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Saturday, March 2, 2013

We even found time to go out of town...

City Momma came to visit from Chicago.  We get visits once a year which are a very very welcome visit.  I truly gained an extra Mom...but I'm the kid with lots of Moms and Aunties (blood aunties and otherwise) and cool GodMothers...

I went to pick up City Momma and get her squared away with her rental car.  City Momma is always on the move and likes her own transportation.

Right after we got back to our house Mr. Man arrived:

They are always so happy to see each other and it is such a genuine happiness.  I cannot even put into words what it looks like to see such a positive vibe between a Mother and Son.  It truly warms the heart.

Momma and I went to the Asian Market - and I made her a chicken wonton soup, a stirfry, steamed rice, lumpias and also some shrimp tempura to start.
We found a REAL 100% pineapple juice - product of the Philippines and no high fructose just a bit of lemon juice as a preservative.

I love going to market with Momma but this last trip even stumped me - I saw some produce I had no IDEA what it was - HA!  Momma told me she loves watching chopped coz she thinks I could really win that show in a blink - coz I can throw stuff together well!  What a compliment - coz market basket is a tough challenge.

After a few days we were off to San Diego to visit City Momma's oldest brother - Uncle RC - retired marine and former drill sergeant and his wife of 50 years Auntie Eiko.  I love them both.  I love their stories and their company.

Within a few days we were off on a road trip.

I offered to sit in the back so they could catch up with each other.  Plus I like being in the back seat occasionally coz it allows you to sleep and catch the view.

It was so nice and sunny when we left.

I can't believe we hit snow on the way over the pass.  People drive crazy in the snow - we even saw some girl with her car face down in the divider and she was running in the snow in shorts - that's crazy!

After brunch and tea with Uncle and Auntie we went to the Gas Lamp District - I grabbed a coffee at the Ghirardelli shop and Momma grabbed some salted chocolate caramel to take home.  It was so nice to walk around and my phone didn't ring once.

Momma and Mr. Man even had time for a drink at "Dicks" there are some characters over there HA!

Then we crossed the street past the Childrens Museum and went to SeaPort Village.  We even saw the new statue coming into harbor of the soldier kissing the  lady (wwII image)...

I spent many a summer in San Diego...I don't remember the water being that low and i also don't remember a lot of this stuff being this manicured.

The trees look so weird trimmed.  It was also unbelievably cold --- I remembered everything but my midweight jacket - haha. was a great weekend.

The 2 figures in the middle of the pic are Momma and Mr. Man.  Everyone was in such a good mood.

We did a few other things down there that we didn't get photos of.  We also went back inland to have dinner with Auntie and Uncle and relax at the hotel...

The next morning we stopped at the outlets/casino on the way home to pick up a few things (including wild honey/bee pollen).  We got there a bit early so we hid in the Subway coz it was rainy and cold.

These weird Euro folks kept looking at us and smiling - they were looking at Momma like she was a Thanksgiving turkey - we were happy when the stores finally opened at 10am.

I got this for my new niece that's coming - LOL!

These jeggings make me laugh!  I forgot to take a pic of the little hoody that goes with it too coz my brother always wears grey hoodies.

My sister in law has already dubbed this the "going home from the hospital outfit"  Hilarious!

Rest Stop!

I think rest areas are creepy!

When we got home I had to make Momma some green bean shrimp - coz the night before she had such a negative experience with her stirfry at dinner.  I told her I couldn't send her home with a bad taste in her memory. LOL.

She loves my stirfry dishes.

I even made a chicken stirfry dish too.

Now I'm just showing off huh?

Momma always has such a buying experience here coz prices are so cheap...she scored a lot of cooking goodies and spices and such.  The best part is it all fit in her baggage and there was no extra charge - actually she could have still packed 15 lbs in there LOL.

I love that she can come here and relax and not even cook if she doesn't want to.

On her last day here I had to take her to BoSa donuts coz they are so yummy.  They've been in business since like 1987 and they make tasty ones.

The week went by so fast...I'm really slipping on my photo taking.

It was sad to see Momma leave...the house felt quiet.

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  1. So, can you share some stir fry recipes? I love Asian foods and my Mom worked in a really awesome Chinese restaurant when I was a baby so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen in a high chair being fed all kinds of goodies by the owners and all of the restaurants around here use so much MSG we cannot eat it and it sends Mom into an instant asthma attack.