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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome Isabella & Welcome Deals

It's been quite a crazy week or so.

Wouldn't you know just as soon as I get the house in order - I go crazy couponing!

Kleenex - free
Clorox - $1.17
Lipton things: 2.20
Pantene - profit 24 of 25 cents
Crackers - $1.50

Cereal 79 cents
Progresso - 25 cents
Lil Debbie Stuff: 50 cets
Nesquik Pack: 19 cents
Olay Bars: free
Barilla lasagna + sauce: 1.81
Tank Tops: a bit over 2 bucks
Mrs Dash 7.5oz: $1 ea

I am so excited I found these BIG bottles of mrs Dash.  I've never even seen them in this size.  I almost want to check the other stores if they have other flavors for $1.  Regular price on the small mrs Dash is 3.49-4.59 in most of the grocery stores.  When I got the small bottles for $1 I thought it was great - but these big ones are like WooHOOOOO!

Just about every Sunday our 'friend' (she is really my sister in laws friend) asks me to "watch my niece" while she gets her nails and errands done.  I don't mind at all I just think it's funny how she plays it off.

The kid is hilarious.

This is her attitude towards me...mind you - that is a freshly baked oatmeal cookie in her hand...


Then...Mr Man comes home from the gym and THIS is her attitude towards him:

Bwaa hahaha.  She is sooo friendly and kind towards him and playful.  With me it's all business - always a hug and "hurry up and carry me"  I wish I would have got a video of her with my 40 lbs of oranges trying to make the dog fetch them...The dog hid under the kitchen table - HA

Then when I said,"please put them back in the box."  She put them back in the beer box.

And last but not least:

This morning my brothers daughter was born!

I warned my sister we have big heads in our family - she laughed today and said I was NOT kidding.

Isabella: 6.8 lbs and 20 inches.  Healthy and Strong - Mom and Baby will go home in the morning.

Last month my Mom told me,"stop spoiling that baby she's not even born yet!"  I laughed so hard and said YEAH RIGHT know we can't help it...the kids got a full wardrobe, all of her little things that she needs and more than she could ever want.  Her room is like 12X15 haha.  I'm gonna spend the night at their house tomorrow and cook for them and get things situated and watch the baby so they can sleep a bit.

Lucky us...surrounded by awesome things new and old.

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