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Friday, October 28, 2011

Piece Of Cake - NOT

My brothers so nice - he got me this cake pendant the other day - I love the dang thing it's so cute! I hate to admit it but I thought to myself I could buy at least 10lbs of beef with what you spent for it -but I didn't say anything I just thanked him and Mr. Man is making me a paracord choker so I can wear it. Awesome!

I got through my English Final and it looks like I have an A overall for the class she just has 1 more thing to grade. I took that yesterday - I did a paper on the effects of war on children from the point of being fatherless, orphaned or exposed to depleted uranium. I managed to finish the paper in 2 hours - pretty dang good. I heard some people trying to say that they were going to complete their paper in just 3 pages. I said why don't you just write the 6 pages and do it in less time instead of trimming your writing since there is no limit on length. No one thought this was a good idea.

On Monday I took my second math test so far this semester and I scored a 91. She handed them back today and only posted the grades yesterday. Even though I am a poor student at Math I study very hard because I am determined to get an A. I have to pay very close attention to the lectures, exercises and examples. I told the instructor today that I am very poor at Math and she laughed at me. I told her I'm not really getting a deep grasp of it - because I understand it but I am having difficulty absorbing it. She told me to relax and just keep doing what I do - THEN she gave an extra credit assignment for the test to the whole class which will give me an additional 5 points AND gave another extra credit assignment for a 1% total grade lift if you complete it. So if I maintain pace I will maintain my A - woo hoo - I feel like a thorn has been taken out of my side.

The critical essay class went easy this morning too!

The good news is I finally have Tuesdays and Thursdays off which will free me up for canning and making videos again! Woo Hoo.

Video's coming soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unbelievable...Can't believe I found this stuff today

I got out of class around 430 - and decided to roll by the 99 cent store. I saw a lot of ads for Organic Spinach in town which means a LOT of overstock going to the local 99 cent only's.

We already went through 4 jars of lemon juice - so I picked up 4 more jars.

Yep 99 cents each

I flipped it to check if it was still 25% juice - NOPE it's actually gone up it is now 36% juice.

And it's STILL made in the USA.

They had these half and half organic salad mix packages. I love these coz they are half spinach and half spring mix...I also picked up a cute little Kleenex box for the bathroom - since Momma In Law will be in town in a couple days :)

I was looking for forks for Mr. Man's desk but instead I found these - Foldable Water Bottles non BPA. Only 99 cents each. I figure these would be great in the emergency bag.

Romaine Lettuce (3 heads per bag)
Earthbound organic spinach (9oz bag)

both looked fantastic today...

I can't believe I also found 21 foot parchment for only 99 cents. That is just disgustingly cheap.

Mr. Man loves pork rinds - so I got him a bag. They had Idaho potatoes - so I picked up another bag of those. I also copped 4 cans of water chestnuts (59 cents each) and some Kraft sourcream (expires 11/2011)...

I always get water chestnuts for Momma coz she loves them in her stirfry!

I got a few other things - chapstick and such...the grand total was $23.76. Crazy right?

oh and check this out I was having a conversation with the stockguy - Rafael and he told me that tomorrow they may have the 1lb organic spinach and DAK canned ham also for 99 cents and I should come by after 12. Right On. I might be able to go I might not - we'll see.

Let Me Put this HOOKER on Deck

So...I'm sitting in LIT class and these chicks are talking behind me and I'm like whatever doing some editing on my group mates paper...when all i hear is

"That's why I'm worried about having a kid because I am soOOO scared about what will happen to my body." LMFAOOO I must have turned around and said Bitch with that face the last thing you should be worried about is your body." LMFAOOO

Don't you know she looks like hatchet face but with a slightly darker blonde tint. LMFAOOO I am about to pee my pants here. She also has that WESLEY SNIPES eye where one eye is considerably smaller than the other and then she has that EMO ass hair trying to cover that shit. Really Bitch - Bwa jhahahahhahhahaha.... I love to hear ugly bitches really talkin noise - she was basically telling the other girl at her table that she was far too fat for her own good and ain't that some funny shit coz the girl she was talkin too is genuinely a pretty girl. Oh and get this her paper is gonna be written on INSECURITY...

Shut the Front Door...Bww ahahahahhahha. I've seen corns on peoples feet cuter than you bitch

Monday, October 17, 2011

Asian Delight & Ketchup - my youtube update

I went from being sidetracked to uploading 8 videos. I know it seems like a lot of them are Asian food - or Asian inspired food - but I figure that a lot of my viewers don't really know how to make these types of dishes and it would add variety to what they make. For goodness sakes - I don't know why I would rush and make a dirty 30s pie when everyone probably already has their own version - although maybe I'll make a shepherds pie when it gets a bit cooler.

Here is a list of the videos that I put up:

As a special bonus...below is a video of me shooting an AK for the first time LOL.
It's not as bad as I thought - truth be told I think it's easier to shoot an AK than a .40 cal. But you can't exactly put it in your purse huh - haha

Friday, October 14, 2011


Sidetracked. I was really just gonna get a few ingredients to do a wonton soup video. Then I looked at the paper and saw "Large Tomatoes 3lbs/$1 - limit 6 lbs"

Then I looked at a recipe on and I thought why shouldn't I make my own ketchup...My youtube buddies have really been pointing out how sinister and poisonous it is to eat out of plastic. So I ran my little sister to the eye doctor (can't have her driving around town with dilated eyes right), then we stopped by Food City and hit them up for the 3lbs/$1 deal. Of course it is limit 6lbs so we were planning on walking out and walking back in. But my little sister told me let's just bag up another 12 lbs and then we'll just walk around and get back in line. LOL. Well the cashier just laughed at us and said I'll just ring them separately for you!


I had also picked up 6lbs before getting home. So I had about 28-29 lbs of tomatoes. for under 10 bucks. Terrific right. Truth be told it would actually be cheaper to buy it. According to this recipe - 25 lbs of tomatoes will only make 7 pints of ketchup. We'll see.
We also stopped by Costco today. The swiffer stuff was all $3 off. The foodsaver box of bags was 12 bucks off ($8 coupon +$4 manufacturer instant rebate), organic diced tomato buy one case get one free, log cabin syrup (no HFCS) 2 for $6. They also have these fabulous nordicware made in US sheet pans for less than 20 bucks.

I tell you what the general feeling in the air is one of anger, irritation and fear. I don't know how else to put it. I just get that feeling when I'm in the stores and people look absolutely stunned at prices and how little their money is purchasing. We Americans have been very spoiled for many many decades and most of us for all of our lives. There has always been incredible availability - and people come here from all over the world and MARVEL at how easily and inexpensively we buy food. The ratio of income to food has always been really low here - meaning regardless of how little you made you could always eat on some level and treat yourself to good steaks occasionally. The rest of the world has always had a high ratio income to high ratio food cost which means that even people who make good money can't always buy the volume or quality of food they want it just means they don't go hungry.

In the last few years and especially during the last year people have really felt the punch of food prices. The crazy thing about food prices is that once the prices go up - they STAY up. There is no way that I will see a pound of butter for $1.79 again. Not as a regular price without a coupon. American Greed will not let the teeter totter. I look at people and really ask myself - how could they NOT be stunned into action, into putting something away, into cutting back on stupid habits like fast food and starbucks. It's a personal choice of course and they can run butt naked holding chopsticks in their ass cleavage --- but unfortunately such recklessness affects us all.

And don't even get me started on how toxic all that shit in plastic is ANYWAY...

Nonetheless, I will keep on keepin' on.

School is going really well. I think I may be a little smarter than I thought because I am grasping things in a reflexive manner. I am actually sometimes surprised at how I grasp things because the answers fly out of my mouth or I can throw out a 1 page paper in under 10 minutes and move onto other assignments. I try to stay humble and just be quiet.

There is a girl in my math class who was also in my math class last semester. Well this girl and I were always "competing" on test days. When I got 100 she got a 96. When she got a 100 I would have a 94 and we went on like that back and forth all semester. So I never did see her after the final. So I asked her What did you get on your final in that last class? She said Oh I didn't do so well. I said how could you not do well - you never scored lower than a 92 on the tests? She said that she cheated. CHEATED!!! I said how could you possibly cheat? She said she had taken the same teacher 2x before and he let everyone keep their tests - and after failing twice she finally just started memorizing the formulas and answers. I WAS HORRIFIED. I will not lie but I do not look at her the same as when I thought she studied like I did. Well when this class started she sat in the back right corner. I sit in the front of hard classes because I will pay maximum attention and not waste my time. She did not sit by me - a crazy serial killer looking lady sat by me. The next time we came to class the crazy lady was gone, and 2 pretty girls sat by me and the cheater (someone had taken her seat)...I feel so bad for her everyday - to watch her struggle. The other 2 girls have a real grasp of math or strive to grasp it - the cheater girl is just dog-paddling in water full of sharks. It's sad.

Oh yeah, 2 days ago I was trying to sell 2 of my group mates on coming over so I could teach them to can and make bread. I told them i make .... and .... and ... All they heard was salsa - well the professor heard and she said I would like some salsa. So i brought her some. She is from Poland and as a European understands that food is better from glass than plastic. I tell you what she was so happy she gave me a hug and said OH my kids and I are going to enjoy this tonight and we talked about how when we leave the country we find ourselves gorging on fruits and veggies. LOL. I told her in the Philippines the peanut butter is still put in glass jars and the biggest one you can buy is 6 oz.

Sigh. It is horrifying that I am relieved to have preps!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Week 2 - Food Prices Stink!

I think I'm done canning pineapple for awhile. Including the fresh pineapple purchased I canned 23 pints - gave 1 away and they ate 2 pints before i processed it. Of course these last 2 years so if I find another deal I will certainly make more..but for October 2011 - I'm done with pineapple.

4 days ago Big Lots had a 20% off everything event...I purchased this coffee for 3.90. Truth be told the original price last month was $3.50 a bag (1lb 10oz). It is not the BEST coffee - but it is good - an easy breakfast blend drip coffee. I also keep whole beans stocked up of the good stuff -the strong stuff...but for everyday use and for the price this is a good buy.

And it's not from China - it's from Australia.

Coconut Milk 64 cents each.
NoH are good products my grandmother used to sell them in her store. These are sugar added so it's better for drinks and desserts. I also have plain coconut cream powder put up for curries and such.

Here are the ingredients:
Powdered coconut
non fat dried milk
natural cane sugar

AND sugar is the last ingredient so that means it is the smallest ingredient. Good Stuff.

These were only 40 cents. my Mom is crazy about them. She absolutely loves this gravy. I find the ingredients to be iffy but in a pinch I'll take my chances.

These were $8 for 3 locks.
Word Locks you can set a word to be the combination. We are going to stress test these before we purchase anymore.

2.40 a bottle for the Paprika...
18oz bottle. I rarely if ever see it at this size - mcCormick is downsizing all of their 'large' spice bottles to 12 oz. When I did see this at Costco it was $9. Costco now carries roasted paprika in a smaller bottle for like $5+ each.

Solvent Gloves $1.20
Suede Burpee Garden Gloves $4

Baking Powder 40 cents

Pineapples $1 each

3 wide mouth pint jars 58 cents.

Afro periodically stops at Goodwill to go jar hunting. This month they were cleaned out...but here in AZ the first Saturday of the month is their 50% off everything event. He said that place was jumpin like a bar it was so packed.

We purchased another 2 cases of pints from Ace Hardware $10 each. Yeah - jars are something we NEVER find for cheap here.

It costs about 50 cents more to go to Ace Hardware but you know what - Ace Hardware stores are usually privately owned and purchased as a franchise - so we've decided to buy our jars at Ace instead of giving Wally World our money.

I bought another 25 lbs of bread flour - it went down about a quarter. $7.99 this week at Costco. Hardly anyone was shopping at costco on Tuesday. The people who were in there were just getting 2 or 3 things. It is amazing how little people buy these days. I remember when Costco first opened some couples had 1 cart each!

Kilner Jars.

$3.99 each. I just wanted something to put my salt in. I got rid of my cardboard container and the big jars like this at Hobby Lobby were like $8.

I don't know where they are made but it's a British company that owns it - they also have canning jars and I will be on the lookout for those. As soon as I get my hot little hands on some I will be testing them in the canner.

I know some of you could just get this in your back yard - but we can't LOL. It was a steal at $2.69. Regular price is like 6.19.

Doesn't hurt to have it.

They have some oakplanks on clearance but I want those to go down a LOT lower in price.

Jumbo Bath Poofies 3 for $2.50...the weird thing about these bath poofies the standard price used to be like 79 cents - now even at wally world the price is $2 for the Jumbo ones.

Gold Bond Foot Spray - handy for the BOB $3

Real Parmesan Cheese - $2.40

I bought 5 more coconut milk for a friend. Today it was 80 cents each. That is still a steal.

FoodSaver freeze 'n Steam bags - $4

I've never purchased these - I hope they were a deal - the foodsaver freezer bags are usualy 10-12 a box and that's for about 2 pieces. I hope I got a good deal.

Dawn Brand scrubbers. 99 cents. Regular 2.99. I think it's a good deal. Of course you can always get scrubbers at the dollar store but they aren't the same quality as these - plus these have the channel you can put dish soap in.

I just might have to go back and buy 5 more. I think 1 brush lasts about 1 yr in my house.

I found the canning section at Fry's. The jars were actually $2 more a case than the ones at Ace Hardware. Ridiculous.

Anyway..I found this pickling lime - it was $2.49. I don't know if that's a deal or not- I looked at the mrs. wages website and the price for 16oz is like $3.59 plus shipping and it no longer comes in this plastic bucket - it just comes in a resealable bag.

I like the bucket.

Imusa wok/cast iron scrubber.

Super handy - I have a bamboo one but I just can't seem to find it (see organized/disorganized prepper life). I will do a demo on this after I do some cooking this weekend.

Glass drinking glasses

39 cents each. It never hurts to have glass put up. For some reason our glasses always have less and less in the cupboard. I think it is just something that happens with time - glasses get broken and thrown away and it's not like you ever discuss that kind of thing.

I may go back in a week and check if they have more and if they are even cheaper.

Finally I got these really DELUXE reusable shopping bags for 99 cents. They are the super strong kind that you can spray down with bleach to sanitize the bottoms. I think they were normally $4 each.

Check it out they even have a 3 pocket divider for wine or jars or whatever and a velcro closure! Fancy huh. haha.

I got 3 prints - the polka dots, the fruit mix, the apple. There was another weird one with cocks (roosters) on it. I didn't really like that print.

Oh and check THIS out - Fry's no longer gives you a 5 cent discount for using your own bag. HAHHA. So what's my motivation then HEFFA? My own contribution to the green movement which is just all some bullshit business created by Al Gore and his Homies.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Symbolism Art for Technology Argument Paper

So I am writing (actually I'm done) an Argument paper on why you should NOT use a microwave. Well the professor wanted us to include artwork, powerpoint or cited photos and present them in class. Last night I happened to look in my book and I had a rough draft sketch of this.

Mr.Man saw it and asked,"Don't you think that's a bit advanced for the likes of people in your class." I laughed and replied,"Well it's easier for me to smash this out in 30 minutes than fart around with powerpoint."

Turns out -the class loved it. I apologized and said I only had 30 minutes to spend on this and all I could find was an old watercolour set - my pens are missing.

It's a simple symbol of instant gratification - everyone wants the baby but none of the labor pains. Just hit that baby button on the microwave and you will be "all done." haha.

One kid in there was like,"you're badass! you cook, and shoot, and paint and you're gonna be a nurse" Badass! LOL.

Funny, but I'm glad it went over so well.

see below for some of the content of my paper
that took me about an hour. lol

Instant Noodles Instant Life

“I want it and I want it NOW!” Everyone has heard this phrase before. It’s not even shocking to hear or see the tantrums or both children and adults. The modern world has no “downtime.” If a person admits or mentions that they will go home to cook they are often asked, “You cook dinner? Who has time to cook? You know HOW to cook?” That is often followed by the confession that they will simply ‘pop something into the microwave.’ In 2001 The US Energy Information Administration took a survey across the country and found that 75% to 93% of homes had a microwave. ( , The Effects of Income on Appliances). The most shocking fact is that whether people were below the poverty line or well above high income they ALL had microwaves. What was once a novelty item is now a standard item in every house or residence? The US Energy Information Administration also discovered that regardless of marital status, roommate status, houses with child or without the microwave is used for both snacks and cooking. Cooking! The use of such convenience tools like the microwave has permanently altered the way in which we prepare and purchase food. Truthfully told modern tools like the stove, ovens, toaster ovens, and plug in gadgets leave very little to experience and knowledge of a person in the kitchen. It has also created food technology in manufacturing because the availability of the tools is affordable and widespread, food manufacturers have created food that can be cooked quickly and to resemble ‘traditional’ food. You can look at people in the store and they have no desire to touch raw or unprocessed meat, chicken, pork etcetera. They will more than likely pick something that doesn’t look like it has a bone in it.

Relying on a microwave for your food is a dangerous dependence. It is dangerous to yourself as a civilization and detrimental to your health. According to the Palo Alto Medical Health Foundation over 25% of Americans eat fast food daily. (, Fast Food). If a family of this time were compared to a family in 1911 you would see that the diet has drastically changed. The diet has changed to match our instant indulgences, our fast pace lives that are enhanced with technology, entertainment, and communication. The cars we drive, the homes we live in, the jobs we have, how we study, how we worship, how we keep in touch – all of these things are fast and only getting faster. We expect our brains to keep track of more things and sort through more and more information while our bodies are more slack and distanced from nature. Food comes from nature and as we get further away from a natural state so does our food. By the time food comes out of the microwave it has been removed from nature countless times and more often than not it no longer resembles its true origin. It also has next to NO nutrition compared to the way food was intended to nourish people.

The microwave was invented in 1946 during a radar research project. ( , “Microwave Oven”). It was an accidental discovery that the microwave had an effect on food when it melted a candy bar in Dr. Percy Spencer’s pocket. This accident with the candy bar led to experiments with popcorn and eggs which are still cooked in the microwave today. The next 30 years since this accidental discovery would lead to microwaves that varied from 6 feet tall to the more recognizable countertop model. Because of its speed and efficiency it really captured the attention of Americans and later the world. The New York Times has published articles advising that kitchen gadgets bring the fast food mentality home. ( , “Kitchen Gadgets”). This is probably unbeknownst to people. An everyday person who is busy from the moment they wake to the time they go home is only thinking that they would like to get something warm into their stomach and sit down for a bit of relaxation. What people fail to understand is that food manufacturers’ work in cahoots with appliance makers to create mutually beneficial products. This means that the appliance manufacturer will make a machine that specifically fits specifications requested or made by popularly purchased premade foods and snacks to increase appeal. Make no mistake – these two companies are not out to make your life easier nor are they there to make you a healthier person they are simply there to make a profit from you. There is also the problem that the microwave has created false need. Priscilla Peralta recently had some damage to her microwave where the door handle snapped off. In an interview with the author she confessed, “If I am unable to reattach this handle I will be forced to buy another one, or how will I boil water?” (interview, 07/01/2011) Boiling water is not even cooking; in fact it is one of the most commonly done things on an open fire with a flame besides barbecuing. But boiled water is used in many instant foods these days: ramen noodles and its hundreds of variations, instant oatmeal, instant coffee, hot chocolate and even macaroni and cheese. The inability to use a microwave could put a serious dent in a person’s schedule and possibly interrupt a meal for a child.

Two decades ago I finally got my own place. I did not have a microwave nor did I feel that I needed one. I grew up in a home that cooked almost all the meals except the bread and I also grew up in a restaurant so cooking food was not an insurmountable task. Water could be boiled on the stovetop, nachos could be flash broiled in the oven, and popcorn could be made in a copper bottom pot with the flames of the stove. Almost everyone who came over would always ask, “Where is your microwave?” I would simply explain that I didn’t need one and it seemed ridiculous to buy something that I would rarely if ever use. No one ever asked about my complicated espresso and cappuccino machine, but they would always ask about that missing microwave as if I were missing a front door, or a bathroom and toilet. It is something that always stays with me. That experience really reinforced in my mind that people have an invisible reliance on The Microwave. If there were a national emergency or natural disaster how would every day Americans feed their family or boil their water. If given a good old fashioned pantry and nothing but a stove of the 75% microwave owners in the population how many would be able to cook something? Is it possible that after 4-6 weeks without the availability of electricity and a microwave that a family could go hungry? The microwave should be used as a tool not a crutch. This reliance on the microwave has truly impaired every day people from the ability to be self reliant, creative and self sustaining.

The use of the microwave also takes away a human ritual that is vital to emotional sustenance. ( , “Eating Together”). It is the act of breaking bread together and sharing a meal. The act of preparing a meal is one of togetherness, of hearth, of closeness. It is a winding down process that allows people to feel communion, safety and comfort. It is a symbol of humanity and what is best about people. It is a myriad of expression that can show gratitude, sympathy, tradition, and even refuge. It is the same gesture around the world when you welcome someone into your home and feed them something from your own hands. However, if a quick and easy meal is just thrown into a microwave and hastily set on a table; does it have the same effect as the scent of traditionally made food welcoming you? Does the microwave have a button for joy, satisfaction, sharing, or quality?

It cannot be denied that it is indeed convenient to cook with a microwave – but could it also be killing you? Dr. Bernard H. Blanc and Dr. Hans Hertel performed research in 1998 that proved the constant consumption of food made in a microwave will do four things: 1) increase cholesterol 2) increase white blood cell numbers 3) decrease red blood cell numbers and 4) cause production of radiolytic compounds. ( , “Microwave Cooking”). The first will impair your heart and blood to be efficient. The next two will impact your immune system. The last is the introduction of non natural compounds into your bloodstream which could trigger cancer. On top of all this beastly fact is one more truth --- food prepared in a microwave loses a significant amount of nutrients in the cooking process. Microwaving food is a violent act, all cooking is a violent act that changes the food but microwaving it will produce leukocytes to be found in those who consume it and leukocytes are normally only found in people who have been poisoned! Unbelievable.

By no means would it be easy to give up a convenience that you have used for years. Some people may never even use their stove, convection oven or even toaster oven. But it is in the best interest of your cultural and physical health to give up a microwave. Although it seems handy in your everyday life, it may harm you in later life. It may harm your health, your family bond or even your personal survival skills. The path to free living includes freedom from self inflicted poison from microwave cooking. Understanding what goes into your body may be a first step to understanding how you fit in this puzzle of our society. Being in a throng of people is offset by meals prepared in filial surroundings and the friendly effort that goes into making a great meal. Also be aware that by making your food in a more traditional way reduces the amount of garbage that goes into our landfills and garbage dumps. The simple act of forgoing the constant use of the microwave will serve to bring more family and friends together which could be the first step to bring cohesion in this fast paced world.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October - One Week has passed Already?

Hello Everyone!

It's been pretty crazy but last weekend I managed to can 15 pints of beef

We have had chicken at a very good price recently but truth be told this house loves beef - and if I ask anyone what do you want to eat - BEEF is almost always the answer. Also since we are trimming the budget until December we are probably using the preps 2-3 times a week.

I got potatoes and carrots at a steal last week so I canned those - and the Atlas jars from the classico pasta worked just almost everyone said - and I do like how BIG they are.

4 quarts potatoes
5 pints potatoes (some with carrots)
4 pints carrots

it's amazing what you can do when you are really determined to get it done huh?

Last week I got 3 pineapples for 3 dollars and canned them midweek to test it. Some folks said when they have canned pineapple it's been very bland but these ones were very good - not like bush ripe but for box ripened - I won't complain.

Cost is about 42 cents a pint when you can it yourself. I do add a touch of lemon juice - not only for safety but also for flavor.

At one point I overcooked this pineapple syrup a bit too hot so that's why it has that brownish color. I caught it right before it turned amber LOL scary thought to have to wash a burnt pan from carbonized pineapple simple syrup.

Yesterday there were a few sales and I always stop by the 99 cent only before I hit the regular stores. I just hit the stores randomly - and it kind of trips me out how there is always something good when i say "let's check..."

I found this sri lankan tea 100 bags 99 cents
organic greens and spinach 99 cents

I checked the freezer for some frozen peas and beef sausage - yes on the peas..and guess WHAT - butterball kielbasa 99 cents. exp 11/27/2011.
I think they had 9 in there and I took them all.

I also picked up sunflower seeds and persian cucumbers -also 99 cents.

3 dishtowels were 99 cents
At the next store the chicken breast was 1.49 a lb but there were only 2 little packets left. Better something than nothing at least I could use it for a couple meals.

The cilantro was 33 cents.
The vitamin E with coconut oil - 99 cents.

El Pato was 79 cents
tomatoes 3 lbs 99 cents
jalapenos 3 lbs 99 cents

Cabbage was 6lbs 99 cents limit 3 heads

Limes 2lbs 96 cents

Pears 3 lbs for 99 cents

The limit was 6lbs but there were 2 of us so I got 12 lbs.

10 lbs of pears made 13 pints
2.5 lbs of limes made 3 pints of 75% juice.

I'm going to wait awhile to make juice by hand again especially using a reamer.

I'm tough but tired. haha

Click here for Pear Canning Video

Yesterday before Lit class I stopped by Ace Hardware - I've decided that even though Ace Hardware charges 50 cents more a case I am going to buy my jars there because it is privately owned - at least the one by our house is.

a case of pint jars is 10 bucks
a 6 pack of HALF GAL jars was 10.50

Kind of pricey but it is what it is.

Pineapple $1 ea at Sprouts.
reg jar lids $1.29
wide mouth lids $1.59
pectin free with coupon

I got 3 of those- I think 2 of them fell out in the car - LOL I'm discombobulated lately.

Here are the pineapples broken down...I saved the leaves for the compost as well as the trim.

When Mr.Man got home he walked through the laundry room and said WOW our house smells like pineapples! haha. That's so great - Eat THAT febreeze!

4 fresh pineapples made 8 pints plus leftovers of about 2 cups. Not painful at all because it's water bath canning...

click here to watch canning pineapple video

That's pretty much my shopping week. School has been hectic and good. I'm actually ahead in Lit because I'm such a spazz I finished my paper last Wednesday night and it isn't due until this coming Tuesday - HAHA. Imagine that. I took a Math test and it wasn't anything I really studied for and I made 3 really silly mistakes from overcorrecting it and got an 86 which brought my class average to like 94 or something. I've got some really nice people in my classes this semester - much better than last semester.

I'm just hanging in there. I'm trying to get a part time job at a coffee place or something so I can at least get some free coffee and a few hours. It seems that Mr. Man is not down with this. I know I mentioned that he already changed jobs for an increase in pay, better hours and more vacation time - but tonight he called me to tell me that he will be doing some flooring work a few Saturdays a month for extra money because I could use the money for jars.

I was really touched when he said that because he already got an increase so there wouldn't be pressure for me to work. I seriously respect him - not only because he is bringing home the bacon but because he went out and did MORE than I expected and I didn't have to nag him or something to make it happen - he did it of his own Accord. I'm not really the nagging type I've never got on his ass about money or I want this, or you have to get me this or stuff that ham head girls might do - that's just not my thing.

We prep not only for what we have but what we will have.

He is a good man truly.