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Monday, March 11, 2013

I have this sense of urgency...

When we first moved into this house I felt pretty relaxed about stuff.  I was a bit stressed about the unpacking and school and then I got a job and everything settled into a routine.  I was still doing some deal hunting and finding deals.

I don't know how I do it.  Mr. Man always said when we first met that when I enter any store I get a game face.  He thinks I have some magic radar that leads me to deals --- I really shouldn't even say radar it's more like "muscle memory" for the grocery store.

Then in September 2012 I found my first batch of "free coupons" and it kind of changed the shopping game for me.  But the last 5 weeks --- I have felt this sense of urgency to put away as much as I can.  Sometimes I am so exhausted because I have so many projects at home - and cakes at work plus purchasing and all the stuff that goes with being a manager YET I still find time to go chase a deal to increase our stores. Occasionally I wish I didn't care so much --- but prices are on tilt and I feel this insulates us.  Sometimes people tell me I'm addicted to couponing and it is a rush - a CRAZY rush - but in my opinion this is much more efficient than watching TV. People often ask me if it takes "a lot of time?"  I tell them it doesn't interrupt my daily life and the clipping occurs while I watch TV or catch up on some movies --- although it doesn't allow me to watch foreign films while clipping coupons. On some days something inside my head says - go to this store - go to this aisle and without fail on those days I get deals.  I also get useful things or things that are useful to us or our immediate family.  I am thankful.  Thankful for the voice that urges me to get the coupons and I am thankful for that same voice that tells me to get out there and get some deals.

And now with the latest addition... is another reason to keep the pantry and stockpile full.  I went to my brothers house this past weekend and spent the night to cook a few days meals for them and help with the baby so they could finally get some sleep.

She is a really chill baby.  I even did some grocery shopping for them and found some newborn fleece outfits for $2 an outfit - haha.  I'm going back this upcoming weekend just to get her house in order - they are worn out and need a bit of help to get it together and I don't mind helping.

She is so funny -- if I hold her or my sister in law hold her she is totally cool - whether we are sitting or standing.  If my brother is holding her and he sits down she will start crying - it's the funniest thing.  Me and my sister in law just laugh our asses off every time that happens.  My brother told me today --- Man --- she's just like you, up all night and sleeps in the day.  I said, "I don't sleep all day anymore Man..."  He said - yeah you just stopped sleeping.  hahaha.

Now if only I could get a coupon for that Hello Kitty Nuk Binky!

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  1. She's beautiful! Check for a printable coupon or see about the baby coupons that you can get sent to your phone via text message. :)