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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 Jun 2007: Photo Bloggin' While I Launder

Photo Recap of the Last few Months...


80's night at the Blunt Club, one contact in my eyes and allergies raging


4/20 Eve, also at the Blunt Club

Me, Gizmo Honey, Wendy Lee and Mamastrocity in full effect

You think you know but you don't. I like how we're coordinated - kinna like Charlies Angel but more spicy, more flavor...

Looky Looky at all the new Grime Gear!

With Senorito Mattx...I told him his Tshirt is kinna perverted! He was like,"Whaaat!"

Still Laughin' after Dude hit on me and I gave him a Pffft and an eyeroll. He said you know what - that dress is out of style...I turned my head and said,"Like your face..." Bwaaa hahahhaa. Squash. And it was back to the Empress Lee Hideout!


Groove Candy...bumped into Gya after her sojourn to the East - far funky east.


Chad's Birthday and Cinco de Drinko

Mikey, Chad and Julian

Bwaaa hahaha...


Mother's Day Barbecue...but I'm just a GodMommy

I gotta say...we (J and I) are well matched even on this bbq thing. I marinate and season and he works it out over the coals.

Little man sure does love his Uncle...

and so does little Pum'kin...

Mother's Day was awesome...gotta love Bree Payne!!! Father's Day was just as awesome - but of course my digi cam was MIA...


El-P show @ the Clubhouse in Tempe

Worm, again bein' the meat in the WL/Saucy Sammich

These grainy joints are my fave. Theres troy in the background on the right.

Wendy's Camera Workin' Again...


No June Photo's...but all will resume as normal.

Hopefully the laundry is done by now. I may sound indignant when I sometimes write - and I am. But I do not carry anger within. I may speak with love, but it doesn't mean I love you. I may be rushing hurriedly about, but I still see the wondrous things in the sky. I may be rather frightening but I'm never fretful. It's living yanno...and i do LIVE heartily.

Night night - Laundry is finally done.

ps) Went to the Casino again tonight and won 300 bucks. Bwaa hahahha!

26 Jun 2007: Arizona Asian Festival Recap - hella overdue

Category: Blogging

Just a quickie blog...

Day 1 was my brother, my godbrother, my sister and myself...

I gotta say I loved the dances, the fashion show and everyone just chilling and eating under the open atrium. Of course Wendy was the all day Emcee and I gotta say - she can hold a damn good face even when things get bonkers...

It was a perfect day though...nice cool winds and bright hot sun with a clear sky.

I think we could be more Asian than carryin' a hello kitty and tokidoki

Bwaa hahahhhaa

Let's eat a LOT of samosas and then take some pics

No no no take another one she says...

Why we always bringing 2 cameras...and damn near takin the same shot

Gotta love my Godbebebro... brother is like well this is fun and all that - but I got stuff to do - I'm like,"like what"...he's like I feel like gettin' a new car today. Bwaa hahaha! The three of them left to go car shopping and after the festivities I sauntered back to the parking garage after helping Wendy with her dress. And after we fawned over the youngest Taiko drummer in AZ. Nina and her Mom offered me a ride to my car...I was like why? They are like this is downtown. I started laughing and said it's only 2 or 3 blocks down and it's not even dark. I'm like one block from the theatre and a church - Jeeeeez. I'll tell you this: I wouldn't talk to me if I didn't know me - I think I can walk 3 blocks downtown.

Day 2.

More Dancing, more drumming...and we were running a little late. This was just me and Julian. He cracked me up that day coz not only did we get a late start but then he busts out with - Honey, I'm stopping at the mall...I need a hat. I just laughed. So we park at the same garage...and walk down the street - and I already knew what was gonna happen...

He accosted the statue...

Who doesn't love a little hawaiian barbecue...

Yeahhhh I kick it with Beauty Queens...

Julian learning pageant wave...

Wendy's happy cookie face. We brought her cookies coz the day before I knew she had a crazy 8 hours on the Mic and I think someone only brought her food one time. Jeeeeez.

This is my favorite GRIME face ever!!!

But this is more like it...

So right before this picture was taken I tell Julian...I was mad yesterday coz I din't win the raffle. He's like what was it - I said a gift certificate for 99 ranch Market. So he goes to get the tickets. I look at them and say," I've never won a raffle have you?" He looks at me and says,"nooo. No wait. Once at a baseball game." I laugh and say,"Well, I never win these things - but I want that Gift Cert for 99 ranch Market..." Well wouldn't you know...then they called one of our tickets. Bwaa hahahhaa. First Raffle EVER together, we still got the tickets and part of the gift certificate - their in the cigar box with our other little mementos.

Mess around and flirt with Auntie -- you end up onstage doin' a Laotion Greeting Dance...Auntie said,"you americans you touch - we do not touch"

I don't even remember what Julian was doing in this one!!!

Wendy and Worm Cheesin' it during Julian's little Laos "boogie" All I can hear is Worm sayin,"I'm glad that's not me up there maaaan" hahahaha

Worm and Julian Grubbin' happily. That's a fabulous little bonsai Worm's got at his feet. Quite a few people think I should have a food booth there next year. It's only 500 for a booth fee. I was watching the portions they serve vs the price they charge and let me tell you that is easily a 3-4K weekend. 4 thousand in 16-20 hours ain't bad. Hmmm - I have a few months to think about it.

The fireman dude walks up and says hello to me and Wendy. Then he turns to Wendy and says my buddies said I wouldn't have the nerve to talk to you. I laugh and said,"Well aren't you used to HOT STUFF" Bwaa hahaha. Then I go come on let's take a pic - and he was QUICK to oblige - bwaa hahaha.


What a day what a day - good times. Native Dances...Martial Arts Demos...Food and Fun...A little Shopping...Some Falun Dafa and other enlightenment - very fabulous. It was good for me to see driven little ones. I can't wait for next year.

26 Jun 2007: Cake Fo' Yo' Face

Here's some Blog Lite - for those of you a little mind provoked by my last blog. Just a few recent cakes. I thought I lost my digicam...and then I was diggin' in my chef kit for my little asian knife and voila - I found my handy beater cam.

Tiramisu pays those bills kids...

There are some LUCKY 4 year olds in Arizona...I'm tellin' you...

Raspberry Chocolate...for a 4 year old, with Pink and Yellow Butterflies on Tempered Milk Chocolate...bwaa hahahhaa. I ain't really into butterflies personally. For me they symbolize something that goes fluttering from place to place never stopping to really be anything then they die. Go Figure...But it wasn't my birthday - so I can oblige.

Raspberry Lemon on Whitecake with a touch of chocolate...Sigh. I just LOVE candied Lemon Peel...not how it it feels and smells!

This is what I call a 12 pack at the end of the day...


More coming soon...and more foodie Chronicles.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

24 Jun 2007: Get With IT...

We keep a variety of magazines in the house...Personally I read Theme, Giant Robot, W and Utne Reader. Now that I am around Julian I also read Fortune , some business mags and Sports Illustrated (huh)...

So this morning over coffee and a bomblette I read an article about Ray Kurzweil in Fortune Magazine. You know Kurzweil is an inventor who changed the game in artificial intelligence. He invented the flatbed scanner, the first "true" electric piano, the large vocabulary speech recognition software and has written a GRIP of books. He "only" has a BS from MIT but has 13 honorary doctorates. The man has been able to flip his ideas into realities and has a thorough mental and systematic grip on exponential progress and growth.

He said,"Mankind is on the cusp of a radical accelerating era of change unlike anything we have ever seen, he says, and almost more extreme than we can imagine."* The application of his comment is one towards poverty, disease, reliance on fossel fuel and global warming.

...*taken from Fortune Magazine May 14,2007...

Get With It...

The more I look around at the majority of people 25 and under the more I see: YOUR ASSES AIN'T READY. I have NEVER in my life seen such a rampant open display of a non desire to work and grind. I have NEVER in my life seen such a willingness to NOT learn, to NOT have self expression, to NOT be individual, to NOT inject one's self into daily living, to NOT participate on any kind of community. I have NEVER in my life witnessed a COMPLETE lack of ability, drive or passion YET these little turds want recognition, raises and praise. Well you know what - kiss my big brown ass. GET WITH IT kids...coz the time is coming where the generation before you won't hire you and the generation after you is quickly becoming smarter than you are. What the HELL makes you think that anyone should give you anything material or otherwise...Sincerely, I see it on their blank eyed stares and dopey manufactured grins that they expect praise for their minimal efforts. I ain't here to make you feel good...I'm here to review results. Don't give me no pouty face coz I don't give a shit. Actually you could bleed in front of me and I wouldn't throw you a bandaid. You do half the work you get half my time. If that.

Fuck your Minimal Effort --- it ain't cuttin it with me.

Who raises these people?

I had a lengthy discussion with my boyfriend about this last night. I said you know I'm really sickened by the recent bullshit. Wannabe Chef's who can't COOK, Wannabe Rockstars who can't SING or play INSTRUMENTS, Wannabe Bajillionaires who can't even SPELL, Wanna be Genius-oids who think Anais Nin is a spice...Wanna be models who are SHORT. Yet you can see it in the little turds faces that they sincerely believe that they ARE the someone they verbalize. YOU...AIN' work = no results. I told my boyfriend I thought about how when you are born you are given SOMETHING. Each person is given many talents but often there is a talent that is stronger than the others. Now. As a person and member of society you are societally obligated to develop that one talent and consistently maintain it. If the talent is left to slumber...then it's just a lost opportunity within your soul --- because 9 times out of 10 that God Given talent will give you Joy of Expression and Glory in Work.

You know the difference in people who develop their given talent and those who don't do shit? Vision. Extreme Vision that permeates their life.

So...I continued with how when we were kids we were praised very minimally. We were NOT fawned over. Mind you - my brother and I brought many of those little paper awards that looked like mini diplomas for Mom to hang up around the house: best in this, best in that, highest this and highest that...most this and most that...We were told that's very good...but keep studying so you get another next time. We were told oh you're so very smart...but you have to stay smart so keep working. That message was very clear even at a young age. The message was,"you are smart kid, but you have to develop what you have, water it so it grows and make it strong so it doesn't fall down..."

He laughed so agreeably and said,"Speaaaaak."

We did NOT get bullshit, feel good praise. We did NOT get," tried your best." I remember the rare occasion I came home with a C...that shit got put in my face and told,"You did NOT try. You failed to try. Anybody's kids can get a C, but YOU kids do NOT get C's!" And if that weren't hard enough to drink...the chaser would be a hard ass disappointed sad look from your Mom. Life was participatory very early on.

So...who raises these little mediocre baby farms that I encounter? To be honest I've met 2 young people who really hustle and grind and have a work ethic that is impressive...but 2 out of 200 aren't very good odds are they?

Why would people paralyze their children in a world that moves so fast by giving them a false sense of ability and talent? Why would anyone fertilize such mediocrity? Why would parents remove the sense of sacrifice from their children thus making them feel entitled to whatever the fuck they want? Why would anyone tell these turds they are good when they suck? I mean it's not like their little asses are handicapped - they are just mediocre and have willingly dumbed themselves down. Why do your lame asses feel entitled to recognition and praise/fame...when you can't do shit...when even while doing what you say you love - you do it rather shittily and shoddily? Coz that ain't love kid.

Granted...I'm a bit overworked lately and very grateful to be so when half the valley isn't working at all. But such exhaustion gives you clarity.

Get with it you little turds. Hustle. Work. Grind and Gnash. Faster pussycat faster...Maybe if you spin fast enough you will find your truest strongest self. And if you can't hang - then take your whining, pouting bullshit somewhere else before I dot you in your soft ass eye. Or do yourself a favor and keep it out of my line of sight and out of range for my ear - coz I'm liable to give you a throat massage.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ten Kinds of Weird Sauce...

Jeez Jen...thanks for taggin' my ass...

I have been disclose 10 weird things about me!

1) I make weird faces even when I'm by myself...

2) I will eat noodles/soup any time any weather even when it's 106 out

3) I only cook for those I love and I never eat with enemies.

3) I sleep with the blanket completely over my head...ever since I was little. In fact Julian asked me this do you sleep like that...I said like what...he said with the Blankets over your HEAD...I said I dunno I like it sometimes...he laughed and said you pull that over your head and knock out!

Bwaa hahhaa - I like it.

4) I like unusual pieces...

5) I love weddings

6) I've never had a nightmare

7) Wendy is my funbutton...

8) April is my trigger finger

9) Meesh is the momma of my babies and the Hopscotch Homie...She's my can of verbal whupass that I call upon thick and thin.

10) I love birthday dinner...for anyone's birthday including my own!