to be strong!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Stealin' More Deals...Dealin' more Steals...

Last weekend everyone came over to celebrate our friend Jereme's birthday - I made some simple food and Mr. Man barbecued 2 types of ribs.

here's my niece hamming it up and so excited to get to the mashed potatoes.

It was my first time frying outside on the propane and I singed that dang chicken in the first batch but the 2nd batch came out just fine.

Funny everyone loves to come here and we have the smallest home of all the siblings.

I complained about a certain cashier at a certain store.  This location is NOT a reflection of my prior experiences with Fry's (some of you may call it Kroger)...but I was so IRRITATED to be treated that poorly...I actually wrote a comment on

Don't you know that manager called me and I said I couldn't come in and she said she would leave a gift card for me at the desk.  Well I was surprised to receive $40 for my "inconvenience"
This is today's deal.  I was really looking for paper towels.  But none of the deals were that good.  Instead I found some Pampers for little Ysabella...  original price was 24.99 I got them for 11.49 with coupon.  The best oats oatmeal was just 50 cents a box.  Canned was 50c.  Always was 1.07 and Tampax was 1.17....Bad Us!  we still like cheetos and fritos - especially for $2.
Botan rice was on sale here 9.99 for 20lbs or in my case 4.99 for 10 lbs.

Ivory soap: 79cents for 3 bar
pampers wipes Free
Nuk: $2
Annies Dressing:$1.09
Blue Ribbon rice (20lbs): 6.75 - YAY!

Toilet paper: Free
Pickling lime: 1.69
Low Tech Juicer: $8

Turkey breast was 99c a lb at Target and Fry's this week.  I decided to can 3 bake 1 and freeze 2.  It came out really nice.  I finally got to can outside on the propane burners and that thing is AWESOME!

I can't wait to do stirfry outside.
I'm so happy to have got 20lbs of rice for 6.75
This girl is only a month old in 2 days.

She is growing like crazy!  She is strictly on breast milk - even though I managed to hustle 4 cans of formula for free and another 2 at $2.50 a can.  I told my sister in law to keep it for an emergency!
And don't try to take her bottle - coz she'll give you the look I give people!


Summer is almost here!  Mr. Man is working again on the ghetto garden and all the seeds worked!

Hopefully he makes a video soon!

Here is the haul video!