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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sundays are Cool!

I had an easy morning - collecting coupons, doing some inventory at work, hanging out with the other manager and then doing a little shopping...

I talked to the "paper boy"  and he told me that he has 50 extra inserts that he will gladly give me weekly coz I'm so "nice"  Nice kid with 2 jobs and he's hookin up those inserts and hiding them in a spot I can hide behind the shop!  Awesome!  That makes my life so much easier now!  But today I found 160 red plum inserts and 100 smart source inserts and Mr. Man found 50 of the 2nd edition smart source inserts (yay Barilla pasta sauce coupons).

Today I went to get a few things for the shop (chocolate and scrubbin bubbles).  It turns out that our local Fry's (aka Kroger's aka Publix) is having a $5 off of 5 on certain items.  The coolest thing is - the manager priced items are far better than the advertised prices.

I was finally able to use some of the Rice coupons I've been hanging onto forever.  I thought they were going to fade into expiration but fortune was on my side.

pantiliners: free
pampers wipes: 99 cents
success rice: 29 cents ea
shout: 22 cents (including tax)

Super exciting day!

Here's a different angle of the haul.

I even tipped the cashier 10 packages of rice because she expressed interest!  I like tipping my cashiers when they are awesome.  If they don't express interest in my haul then I give them a gift card for coffee or ice cream!

I found these for Mr. Man everything was about $1 except the mini hack saw - that was 1.99.  I figure since he's doing carpentry stuff all these tools will come in handy!

he's always excited when I bring him surprises that will help with all the new stuff he is learning now!

SECOND HAUL:  more of the same but a bit different.  A little under $19 is what I paid.

Shout: 22c
Cheese: 1.99
Ranch: 1.49
10lb sugar: 4.25
Powdered sugar 2lbs: 1.19
Shavers: 1.20 ea
Fiber 1 bars: 49 cents
Special K: Free
pantinliners  - free

I also tipped this second cashier 10 pantiliners because she expressed interest.   You know I wish all people would at least be kind to their cashiers even if they can't tip.  Because it's nice if they are appreciated for their thankless job and being on their feet 8 hours a day.  It can't be easy to be nice to people one after the other.

Here's the video:

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