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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scary mini SHTF...

so this afternoon I went into the kitchen to make some popcorn.  I looked outside the kitchen window and saw walls of smoke in the backyard...then I saw black shreds of paper looking things being carried by the wind...

I called Mr. Man and said,"you better check this out..."

He came back and said,"that ain't no barbecue, it's a FIRE...get out here"

I said OMG...

he said Hold this ladder quickly...

He kept our side of the house wet until the fire department came.  I could already hear the sirens while I called 911 and they told me that other neighbors had already called.

Super Crazy.

The neighbors were not home - but their dog was locked in the house.
To be honest I never did like these neighbors.  If I felt sorry for anyone I felt sorry for the dog that was locked in the house.  THEN...the fireman told us something,"Apparently this is the 2nd fire related to the tenant - but that is 'to be determined' "

That's sickening...

I told Mr. Man he sprung into action without pause...he told me all he could think of was that this fire would not "get us"  A neighbor on the back side was telling him where to spray that he was missing so it wouldn't jump to our yard.  I'm so proud of him to just jump to action to protect what is ours.  I also told him I was so happy he was always blowing the pine needles off the roof and maintaining the gutters so there was no excess debris in there that would catch fire.  We checked the attic and the walls and everything was fine - and the fireman told him that "you saved your house!"

I thank God for watching over us and giving him the sense to spring to action!

This was the end result of that fire:

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  1. Damn.. Thank God you guys were home when this happened. Glad to see it worked out okay for you.