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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gotta Keep doin IT!

 Total: $4
cereal: $1.25
crush soda: 75 cents
childrens toothpaste: 50 cents
infants toothpaste: $1
bobby pins: 80 cents
weber bbq sauce: $1

to be continued...
okay back "  4/29/13

 We ended up scoring 45 total of the weber bbq sauce.  With the moneymaking Advil coupons - the average pay for the bbq sauce was 19 cents (because I had $1 off coupons)...

Sale price for weber bbq sauce is $2 = regular price is $3.49 - even at $1 a piece I would have been happy but what we got was great!

We even found a spot for it in the garage - we just had to reconfigure the juicy juice and the molasses somewhere else....

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