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Friday, April 5, 2013

Stealin' More Deals...Dealin' more Steals...

Last weekend everyone came over to celebrate our friend Jereme's birthday - I made some simple food and Mr. Man barbecued 2 types of ribs.

here's my niece hamming it up and so excited to get to the mashed potatoes.

It was my first time frying outside on the propane and I singed that dang chicken in the first batch but the 2nd batch came out just fine.

Funny everyone loves to come here and we have the smallest home of all the siblings.

I complained about a certain cashier at a certain store.  This location is NOT a reflection of my prior experiences with Fry's (some of you may call it Kroger)...but I was so IRRITATED to be treated that poorly...I actually wrote a comment on

Don't you know that manager called me and I said I couldn't come in and she said she would leave a gift card for me at the desk.  Well I was surprised to receive $40 for my "inconvenience"
This is today's deal.  I was really looking for paper towels.  But none of the deals were that good.  Instead I found some Pampers for little Ysabella...  original price was 24.99 I got them for 11.49 with coupon.  The best oats oatmeal was just 50 cents a box.  Canned was 50c.  Always was 1.07 and Tampax was 1.17....Bad Us!  we still like cheetos and fritos - especially for $2.
Botan rice was on sale here 9.99 for 20lbs or in my case 4.99 for 10 lbs.

Ivory soap: 79cents for 3 bar
pampers wipes Free
Nuk: $2
Annies Dressing:$1.09
Blue Ribbon rice (20lbs): 6.75 - YAY!

Toilet paper: Free
Pickling lime: 1.69
Low Tech Juicer: $8

Turkey breast was 99c a lb at Target and Fry's this week.  I decided to can 3 bake 1 and freeze 2.  It came out really nice.  I finally got to can outside on the propane burners and that thing is AWESOME!

I can't wait to do stirfry outside.
I'm so happy to have got 20lbs of rice for 6.75
This girl is only a month old in 2 days.

She is growing like crazy!  She is strictly on breast milk - even though I managed to hustle 4 cans of formula for free and another 2 at $2.50 a can.  I told my sister in law to keep it for an emergency!
And don't try to take her bottle - coz she'll give you the look I give people!


Summer is almost here!  Mr. Man is working again on the ghetto garden and all the seeds worked!

Hopefully he makes a video soon!

Here is the haul video!

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  1. there is also a Carolina rice coupon out recently (maybe the last month) that expires (I think) on 4/30/13 and at wally world the 1 pounders are 54 cents - so jealous of your big bags of rice though. I can't get those for less than $17.99 and I check everywhere! Did you get the $3/1 Bic razors? Should be free at a few places.
    Again, your niece is just adorable!