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Friday, March 29, 2013

I made it through another cake Holiday.

Happy Easter if I don't talk to any of you!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I love technology...

coz my sister in law can send me stuff like this:


I'm so messed up but I just love her mad face!

Last few deals before Easter 2013

I'm so slammed at work.  Yesterday our "boss" dropped in and surprised us.  We didn't even know he was coming.  I function as a cake decorator and a manager but I have a co-manager Adrian.  I say that because neither of us wants to own the title of store manager - hahaha.  Anyway - the shop owner moved out of state and left us in charge LITERALLY - he was very to see that the place looked really clean and the numbers are in order and we are really developing relationships with the customers.

He took us to Z Tejas tonight for dinner - we could have picked anywhere but since we all had such a long day and have a longer day tomorrow - I didn't see a point in going to a steak house where the guys would have to wear a collared shirt.  It was nice to catch up and laugh and hear about his pilot adventures and everything else.  It is nice to genuinely respect and want to hang out with the person who signs your checks.

Somewhere between all this madness I managed to get some deals:

 Probably the last of my makeup coupons for the month - all of this was free - at dollar general.

I gave it all to my sister in law to mail off to Manila.  She is so tickled by the concept of getting stuff free with coupons.  I don't have a facebook but my family is always posting my hauls on facebook.

Funny right.

kleenex+mouthwash - 1.89
8 huggies not shown - 5.25 including tax
canning lids: approx 60 cents
cesar dog food: 26 cents ea
corn tortilla shells: 49 c
snickers 1.50
american beauty pasta: 35c approx
juicy juice: 67c per 8 pack

Melitta brewing cone +filters: $2.50

I like having this when I just want to make one cup.  Thankfully the filters already went down to 49c...Of course you can just use bigger filters but if you can get them at about a penny each - why not right.

This is a nice backup to my french press...

Corn Oil: 1.44 per 1.5qt jar
Cento Olive Oil: 3.89
De Lallo Olive Oil: 3.79
Cento Tomato Paste: 49 cents
Acini de Pepe: 79 cents
Pledge (not pictured): $1.25


 More Oil (1.44)
More Sugar (1.49)
More Coffee (50c)
More Peeled Tomatoes
More Bonne Maman
More Melitta baby coffee filters

and on and on and on...

and finally Rimmel nail polish for 50 cents!  Hahahahaha.  Why not!

I think this will be a premier trade item once the dust settles.

Here's the video

Mr. Mans friend has asked Mr. Man/Me to help him.  I asked in what way.  He said with purchasing.  He wanted to know if we could just make the purchases and then charge him the money.  I am really hesitant to do this.  First of all I have given them stacks and stacks of coupons which their either don't use or LOSE. It still kind of chaps my (_(_) when I think about the 30 coupons I gave him for free Progresso soup and he didn't use it.  I don't even want to know about the other coupons I've given him.

This is the thing.  HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.  I mean sure they just had a baby.  but bear in mind I've already raised infants even if they didn't come out of my body.  Even little Brooky who is like 16 months now goes with me everywhere. I'm not one of those people who don't think you should take kids with you on your errands and shopping and every day things.  I dunno - kids are always real calm around me.  His girlfriend is basically in the same position as my sister in law - they have an 8 yr old and a newborn. My sister in law keeps that house in order, cooks the meals, deals with the homework and  organizing plus the baby plus my nutty brother and does the shopping!  I don't understand why this other girl who is now NOT working can't do her own shopping?  He told Mr. Man that the other day they went to wally world and spent $160 and it wasn't even that much stuff and he really needed "help" and "well you know my girl isn't the smartest..."  Really - did he actually say that?  Well Yeah.

I told Mr. Man a few things:

#1) Our fridge space is limited and I will not keep a running tab, or forgive an amount owed coz he changes his mind.
#2)  Is it fair to me to expect me to also track what your 'friend' wants as far as groceries when there are 3 adults in that house who can do the shopping?
#3)  Is it really that hard for his girlfriend to pick up a weekly ad out of the MAILBOX?
#4)  Seriously?
#5) Is it really helping your friend if I'm the one doing it?
#6)  What entitles your friend to utilize my time to save HIS house money?
#7)  I think his friend is flakey.  He asked us to hold 3 boxes of gogurts for him (49cents per box) and that was over the weekend - today was Wednesday and they are still in our refrigerator - I could have already given those to my brother.  This is NOT going to become a storehouse of some DEALS for his friend to pickup whenever he wants.
#8)  I am not going to just be some food psychic - and GUESS what they like and don't like.  Coz I tell you what for some people who don't really cook they sure act picky.
#9)  His girlfriend is a waster.  EVERY single time she's come to our barbecue she will fill her plate to the brim and THEN throw it in the garbage without even thinking twice.
#10) Did he just call his chick stupid?

So what do you guys think?  I think it's an unreasonable request.  Occasionally my shopping is for pleasure but this is our stockpile - this is not a service and I don't even like the connotation that he's putting on my shopping skills.  Putting up things for a household is serious business.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I think she got my Stony Glare!


She cracks me up

This is when she doesn't like someone...

Still hahahah!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Youngest Couponer in Arizona...

My niece Ashley!

Right before our barbecue today my I ran to get toilet paper before they stock ran down because the toilet paper coupon came out.

I'm a bit sad because We only found 170 coupon books.  It should have been 250 but someone beat us to the first location and we lost 80 books...

My niece said she wanted to go and see me in action so did my cousin Aycee - too see how it's done! They were so excited - I never had to use 3 carts before!

So we scored 170 packages of tp for $7.14

All we paid was tax!  My niece was doing a dance and my cousin is hooked.


More later about the barbecue

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Deals

Some people relax by having a drink.

Some people relax by having a treat.

I relax by getting a deal.  But it's kind of a quagmire.  Sometimes the deal is so good I get an adrenaline rush that I feel all kinds of alert!  This was not one of those times. Hee hee

$1.89.  That's what it costs for 31 kleenex and 4 mouthwash - if you flip the deal right.

I was sitting on a lot of kleenex coupons.  I've been trying to use them here and there to get 4-6 freebies at a time.  I noticed in the CVS ad they had a deal that if you bought $30 worth of paper products you received an instant $10. I am not really a CVS shopper.  But I couldn't resist because they had a deal of 99cents per box of kleenex. and with my coupons I would get $18.50 off the remaining 20 bucks.  I was also able to get my brother 8 packages of huggies newborn/size1/size/2.  His 8 packages of diapers cost $42 including tax.  I staggered the sizes and the purchases.  I was very excited to save them 60% on diapers.

It cracks me up --- she sleeps just like my brother with her fingers clasped on her chest.  It's so funny.

She's a very good natured baby and only cries when she wants something.  My brother is always accusing my sister in law of spoiling her.  Mom is also laughingly telling us to stop spoiling her.  We went to Korean Dinner for my birthday and I had her in one arm and used my free arm to eat with my chopsticks.

My brother is so happy and my sister in law is so tickled

My other niece is so happy being a big sister --- she keeps telling the little one to hurry up and grow up so they can share a room - haha.  She might live to regret that.  I don't even know why she has this idea that they have to share a room because there are 3 empty rooms in my brothers home.  Really funny.

I tell you what that little one is looking pretty big for a 2 week old.  But Mommas Milk gives you a supercharged baby.

Anyway...back to the deals:

You all already know about the kleenex and the scope.

Ball small mouth pint lids:  60c/box
Cesar Dog Food: 26 cents ea
Taco Shells: 49c/box - exp 05/2014
16oz penne pasta: 30 cents ea
snickers 1.50/pkg
Juicy Juice: 67c/8pack

I also picked up a meat deal:

so I was able to can some lean ground turkey, sweet italian sausage and then set aside some cube steak to make some salisbury steak dinners.

Mr. Man has started a work out regimen - and now eats extra protein - so in addition to the salisbury steak he also requests the chicken nuggets that I precook and freeze.

I have never met anyone who can eat as much as he can and not gain any weight at all. Even after a big meal his stomach sticks out a bit but by the morning it drops right down to normal.

Must be nice LOL.

Last Sunday i had to go into work because I was taking Monday off for my birthday and we have been having a LOT of orders.  Today this lady bought 90 slices of cake for tomorrow and pre paid.  Dang.  Anyway the night before (saturday) our "friend" called to ask if we could keep the baby while she "went to church" - I said no problem bring her to the shop.  I told this to Mr. Man and he said you will be too busy at work to watch that baby - leave her here with me - she can play outside while I'm working on the garden...

I worked about FOUR hours.

Mr. Man was sitting on the sofa and he looked exhausted.  The baby was jumping up and down right next to him on the sofa patting his shoulder and humming to herself.  She was minus shoes and a dress and was laughing in her diaper.

I laughed and said what the heck is goin on around here?  He said she took an industrial size poop and he couldn't get her sundress back on her.  LOL

Apparently she followed him everywhere and mushed her face into his beard or hugged him like a stalker - or she was turning over water buckets outside in the backyard. LOOOOOL...

So I asked,"so was she bad?"  He laughed and said,"No she wasn't bad but she is certainly more busy and faster now."  Bwaahahahhaa.  I picked her up and made her a grilled cheese (she'd already eaten an omellette, toast and fruit with Mr. Man) and then told her to take a nap.  She fought me about 4 minutes and went straight to bed.

Imagine that.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You know what's nice...

You know what's nice?  When your husband comes home and says,"Guess what, I got you something!"

I've been wanting one of these for awhile...and he was nice enough to score some tanks on craigslist for very cheap.  We have an electric stove and canning really runs up the bill.  Plus I like the control factor.  He still has to put the wind guards on but it will be awesome to finally use the all american canner!

Thanks Honey.

I finally beat my own BEST!

Back in the day I used to "race" myself in the kitchen.  I would try to cook a 4 course meal with rice in less than 45 minutes.  I still race myself.  I still win.  HAHA.

We still love a homemade burger.  Very rarely do we eat out.  The other night our friends Sean and Amy invited us over for dinner - and it was so tasty.  Shrimp Fried Rice, Eggrolls, Stirfry Beef and a vat of Crawfish.  They even sold me on doing some Sake Shots.  It was so nice to not cook - and eat some delicious food.

Anyway --- back to beating my best!  There is only one thing better than the bottom of a receipt saying: Savings 100% and that's:

107% SAVINGS!!!!!!

Isn't that something...I'm so excited I finally beat my record of 103% savings.

I guess I should show you what I can do with 69 cents.  The only thing I can get at the store with 69 cents with no coupons is the new half packs of gum they are selling - what the heck is a "half pack" lol NOTHIN!

One case of nesquik and the 8 pantene were purchased separately but it was still 101% savings so it's factored in.

This is the most amazing haul I've ever had.  I was really just on my way to the register when I walked by a mini gorilla shelf with baskets of make up...I picked one up and the price was astounding and I realized I had coupons.  I was thinking I was going to pay between .49-.99 cents per item and I wasn't really intending to spend that much money.  This cute blonde girl was hovering too and I told her dig in girl and she laughed.  I noticed she had the "envelope" of coupons.  I called Mr. Man and asked him to please bring me 20 coupon books from the back office.  When he arrived I asked the blonde girl if she needed some coupons.  She said really?  I said sure - I'm not greedy.  I said would you like 6 or 8?  She laughed and said "4 is fine" I handed them to her.  She said WAIT --- these mascara coupons in your book are worth $3!!!  I said oh heckkkk no - MONEYMAKER!  I laughed and told her pick what you want because I'm clearing these baskets.  She picked her 4 items and I said are you sure that's all you want?  She said yes thanks.  She said My goodness you have so many coupons...I laughed and told her I'm a digger.  I told her anytime she saw me around she could hit me up for coupons anytime coz I'm not greedy.

I noticed the store manager was doing a display reconfigure and I told her I'm clearing your shelves - she said please do.  I said, One of your staff told me you are having a shoplifting problem so you will no longer carry cosmetics?"  She said yes.  I said don't worry I will ring these separately at self checkout coz of the proctor and gamble coupons...She said OH no you don't have to do that - just tell them I said so...I was like "thanks Christine."  (She even saw me at checkout and said,"take care of her - give her what she wants..." )

I cleared the shelf - grabbed another handbasket - and wheeled over to the deli area where I could sit down and sort my coupons and do some clipping.  While I was there I picked up a few chicken strips and a large pink lemonade.  It probably took about 30 minutes to sort it out because I had to also calculate how much money they were making me and I already had in mind that I wanted the dehydrated dates to make date sugar.  I had coupons for everything except the dates, the romano cheese and the nail polish (79cents ea).  Bottom Line was 69 cents.  The funny thing is on my hand written calculations my number was 75 cents - HAHAHAHA.  I even gave the cashiers nesquik and lipstick.  I always let the cashiers pick something out of my freebies if they like it.

I'm also a coupon fairy - if I see people buying stuff and I have coupons I don't use - I give them the coupons.  Last weekend I gave 2 college kids a stack of food coupons. Yesterday I gave a Canadian couple 24 coupons for bogo on cesar dog food.  Today I gave a lady some atkins coupons, a young mother a stack of food and snack coupons and another man coupons for his dry dog food.  Any opportunity I get I give people coupons - especially if I happen to be at walmart. HAHA!

My friend Grayv told Mr. Man today,"Soon they will be paying your wife to take things out of the store..."  And don't you know it happened today!

 Oh yeah I managed to get these at WallyWorld for 26 cents ea...I don't normally go to WallyWorld but they had the cheapest price on these...

 I also managed to make a full tray of chicken strips out of 4 chicken breasts - this should last us until Sunday depending on how many people come to visit.  It's really hard to find good food - it's to the point where I can only buy bread from 2 places (I'm too impatient to bake in the winter) and I've started making all of our tortilla and potato chips.  It's just nuts - but it's all about making big batches of stuff and then reheating them later.

Ysa is 3 days old and she is already ready for the mall. HAHAHA.

The other thing is at work I've started leaving stuff in the office for the staff.  Snack cakes, cereal, shampoo, now mascara and soups.  I just leave it there so they can help themselves.  It's just one of those little things I can do to be nice.  I told one of the girls - here's your shampoo.  She said how much is it?  I said Free Fifty Three. She said really - I said really...I can't wait to see how they react to the makeup.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I have this sense of urgency...

When we first moved into this house I felt pretty relaxed about stuff.  I was a bit stressed about the unpacking and school and then I got a job and everything settled into a routine.  I was still doing some deal hunting and finding deals.

I don't know how I do it.  Mr. Man always said when we first met that when I enter any store I get a game face.  He thinks I have some magic radar that leads me to deals --- I really shouldn't even say radar it's more like "muscle memory" for the grocery store.

Then in September 2012 I found my first batch of "free coupons" and it kind of changed the shopping game for me.  But the last 5 weeks --- I have felt this sense of urgency to put away as much as I can.  Sometimes I am so exhausted because I have so many projects at home - and cakes at work plus purchasing and all the stuff that goes with being a manager YET I still find time to go chase a deal to increase our stores. Occasionally I wish I didn't care so much --- but prices are on tilt and I feel this insulates us.  Sometimes people tell me I'm addicted to couponing and it is a rush - a CRAZY rush - but in my opinion this is much more efficient than watching TV. People often ask me if it takes "a lot of time?"  I tell them it doesn't interrupt my daily life and the clipping occurs while I watch TV or catch up on some movies --- although it doesn't allow me to watch foreign films while clipping coupons. On some days something inside my head says - go to this store - go to this aisle and without fail on those days I get deals.  I also get useful things or things that are useful to us or our immediate family.  I am thankful.  Thankful for the voice that urges me to get the coupons and I am thankful for that same voice that tells me to get out there and get some deals.

And now with the latest addition... is another reason to keep the pantry and stockpile full.  I went to my brothers house this past weekend and spent the night to cook a few days meals for them and help with the baby so they could finally get some sleep.

She is a really chill baby.  I even did some grocery shopping for them and found some newborn fleece outfits for $2 an outfit - haha.  I'm going back this upcoming weekend just to get her house in order - they are worn out and need a bit of help to get it together and I don't mind helping.

She is so funny -- if I hold her or my sister in law hold her she is totally cool - whether we are sitting or standing.  If my brother is holding her and he sits down she will start crying - it's the funniest thing.  Me and my sister in law just laugh our asses off every time that happens.  My brother told me today --- Man --- she's just like you, up all night and sleeps in the day.  I said, "I don't sleep all day anymore Man..."  He said - yeah you just stopped sleeping.  hahaha.

Now if only I could get a coupon for that Hello Kitty Nuk Binky!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome Isabella & Welcome Deals

It's been quite a crazy week or so.

Wouldn't you know just as soon as I get the house in order - I go crazy couponing!

Kleenex - free
Clorox - $1.17
Lipton things: 2.20
Pantene - profit 24 of 25 cents
Crackers - $1.50

Cereal 79 cents
Progresso - 25 cents
Lil Debbie Stuff: 50 cets
Nesquik Pack: 19 cents
Olay Bars: free
Barilla lasagna + sauce: 1.81
Tank Tops: a bit over 2 bucks
Mrs Dash 7.5oz: $1 ea

I am so excited I found these BIG bottles of mrs Dash.  I've never even seen them in this size.  I almost want to check the other stores if they have other flavors for $1.  Regular price on the small mrs Dash is 3.49-4.59 in most of the grocery stores.  When I got the small bottles for $1 I thought it was great - but these big ones are like WooHOOOOO!

Just about every Sunday our 'friend' (she is really my sister in laws friend) asks me to "watch my niece" while she gets her nails and errands done.  I don't mind at all I just think it's funny how she plays it off.

The kid is hilarious.

This is her attitude towards me...mind you - that is a freshly baked oatmeal cookie in her hand...


Then...Mr Man comes home from the gym and THIS is her attitude towards him:

Bwaa hahaha.  She is sooo friendly and kind towards him and playful.  With me it's all business - always a hug and "hurry up and carry me"  I wish I would have got a video of her with my 40 lbs of oranges trying to make the dog fetch them...The dog hid under the kitchen table - HA

Then when I said,"please put them back in the box."  She put them back in the beer box.

And last but not least:

This morning my brothers daughter was born!

I warned my sister we have big heads in our family - she laughed today and said I was NOT kidding.

Isabella: 6.8 lbs and 20 inches.  Healthy and Strong - Mom and Baby will go home in the morning.

Last month my Mom told me,"stop spoiling that baby she's not even born yet!"  I laughed so hard and said YEAH RIGHT know we can't help it...the kids got a full wardrobe, all of her little things that she needs and more than she could ever want.  Her room is like 12X15 haha.  I'm gonna spend the night at their house tomorrow and cook for them and get things situated and watch the baby so they can sleep a bit.

Lucky us...surrounded by awesome things new and old.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


People always ask me when they see my cart full of much is that?  And I tell them,"Free Fifty Three"  so written it would look like this :  $FREE.53   hahaha.

Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't.

Today was the release of the March Proctor and Gamble book.
I found a few books but not a lot of books...but i found enough to get this! cashiers are so nice at Fry's (Krogers).  I made an initial purchase at the Fry's by my shop for 24 rolls and then later at the shop close to my house for 70 more.  For the smaller purchase I put it through my favorite cashier Sabrina.  The 2nd purchase I did was via self checkout but another cashier I like (Paulina) was there and she tried to let me do them all at once but I told her that it would reject the coupons if it was more than 4 of them.

I also stopped at Safeway for MORE free Kleenex.


Total cost of $2.44 .  Yes, Two Dollars and 44/100 cents.  All I paid was the tax.  How you like them apples?  I hope this finally shows the naysayers that it is possible to do stuff like this - this one lady told me,"No way you can't find that many free coupon books..."  Oh yeah maybe you can't...but I can - and I woke up late today.

Mr. Man was so impressed he asked $244.00???  I laughed and said,"Really, bebe?"  He laughed and said he didn't even know why he moved the decimal point to the wrong place.  On top of what we still have in the garage we should be set for "awhile" LOL.  I rarely even used to use paper towels except for certain dishes, table napkins were usually the ones I used.  I have to be careful not to be so wasteful with them.  I really had broken myself of the paper towel habit but couponing has made me bad. LOL.

The other day I got all this for $1.88

I had moneymaker coupons on the pantene and coupons for the rest of it.  Essentially all I paid for was one GoGurt. 6 kleenex, 9 pantene shampoo, 9 pantene conditioner, 1 nuk bottle, 10 progresso meal starters, 2 gogurt. 

It was just nuts.

Food Lately!

homemade chicken strips with whole grain mac and cheese plus biscuit and steamed green beans

grilled chicken breast with a white sauce - sauteed baby bok choy and steamed rice - side is fried gyoza and lumpias.

kielbasa chili dogs on wheat rolls and homemade fries.

I always just ask Mr Man what do you feel like night he said Chicken and he made the eating with hands motion.  So I made wings and drums - rice pilaf and a THROWN caesar salad.

Truth be told he is not a picky man but he likes contrast.  Crispy with juicy.  Sweet with Peppery.  Salty with Fragrant.  He does not eat for volume but for variety.  Everyone says he's spoiled, I just think he's used to eating well because of his Momma and his Aunties and also his Pops cooks and cooks super well.

My bestie Katie came by and we did some shopping together and then while we were out I said let's just eat at home I'll make some super nachos.

I made everything right down to the chips and rice.

We ate so dang much we passed out on the sofa mid sentence after dinner.  That is THE funniest!

The next day I found some taco shells at the store with no cottonseed, no canola, no soybean, no BHT -- the ingredients were corn, coconut oil, water, salt.  On TOP of that it was only 1.69 for 12 pcs.

So of course I had to make Mr. Man 3 crunchy tacos with a side of mini super nachos.

well they look kind of mini. hee hee

Homemade bacon cheeseburgers with homemade fries on Orowheat Crostini buns.

I haven't been making much bread lately - these cooler temps test my patience so when I do buy bread - I get it from Fresh and Easy (their brand or iL fornaio) or Orowheat - these are the last 2 I have found without cottonseed nor high fructose.

I wish people really know the carcinogenic implications of consuming a lot of cottonseed and HiFruc...tsk tsk.  That's like cooking on aluminum foil - that's the wrong kind of old school.  Heavy metals in your system have many implications but a lot of Italian studies have been made that it actually contributes to Alzheimers and drops in IQ.  I've never cooked on foil much - because I grew up in my restaurant and most of my stuff is restaurant grade so when it gets dirty I scrub it - if it's a bit caked on I soak it then scrub it - if it's really burnt on - I soak it and then bake it wet then scrub it.  Basically I don't use aluminum foil to "preserve" my kitchenware.  I don't use aluminum foil to save me some "work."  Mr. Man has always had an adverse reaction to his food being wrapped in foil - he literally gets a crippling headache as if he has food poisoning.  I heavily use parchment, stainless steel, wax paper for separating and vinyl wrap (huge saran wrap).

It is what it is.  I just think it's funny when people think what's great is actually harmful.

The other week Mr. Man said he wanted oatmeal cookies.  He said he wanted the JUICY raisins in there not the scrawny dried up ones - HAHA. A friend had sent us a vat of 7 grain oatmeal with flax and stuff and I wanted to try it in some cookies.  I went to the store and why were the raisins like 4.50 for 12 oz???  I trolled the 99 cent only and found Mariani O R G A N I C raisins --- 8oz for 99 cents which is still better than 4.50 for 12 oz.

 I accidentally made them too big for my Italian cookie jar so I had to figure out a way to use them.

I took them to work...

I made  him some oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches.  One with Butter Pecan, One with Pralines and Cream and the last One with plain old vanilla.

These suckers were so good. HA!

And finally today:

Sprouts market had a deal on these Pretty Belle oranges - 10 cents a lb...yes 10 CENTS A POUND.

I went in there this morning and bought 2 cases.  1 case is 40 lbs.  $8 for 80lbs


So I made 100% orange juice for us to consume.  This is the only kind of juice that doesn't make my stomach hurt.

It takes 40 lbs of oranges to make 10 - 12oz bottles plus 1 liter of 100% juice.


We even found time to go out of town...

City Momma came to visit from Chicago.  We get visits once a year which are a very very welcome visit.  I truly gained an extra Mom...but I'm the kid with lots of Moms and Aunties (blood aunties and otherwise) and cool GodMothers...

I went to pick up City Momma and get her squared away with her rental car.  City Momma is always on the move and likes her own transportation.

Right after we got back to our house Mr. Man arrived:

They are always so happy to see each other and it is such a genuine happiness.  I cannot even put into words what it looks like to see such a positive vibe between a Mother and Son.  It truly warms the heart.

Momma and I went to the Asian Market - and I made her a chicken wonton soup, a stirfry, steamed rice, lumpias and also some shrimp tempura to start.
We found a REAL 100% pineapple juice - product of the Philippines and no high fructose just a bit of lemon juice as a preservative.

I love going to market with Momma but this last trip even stumped me - I saw some produce I had no IDEA what it was - HA!  Momma told me she loves watching chopped coz she thinks I could really win that show in a blink - coz I can throw stuff together well!  What a compliment - coz market basket is a tough challenge.

After a few days we were off to San Diego to visit City Momma's oldest brother - Uncle RC - retired marine and former drill sergeant and his wife of 50 years Auntie Eiko.  I love them both.  I love their stories and their company.

Within a few days we were off on a road trip.

I offered to sit in the back so they could catch up with each other.  Plus I like being in the back seat occasionally coz it allows you to sleep and catch the view.

It was so nice and sunny when we left.

I can't believe we hit snow on the way over the pass.  People drive crazy in the snow - we even saw some girl with her car face down in the divider and she was running in the snow in shorts - that's crazy!

After brunch and tea with Uncle and Auntie we went to the Gas Lamp District - I grabbed a coffee at the Ghirardelli shop and Momma grabbed some salted chocolate caramel to take home.  It was so nice to walk around and my phone didn't ring once.

Momma and Mr. Man even had time for a drink at "Dicks" there are some characters over there HA!

Then we crossed the street past the Childrens Museum and went to SeaPort Village.  We even saw the new statue coming into harbor of the soldier kissing the  lady (wwII image)...

I spent many a summer in San Diego...I don't remember the water being that low and i also don't remember a lot of this stuff being this manicured.

The trees look so weird trimmed.  It was also unbelievably cold --- I remembered everything but my midweight jacket - haha. was a great weekend.

The 2 figures in the middle of the pic are Momma and Mr. Man.  Everyone was in such a good mood.

We did a few other things down there that we didn't get photos of.  We also went back inland to have dinner with Auntie and Uncle and relax at the hotel...

The next morning we stopped at the outlets/casino on the way home to pick up a few things (including wild honey/bee pollen).  We got there a bit early so we hid in the Subway coz it was rainy and cold.

These weird Euro folks kept looking at us and smiling - they were looking at Momma like she was a Thanksgiving turkey - we were happy when the stores finally opened at 10am.

I got this for my new niece that's coming - LOL!

These jeggings make me laugh!  I forgot to take a pic of the little hoody that goes with it too coz my brother always wears grey hoodies.

My sister in law has already dubbed this the "going home from the hospital outfit"  Hilarious!

Rest Stop!

I think rest areas are creepy!

When we got home I had to make Momma some green bean shrimp - coz the night before she had such a negative experience with her stirfry at dinner.  I told her I couldn't send her home with a bad taste in her memory. LOL.

She loves my stirfry dishes.

I even made a chicken stirfry dish too.

Now I'm just showing off huh?

Momma always has such a buying experience here coz prices are so cheap...she scored a lot of cooking goodies and spices and such.  The best part is it all fit in her baggage and there was no extra charge - actually she could have still packed 15 lbs in there LOL.

I love that she can come here and relax and not even cook if she doesn't want to.

On her last day here I had to take her to BoSa donuts coz they are so yummy.  They've been in business since like 1987 and they make tasty ones.

The week went by so fast...I'm really slipping on my photo taking.

It was sad to see Momma leave...the house felt quiet.