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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Latest Thing...

 It was time for a new phone and it was also time for a new upgrade.  My previous flip phone was just too small to use online flashcards without scrolling in a circle.  We popped into the AT&T store and I said just give me my freebie with a bigger screen.  My sister and brother had other ideas.  i was really contemplating an IPAD just because it was easier to dock than my laptop.  So instead of getting an ipad and a new phone I just got a hybrid of both.  A gift from my siblings. How nice right?

I have to admit it was kind of weird getting used to it - I'm not really big on the latest thing outside of canning and canning jars. lol.  I used to really be into that but these days not so much.  I just have other concerns.

I must say it only took my bill up about 13-15 bucks a month - not as much as i expected.  I can use 3 gigs of data and still the unlimited phone, text and all that other crap.  To be honest I don't use that much because i'm always sinking to wifi hotspots, school wifi or home.  My bill is about 43 per month - which in my opinion is a steal - other people think "i got suckered into THAT one"  which is really funny coz everyone I know pays upwards of 110 per month per phone.  Last weekend I stoopped by the Korean store and found these hello kitty dust jacks - LOL.  Pretty useless but the latest thing on another continent.  It entertains me to no end.

That's it - that's the latest thing.  Well we have other latest things - but that's for another blog

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  1. I like how there are jars in the background of your picture... :)