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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm so glad I don't live in this neighborhood.

some of you may know that we sold our previous house and bought a new one - during the process we stayed at my sisters and father in laws at various times to keep me in school.  My sister lives in a semi gated community and blah blah this shit that shit freakin HOA shit.  Well the new head of the HOA noticed my car in front of the house parked there and called to enquire about it...

My sister had called in to say that there is a problem from a nearby park where sewer roaches were going in the backyard and they should call the city to fumigate it.  Instead of being more concerned about that shit she pushed about my car.

Today she came by to check out a crack in the fence and said they can't do anything about it (my sister was out at costco)...she basically told us they wouldn't be fixing the common fence I was like cool have a good day get out...Then she inquired about the BMW and MINI cooper convertible in the front of the house...I said "oh people can't visit or what?"  She's like we just like to know what's going on.  I was like Shut the fuck up - Get out.  My sister will be home in one hour.

See this is exactly the kind of bullshit that pushed us to find an older home in an established neighborhood so I wouldn't have to deal with dumbasses. 

I hate first time homeowners who think it's their business to police the neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Latest Thing...

 It was time for a new phone and it was also time for a new upgrade.  My previous flip phone was just too small to use online flashcards without scrolling in a circle.  We popped into the AT&T store and I said just give me my freebie with a bigger screen.  My sister and brother had other ideas.  i was really contemplating an IPAD just because it was easier to dock than my laptop.  So instead of getting an ipad and a new phone I just got a hybrid of both.  A gift from my siblings. How nice right?

I have to admit it was kind of weird getting used to it - I'm not really big on the latest thing outside of canning and canning jars. lol.  I used to really be into that but these days not so much.  I just have other concerns.

I must say it only took my bill up about 13-15 bucks a month - not as much as i expected.  I can use 3 gigs of data and still the unlimited phone, text and all that other crap.  To be honest I don't use that much because i'm always sinking to wifi hotspots, school wifi or home.  My bill is about 43 per month - which in my opinion is a steal - other people think "i got suckered into THAT one"  which is really funny coz everyone I know pays upwards of 110 per month per phone.  Last weekend I stoopped by the Korean store and found these hello kitty dust jacks - LOL.  Pretty useless but the latest thing on another continent.  It entertains me to no end.

That's it - that's the latest thing.  Well we have other latest things - but that's for another blog