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Thursday, April 17, 2008

17 Apr 2008: Still The Hookup Queen...

...Still the Hookup Queen...

Some East Indian folks believe that if you consume a bit of honey and then ask for something you will have a honey-ed tongue and no one will be able to refuse anything you ask for. I like the idea of this.

I think that some people have a naturally honeyed tongue. One of them is my Mom...When mom was in the catering hustle she always got rock bottom prices and last minute requests with no problem at times things were even complimentary. I figured it was that manner in which she asked and that she was always ready to pay but always gave it a shot to see if the produce guy or butcher or suppliers would bottom the price out..

Every couple weeks we go out to dinner and then go on this movie buying blitz...We went to Sweet Tomatoes and then snatched up some movies...


My Choices:

Pistol Opera (japanese)

Dark Angel 1 (japanese)

Dark Angel 2 (japanese)

Julian's Choices:

Carlito's Way, boxed set

Don't Be a Menace to South Central...while drinkin' juice in the Hood.



I drove this time and hit a speed bump hella hard coz I was so excited to cop a copy of Pistol Opera and my FLAT indicator came on. I'm like WuuuuT. Julian just laughed. Well the guy at the dealer indicated that my front tires were a little off...40's instead of 45's. I just laughed and parked the car and told Julian I would take them to the tire place in the morning and let's just make some popcorn and watch our movies!

I went to the tire place around the corner and told Dude...My flat light indicator came on and the dealership told me you gave me the wrong tires. I even told the guy now I did purchase these last August and I would like the correct ones put on! So should I pay the difference or can we work something out.

Dude was very nice and showed them to the Manager...and turns out the manager probably slash/owners son is Korean...and he was lookin' at my paperwork...and I looked at him and said be nice Sean Oppa!!! He started laughing and said where did you learn that - I said my best friend! He said order new tires for her car and just charge her installation.

$30.50. That is what I paid. To get new tires put on and return tires that I'd already used for 9 months. And it's just in time for new tires since the weather is warming up and the asphalt will turn to an oven soon.

Lucky Lucky Me...

Genetic Honeyed Tongue.


When City Mama was here she wanted to go to AZ Bike Week because City Mama is a Harley Enthusiast and will soon have her own custom joint. As we were walking in a gentleman walked up to us and said you ladies going in there? We said yes...and he said here you go, 2 tickets for the married ladies...

That's 18 bucks a pop we saved.


This happens all the time...random free things coming our way!

Honey-ed Life!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

14 April 2008: Ain't Nothin But a Cake Thang Baby...

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I am so lucky to be extraordinarily busy...

Right after the NYC trip we jumped into work and Julian switched to a new job (yay!)...More recently. His Mama met my Mama.

My Mom and GodMommy are here from Manila doing their thing. Fortunately Julian's Mama came in for a week visit to see us, catch the sights and spend some time with more family.

Julian's Mama is City Mama...she wakes up and as soon as her little feet hit the ground she is ready to go. City Mama has a plan and an itinerary and a car rental and places to go and things to do. She has a youthful spirit and an excitement in everything she does.

My Mom is Country Mama...because she now lives a life of leisure in her retirement. She just kicks back and rolls with the punches and likes to be a passenger in the adventure.

My GodMama is a combination of them both.

Needless to say all the Mama's got along and it was all good and all blessings. We weren't worried in the least...but as strong as our mothers were there would be a possiblity that they might not get along. I figured out from an email sent out that City Mama loves raspberry cheesecake so I made her a special no bake one: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake with a Chocolate Pecan Oatmeal Crust. TWO THUMBS UP she said!!!

About midway through the week before we fell asleep Julian said," Thank You Bebe...for all that you do and for takin' City Mama around and all that stuff. I smiled and responded,"I am thankful that we are the good children of good mothers because not everyone is as lucky as us!" Amen right!

Julian took City Mama to the movies while I rolled up a few hundred lumpia. The next day we were supposed to take Mama out on the town but after a fun visit to tombstone she suggested she stay in since she had a trip to San Diego in the morning. Everyone ended up stopping by and Mama made everyone some mean yummy pina colada's...Did I mention Wendy loves the Mama's!!!

Julian laughed and told me one night when they were out running an errand his Mama told him,"Ju...I didn't think I'd like any of your girlfriends but Lisa...but I really like Sauce!" Julian laughed and said,"Mama - I dated that girl 10 or 11 years ago!" Bwaa hahahahahha. no wait. Bwaa hahahhahha.

I told him looks like you almost made some bad decisions Bebe. haha.

Then the two Country Mama's took off to Mexico for a 5 day cruise and then the Grand Canyon and then City Mama returned to Chicago and reality resumed. We really are blessed to be surrounded by harmony and love and sense of an even bigger family!

Amidst all this fun and love and madness (and even bomblettes for Gya)...the cakes still get made!

Samoa Vanilla

Raspberry Chocolate

Almond Snickers and Chocolate...With my cooking protege Ben in the midst of it! Little freak - we love you!

And who said you couldn't eat Plaid!!!