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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 Jun 2007: Photo Bloggin' While I Launder

Photo Recap of the Last few Months...


80's night at the Blunt Club, one contact in my eyes and allergies raging


4/20 Eve, also at the Blunt Club

Me, Gizmo Honey, Wendy Lee and Mamastrocity in full effect

You think you know but you don't. I like how we're coordinated - kinna like Charlies Angel but more spicy, more flavor...

Looky Looky at all the new Grime Gear!

With Senorito Mattx...I told him his Tshirt is kinna perverted! He was like,"Whaaat!"

Still Laughin' after Dude hit on me and I gave him a Pffft and an eyeroll. He said you know what - that dress is out of style...I turned my head and said,"Like your face..." Bwaaa hahahhaa. Squash. And it was back to the Empress Lee Hideout!


Groove Candy...bumped into Gya after her sojourn to the East - far funky east.


Chad's Birthday and Cinco de Drinko

Mikey, Chad and Julian

Bwaaa hahaha...


Mother's Day Barbecue...but I'm just a GodMommy

I gotta say...we (J and I) are well matched even on this bbq thing. I marinate and season and he works it out over the coals.

Little man sure does love his Uncle...

and so does little Pum'kin...

Mother's Day was awesome...gotta love Bree Payne!!! Father's Day was just as awesome - but of course my digi cam was MIA...


El-P show @ the Clubhouse in Tempe

Worm, again bein' the meat in the WL/Saucy Sammich

These grainy joints are my fave. Theres troy in the background on the right.

Wendy's Camera Workin' Again...


No June Photo's...but all will resume as normal.

Hopefully the laundry is done by now. I may sound indignant when I sometimes write - and I am. But I do not carry anger within. I may speak with love, but it doesn't mean I love you. I may be rushing hurriedly about, but I still see the wondrous things in the sky. I may be rather frightening but I'm never fretful. It's living yanno...and i do LIVE heartily.

Night night - Laundry is finally done.

ps) Went to the Casino again tonight and won 300 bucks. Bwaa hahahha!

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