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Saturday, May 28, 2005

28 May 2005: Run Pastry Chef Run

the newspaper almost got me. again, another paper came to feature the dessert lounge. After i made a sorbetto copa and some chocolate dreams...the photographer loitered and i could see her beady eyes plotting - but heyuuuuLLLL intention is anonymity

they almost got a picture of me with one of my cakes - hell no. i'm swifter than a photographer with a chunky camera - bwaa hahaha. run pastry chef run.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

21 May 2005: Series Cake

Made for the Blunt Club 3 year anniversary
I'm really not into specialty cakes
but since they are family
what can you do...

The next one will be for Hyders Birthday
and that's top Secret Muhfuckkas...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

17 May 2005: Testing testing

. You scored as Romanticist. Romanticism encourages society to look backwards to find our solutions. Your rationale is that things were much better a few hundred years ago so we should thus look back to those times and replace them in our modern society. You believe in a simple life and that the complexities of the modern world have turned it upside down.


Cultural Creative








What is Your World View? (corrected...hopefully)

whatever. LOL

Saturday, May 14, 2005

14 May 2005: Horseshit...of the day

I hate wanna be motivational internet book pimps...

okay first of all i normally reserve bulletin blasts for dickheads...but yes ladies and gentlemen we finally have a girl contestant... Hey Merina --- KISS MY BROWN ASS you are fuckin 23 years did NOT float over here on a BOAT and have to BATTLE pirates...obviously you were born in 1982. Give me a break you bullshitter - the republicans in office allowed full entry to many vietnamese people post might have floated on a crackboat - but not a refugee boat. Hey jackass girl - pirates want loot not pussy okkaaaay? you were the only person with black hair and asian in your class? as a child. you act like you had a third tit growing out of your head - join the rest of the planet - a lot of us asian kids were the only ones in the class - so what, don't milk that shit like your parents sent you to boarding school on a martian satellite. if serge labelle is like anthony robbins - then the anti christ has a backup - and if he is your coach - then let him spellcheck your shit you cow - coz if you are..."watchin the oscars and get the SHRIVELS" it means your foblish was affected by those pirates while you were waiting to get found by malaysian oiltankers. Don't be full of shit - you got something to sell and you wanna do it on myspace where you don't have to pay shit. It's hilarious that you think you have a birthright to fame. Fame used to mean a person had some type of talent - not just a desire for recognition. Fakeass. if you are gonna work that shit like Tila Tequila then get balls and do it. But c'mon now - most of the free world knows that a lot of auditioned porn talent comes from Canada - where a lot of the distribution is present. Don't lie - you know you earned some of that website money on your back. Instead of entertaining "russian tourists' singing - you should have got a library card - then perhaps your verbiage would be better. You have the AUDACITY to say that you are going to write an ebook and you say shrivels vs say elite as a pluralism (elites!!!) you are not as "deep" as you say. you're about as deep as the toilet bowl water - and you are a fucking scourge to any of us who actually do REAL writing - and it is an insult that you all yourself a writer. With that said. Shuttup're played out like a ps1 ------------- sidenote: this chicks profile irritated me coz she's trying to spin a tale as if she had an exceptionally hard beginning. As if Canada were Serbia and shit. Canada has the most culture forward Asians on the planet in their own northern way - they also have more dope tea houses than anywhere - puhleeze - it's not like she got sent to Alaska to chew whale fat in the depths of glaciers. Secondly, her story is iffy at best Thirdly, if you wanna be e-famous, get seen do and make...don't spin horse shit. Awww fukkit - she's just a nutchewer.

Monday, May 9, 2005

9 May 2005: Recipe for Danielle

fucking myspace won't let me send a recipe!

what the hi"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzle appetizer...

salmon 'balls" this is just something i make for people to eat while they're impatient hungry asses wait. steam sticky rice with a couple teaspoons of vinegar and sugar. set aside. sliver smoked salmon and ginger...massage that with a touch of soy. put one pat of rice in your palm, and then put the salmon stuff in the center and close your fist. then shape into a nice round ball. sprinkle top with fresh pepper and toasted sesame. if you wanna be all dope serve with a dollop of wasabi in the center of some soy on a side dish.


Pan Fried Pork with Ginger Sauce

2-4 pork chops sliced 1 small onion sliced lengthwise
1/4 c beansprouts
1 doz snow peas trimmed ends
vegetable oil salt
1 slice fresh ginger finely diced

marinade 2 tsp soysauce 1 tsp sake (or white wine)
1 tsp rice vinegar
3 pcs ginger sliced TINY and thin
1 jalapeno (optional)
1 green onion (optional)

a) cut the porkchops semi frozen so you can get even slices - about 1 1/2 in by 1/8 inch b) mix all the marinade ingredients in a bowl, make your own adjustments with the soy and sake...i like heavy ginger myself... c) heat oil to medium high and add onions and ginger - cook until they are clear and shiny. take half the pork out and add to the pan. remove meat after 2 mins or colour hanges...repeat with the rest of the meat until it is all cooked. place the onions and pork on a plate. d) add a touch of butter to the pan and when it is melted add the beansprouts and snowpeas until bright and cooked (al dente only)...throw the pork in to incorporate.

Zuchinni Fritters...
I like to serve this with the pork coz it is a sweet vegetable but crunchy..

stuff: 3 medium zuchinni - coarse grate
1 tsp kosher or sea salt 2 egg yolks, save egg whites
2/3 c heavy cream or milk
2/3 c all purpose flour or tempura powder
2 green onions finely chopped
cooking oil...

mix the zuchinni with the salt and leave to drain in a colander... after 15 or 20 mins rinse off the salt and squeeze out the water. dry well with paper towels and set aside whisk the egg yoks and cream in a bowl then whisk in flour to make a batter. Stir in the green onions and zucchini... in a separate bowl whisk te egg whites and salt until fluffy - whisk it good until it looks like bubble bath...fold the egg whites into the zuchinni crap until it is all incorporated. pour about a half inch of oil into a frying pan and let it warm up well. the oil is good to go and hot enough if you throw a slice of green onion in there and it dances in fast circles. Salad. Since you already started everything off with rice. I would pair the fritters and pork with a hearty salad. I say hearty coz even though this stuff tastes great it's pretty light on the gut. Go with the Euro Greens but use an Asian Sesame dressing and instead of croutons use those japanese rice cracker treats with the sesame. Grape tomatoes are off the hook lately too...If you are feeling inspired grill some onions and shrimp to top your salad. I hope this helps... Ta daaa

Sunday, May 8, 2005

08 May 2005: Graduation Kinna

Of all the graduation pictures this is my favourite

I'll write tomorrow tired now.