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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last few deals before Easter 2013

I'm so slammed at work.  Yesterday our "boss" dropped in and surprised us.  We didn't even know he was coming.  I function as a cake decorator and a manager but I have a co-manager Adrian.  I say that because neither of us wants to own the title of store manager - hahaha.  Anyway - the shop owner moved out of state and left us in charge LITERALLY - he was very to see that the place looked really clean and the numbers are in order and we are really developing relationships with the customers.

He took us to Z Tejas tonight for dinner - we could have picked anywhere but since we all had such a long day and have a longer day tomorrow - I didn't see a point in going to a steak house where the guys would have to wear a collared shirt.  It was nice to catch up and laugh and hear about his pilot adventures and everything else.  It is nice to genuinely respect and want to hang out with the person who signs your checks.

Somewhere between all this madness I managed to get some deals:

 Probably the last of my makeup coupons for the month - all of this was free - at dollar general.

I gave it all to my sister in law to mail off to Manila.  She is so tickled by the concept of getting stuff free with coupons.  I don't have a facebook but my family is always posting my hauls on facebook.

Funny right.

kleenex+mouthwash - 1.89
8 huggies not shown - 5.25 including tax
canning lids: approx 60 cents
cesar dog food: 26 cents ea
corn tortilla shells: 49 c
snickers 1.50
american beauty pasta: 35c approx
juicy juice: 67c per 8 pack

Melitta brewing cone +filters: $2.50

I like having this when I just want to make one cup.  Thankfully the filters already went down to 49c...Of course you can just use bigger filters but if you can get them at about a penny each - why not right.

This is a nice backup to my french press...

Corn Oil: 1.44 per 1.5qt jar
Cento Olive Oil: 3.89
De Lallo Olive Oil: 3.79
Cento Tomato Paste: 49 cents
Acini de Pepe: 79 cents
Pledge (not pictured): $1.25


 More Oil (1.44)
More Sugar (1.49)
More Coffee (50c)
More Peeled Tomatoes
More Bonne Maman
More Melitta baby coffee filters

and on and on and on...

and finally Rimmel nail polish for 50 cents!  Hahahahaha.  Why not!

I think this will be a premier trade item once the dust settles.

Here's the video

Mr. Mans friend has asked Mr. Man/Me to help him.  I asked in what way.  He said with purchasing.  He wanted to know if we could just make the purchases and then charge him the money.  I am really hesitant to do this.  First of all I have given them stacks and stacks of coupons which their either don't use or LOSE. It still kind of chaps my (_(_) when I think about the 30 coupons I gave him for free Progresso soup and he didn't use it.  I don't even want to know about the other coupons I've given him.

This is the thing.  HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.  I mean sure they just had a baby.  but bear in mind I've already raised infants even if they didn't come out of my body.  Even little Brooky who is like 16 months now goes with me everywhere. I'm not one of those people who don't think you should take kids with you on your errands and shopping and every day things.  I dunno - kids are always real calm around me.  His girlfriend is basically in the same position as my sister in law - they have an 8 yr old and a newborn. My sister in law keeps that house in order, cooks the meals, deals with the homework and  organizing plus the baby plus my nutty brother and does the shopping!  I don't understand why this other girl who is now NOT working can't do her own shopping?  He told Mr. Man that the other day they went to wally world and spent $160 and it wasn't even that much stuff and he really needed "help" and "well you know my girl isn't the smartest..."  Really - did he actually say that?  Well Yeah.

I told Mr. Man a few things:

#1) Our fridge space is limited and I will not keep a running tab, or forgive an amount owed coz he changes his mind.
#2)  Is it fair to me to expect me to also track what your 'friend' wants as far as groceries when there are 3 adults in that house who can do the shopping?
#3)  Is it really that hard for his girlfriend to pick up a weekly ad out of the MAILBOX?
#4)  Seriously?
#5) Is it really helping your friend if I'm the one doing it?
#6)  What entitles your friend to utilize my time to save HIS house money?
#7)  I think his friend is flakey.  He asked us to hold 3 boxes of gogurts for him (49cents per box) and that was over the weekend - today was Wednesday and they are still in our refrigerator - I could have already given those to my brother.  This is NOT going to become a storehouse of some DEALS for his friend to pickup whenever he wants.
#8)  I am not going to just be some food psychic - and GUESS what they like and don't like.  Coz I tell you what for some people who don't really cook they sure act picky.
#9)  His girlfriend is a waster.  EVERY single time she's come to our barbecue she will fill her plate to the brim and THEN throw it in the garbage without even thinking twice.
#10) Did he just call his chick stupid?

So what do you guys think?  I think it's an unreasonable request.  Occasionally my shopping is for pleasure but this is our stockpile - this is not a service and I don't even like the connotation that he's putting on my shopping skills.  Putting up things for a household is serious business.

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  1. You hit it right on the money with question number 6:

    "#6) What entitles your friend to utilize my time to save HIS house money?"


    Janet (one of your YouTube followers)