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Sunday, June 24, 2007

24 Jun 2007: Get With IT...

We keep a variety of magazines in the house...Personally I read Theme, Giant Robot, W and Utne Reader. Now that I am around Julian I also read Fortune , some business mags and Sports Illustrated (huh)...

So this morning over coffee and a bomblette I read an article about Ray Kurzweil in Fortune Magazine. You know Kurzweil is an inventor who changed the game in artificial intelligence. He invented the flatbed scanner, the first "true" electric piano, the large vocabulary speech recognition software and has written a GRIP of books. He "only" has a BS from MIT but has 13 honorary doctorates. The man has been able to flip his ideas into realities and has a thorough mental and systematic grip on exponential progress and growth.

He said,"Mankind is on the cusp of a radical accelerating era of change unlike anything we have ever seen, he says, and almost more extreme than we can imagine."* The application of his comment is one towards poverty, disease, reliance on fossel fuel and global warming.

...*taken from Fortune Magazine May 14,2007...

Get With It...

The more I look around at the majority of people 25 and under the more I see: YOUR ASSES AIN'T READY. I have NEVER in my life seen such a rampant open display of a non desire to work and grind. I have NEVER in my life seen such a willingness to NOT learn, to NOT have self expression, to NOT be individual, to NOT inject one's self into daily living, to NOT participate on any kind of community. I have NEVER in my life witnessed a COMPLETE lack of ability, drive or passion YET these little turds want recognition, raises and praise. Well you know what - kiss my big brown ass. GET WITH IT kids...coz the time is coming where the generation before you won't hire you and the generation after you is quickly becoming smarter than you are. What the HELL makes you think that anyone should give you anything material or otherwise...Sincerely, I see it on their blank eyed stares and dopey manufactured grins that they expect praise for their minimal efforts. I ain't here to make you feel good...I'm here to review results. Don't give me no pouty face coz I don't give a shit. Actually you could bleed in front of me and I wouldn't throw you a bandaid. You do half the work you get half my time. If that.

Fuck your Minimal Effort --- it ain't cuttin it with me.

Who raises these people?

I had a lengthy discussion with my boyfriend about this last night. I said you know I'm really sickened by the recent bullshit. Wannabe Chef's who can't COOK, Wannabe Rockstars who can't SING or play INSTRUMENTS, Wannabe Bajillionaires who can't even SPELL, Wanna be Genius-oids who think Anais Nin is a spice...Wanna be models who are SHORT. Yet you can see it in the little turds faces that they sincerely believe that they ARE the someone they verbalize. YOU...AIN' work = no results. I told my boyfriend I thought about how when you are born you are given SOMETHING. Each person is given many talents but often there is a talent that is stronger than the others. Now. As a person and member of society you are societally obligated to develop that one talent and consistently maintain it. If the talent is left to slumber...then it's just a lost opportunity within your soul --- because 9 times out of 10 that God Given talent will give you Joy of Expression and Glory in Work.

You know the difference in people who develop their given talent and those who don't do shit? Vision. Extreme Vision that permeates their life.

So...I continued with how when we were kids we were praised very minimally. We were NOT fawned over. Mind you - my brother and I brought many of those little paper awards that looked like mini diplomas for Mom to hang up around the house: best in this, best in that, highest this and highest that...most this and most that...We were told that's very good...but keep studying so you get another next time. We were told oh you're so very smart...but you have to stay smart so keep working. That message was very clear even at a young age. The message was,"you are smart kid, but you have to develop what you have, water it so it grows and make it strong so it doesn't fall down..."

He laughed so agreeably and said,"Speaaaaak."

We did NOT get bullshit, feel good praise. We did NOT get," tried your best." I remember the rare occasion I came home with a C...that shit got put in my face and told,"You did NOT try. You failed to try. Anybody's kids can get a C, but YOU kids do NOT get C's!" And if that weren't hard enough to drink...the chaser would be a hard ass disappointed sad look from your Mom. Life was participatory very early on.

So...who raises these little mediocre baby farms that I encounter? To be honest I've met 2 young people who really hustle and grind and have a work ethic that is impressive...but 2 out of 200 aren't very good odds are they?

Why would people paralyze their children in a world that moves so fast by giving them a false sense of ability and talent? Why would anyone fertilize such mediocrity? Why would parents remove the sense of sacrifice from their children thus making them feel entitled to whatever the fuck they want? Why would anyone tell these turds they are good when they suck? I mean it's not like their little asses are handicapped - they are just mediocre and have willingly dumbed themselves down. Why do your lame asses feel entitled to recognition and praise/fame...when you can't do shit...when even while doing what you say you love - you do it rather shittily and shoddily? Coz that ain't love kid.

Granted...I'm a bit overworked lately and very grateful to be so when half the valley isn't working at all. But such exhaustion gives you clarity.

Get with it you little turds. Hustle. Work. Grind and Gnash. Faster pussycat faster...Maybe if you spin fast enough you will find your truest strongest self. And if you can't hang - then take your whining, pouting bullshit somewhere else before I dot you in your soft ass eye. Or do yourself a favor and keep it out of my line of sight and out of range for my ear - coz I'm liable to give you a throat massage.

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