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Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Jan 2009: PS) I was bored while bloggin

So I made some Krispy treats with Honey Nut Cheerios & Crunch Berries.


25 Jan 2009: Lumpia Chronicles: Chicken & White Shanghai

Last week the topic of lumpia came up. Tina and Gya were supposed to come over on Saturday to help roll. I didn't really have that many skins so more than anything it was gonna be a lumpia rollin lesson. Well on Friday night I was just wiped out - even though I'd taken a half day from work I was just wiped. So I told the girls I needed to buy chicken but I still hadn't gone to buy any but would in the morning.

Usually on saturday mornings I wake up automatically around 7am. I didn't even wake up until like 830. I ran to buy produce and chicken and scored chicken breasts at $1.27/lb. So I bought like uhhhh - 20 lbs. hahaha. Then I stopped to get produce and 3 kinds of lettuce and some tortilla chips.

I texted the girls you don't even have to come until 1pm coz I haven't even started cooking yet...So I parboiled the chicken breasts and got to work...


drain and shred

pre saute the potatoes

defrost the wrappers

saute in the usual fashion and season

add mixed and chopped veggies then cool to room under a fan

Roll with or without the Homies

I calculated I can roll 50 lumpias in the time it takes Julian to finish 3 quarters on NBA live and I think those are 3 minute quarters. hahaha. not bad right...

Just roll steadily and text friends with your pinky finger so you don't get rice flour glue on your new phone. LOL

So I had a whole bowl of boiled chicken and didn't know what to do and Benjo was enroute with extra wrappers...So I decided to create a "white shanghai"...Usually Filipinos make lumpia shanghai with half beef half pork with some garlic and some green onion which makes it cook brown or pink. I mixed fresh ground pork with boiled chicken breast, 1 cup (yeah a CUP) of minced fresh ginger, green onion and 5 cloves of garlic, garlic powder and red Korean chili powder...So when they cook it has a bright white interior. I humped out about 100 of those and just rolled my little hands off...

Fortunately for me Benjo and Bebe were here to taste test...Benjo took his cut of 25 each home sayin,"thanks now i've replenished my stock..." hahahah.

I told Kibby - call JR/Vic Damone and tell him to come get his cut.
jr: oh i'll be there at 6pm, believe it.
vic: yeah yeah yeah man - I'm there.

Someone come help us eat these MoFo's there's no room in the freezer.
Even the door is full. Ridiiiiiiiiiiiiiculous.

25 Jan 2009: Food for my Cipher...

So last night I'm in bed reading and watchin Trading Places (original with Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd) and Julian's playin' poker with everyone...I hear the door around 130-ish - and it's Mr. Man and he says I'm with Boris and Vic...I holla,"i'm in bed...He comes in the room gives me a hug and a kiss and I'm like,'you got beer breath hunny..." He laughs. I tell him there's potroast in the stove - just make something...there's rolls and spanish rice and stuff to make nachos. He's like okay I gottit. So I mute the TV and listen to see how he'll handle it. I hear the knife move off the counter - I hear the cutting board jiggle near the stove and then I hear the oven open and the roast get put on the counter. Then I hear silence.

Hahaha he's too faded to assemble food.

So I throw on a robe and my glasses and walk out there with my bedhead and I'm like hi guys! And they are all just standin there lookin at the meat but everyone has a fresh heinekin in their hand. I just laugh and ask,"need help?" The bebe is like YEAH. I said I gottit.

Everyone is chopping it up and I slice up a third of the beef - ask bebe to grab an onion, the lemon juice and some bellpepper. I heat up the pan, until it smokes - then hit the ricecoooker to rewarm the rice. Add oil - sizzle beef, sprinkle some red chili flakes and garlic powder...Boris is intrigued and is like what's this what's that...Kibby is like Grub Commentator..that is garlic powder, that is no msg oyster sauce, that is 2 soysauce, she uses 2 kinds)...All three of them are rubbin their hands as the meat sizzles - I fire up the little fryer and drop in half a dozen lumpia. I then add a little fresh crushed pepper, bellpeppers, onions and green onions. In about 4 more minutes it's all done. The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Boris,"OMG you got eggroll action too?"
Julian,"My bebe makes those..."
Boris," Noooo Way..."
I open the fridge and show him the stash...he's like Wow man wow and gives Julian this look of,"you're lucky."

I say, it's ready - eat eat eat.

They are just eating and eating and sayin,"oh man that's good, this is so good" hahahaha. I told them eat it all - i'm not hungry its too late. LOL. So they ate and went to catch a quick poker game at Rudeboy's house. Mind you their Jamaican homie called like 5x and they are like HOLDUP WE EAATTTIIIIIN'


Last week Gya blew into town for a little respite from East Coast Winter...
Bomblettes on the fly for Gya, Tina, Element and Me and then a quick peek at Friday coz everyone loves that Movie... also included are pics from a previous bomblette where we gave Gya a hard time about her Anime I dig him face!

Logan (Element) was joking I'll have steak with mine - I laughed and said don't joke - we got steak - The girls are like don't make him no steak - I laughed and said let the man have steak - if he want steak he can have steak....

Man - why I gotta have my just rolled out of bed skirt on in both sets of pics and the first hoodie I grab out the cabinet. hahahhah.

I even had time to throw a batch of cookies coz you know we cool like that...

Girl bomblettes was one of the funnest...

And even before Gya left for Brooklyn...there was time for brunch

hahaha: i'm the only person who gets photo tagged for a cookie delivery.

And still we're packin' lunches...

Mostly sammiches and pasta dishes topped with salmon or chickennn

a couple weeks ago the girls came in from Vegas for a couple days to relax after snowboarding in Utah and Flagstaff...hahaha

They din't even wanna go out - they just wanted to chill and eat.

After one meal in particular they were like dang we're sleepy - I said oh you guys just ate too much - It's just the ITIS. They were like what's the itis?
I laughed and said we gotta watch boondocks for proper explanation. I never bother the girls when we mob out to Vegas we always stay at the hotel - but now the girls insist we gotta stay with them. LOL.

My latest favourite arrival from Tita Momma in Manila...5lbs of organic, sun dried on banana leaves then hand roasted in a clay pot over charcoal. Bwaa hahhaha. What you know about that...observe the pan roasted chicken on romaine in the background already packed for my lunch


So Vic said it again...He woke up late one morning and was standing in the kitchen tryin to eat before he left for work. So he was disconbobulated and makin' a decision - meanwhile his girlfriend stood in the kitchen and LOOKED at him. I told Julian this morning...if her dumb ass was already standing in there she was prolly already stuffing her face - how hard would it be to hook him up with something to eat if she was already stuffing her face?" I didn't like that cow anyways - and she really pushed me over the edge when she smacked Julian jokingly in the head with a piece of paper. But for realz.

Why you tryin' to be with someone when you have nothing...nothing brought, nothing to share, nothing to give. And then this hoe tries to act surprised that his Momma don't like her.

I'm tired of hearin' of these triflin' ass hoes. I'mma tell you hoes that I know in a 3rd party way (as in your guy hang out with my man) everytime you cut up - everytime you mess up - everytime you act up, act retarded, act dumb, act out - and I know you hoes do it daily - it's good luck to me. Coz everytime you do dumbshit your guy call my MAN and tells him the DUMB shit you did and after he's done shakin his head as he listens on the phone...he finds wherever I am in the house and gives me a hug and a kiss - and THANKS me...yeah, he thanks me for helping to make the life we have a good one and being a good woman and a great friend to him and never doin dumb shit. So you see your misfortune is my fortune.

I will tell you this - when you are selfish and dumb, you might as well have an expiration date on your forehead: best before 02.02.09...coz it's only a matter of time before he gets hip to your rotten dumbshit then you out on that ASS.

Bwaaa hhahhaa.

25 Jan 2009: Homie Phone Home...

I love it when I randomly get calls from the Homies...

What you doin Sauce...GYA
Honey I'm home...Wendy returning from Asia
What's crackin' gangsta...Epademik Emcee Esquire
I got your toffee from London..April
Just wanted to say I love you two...City Momma
Get on the skype...let's video call...Country Momma

And there's still the calls I miss...

I still haven't figured out my phone it has way more features than my last phone which was already a heavy duty 3G Razor from Asia and the bear with me and just keep callin..

from my sister in Seattle: why did my ice cream cake come out fucked up
to my sister in Seattle: you gotta use pound cake, with a layer of ganache
from my sister in Seattle: Ohhhhh pound cake, thats why
again from my sister: Why does your god daughter want an upgrade on her cell
to my sister in Seattle: coz she saw my blog and we got 2 flip phones for like 130
from my sister in Seattle. Ohhhh - that's hot - hahahah.
to my sister in Seattle: whats she need an upgrade 4 - she 10!

Bwaa hahahha

Then there's the random texts I send

to my bro: Yo - my train just passed a cobbler joint downtown
from my bro: Cobbler is my favourite, i like blueberry
to my bro: Bootyberry cobbler you mean
from my bro: Yeah that too, we gotta try that place
to my bro: I will try next week and give you my verdict
from my bro: coo !

there are many throughout the week that just crack me up to and from everyone and i keep most of them just to make me laugh - coz even the most simple ones are funny...or good news...or remind you that someone loves you.

to my stepmom: hi, i need the address. scilla brought your panties from Manila
from my stepmom: oh, thanks her *yeah it said thanks her*

from scilla: keech is havin a baby and it's a BOY!
from me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay - i'm happy for them, they are very lucky/blessed.

from my boyfriend: i'm your biggest fan you know...
to my boyfriend: awwww.
from my boyfriend: i really am...

from monica: what time are you shopping til...
to monica: it's only 6 - i'll be here til 8
from monica: i'm on the way...
...which leads to a shopping blitz in which i score a japanese print tank top, ruffled tank top, juicy couture sundress, calvin klein sundress, sam and max apron french lookin sundress and a halogen sundress...after which we go grab dinner/eggs at the 5&Diner down the road.

3 days later monica hits me with this:

from monica: call me
no response coz I was talking business @ work
from monica: seriously call me
no response still talkin and loggin off my pc at work
from monica: 911 bitch i'm serious
and then a voicemail: call me
so i call her and she says,"OMG clearance is 75% off at Nordstrom Rack - get your ass down here right now.

BWAAAAAHAHAHHHA. I told her I"m on the train and it's already 620 - i left the office late today. She said,"911 bitch, I'm serious!" for shopping.

from Benj: i'm going to Ash Comics to buy some stuff
to Benj: cool come by i'm makin food...come eat
from Benj: wow ty cool...

as if he's not my little brother - like he gotta call anyway...
i really don't expect people to call but i like the heads up so I can get it crackin...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20 Jan 2009: Sigh...I broke down and did it...

So today I broke down and picked up new phones for us...My phone is getting a little scratchy and his is just on it's last leg. It's funny that Julian would hand me a wad and be like,"do something nice for yourself..." or "get a massage Bebe, you deserve it..." or "this is just because you're such a wonderful woman..." I don't really need it so it gets stashed away or put back into the house...

The other day I called him and his phone conked out completely...So today I went and worked a deal and got 2 very dope phones for about 130 bucks. Bwaa hahahah. Holla @ Kevin @ AT&T on Camelback.

Bebe wanted some LG thing - but they had a bunch of lamers and the cool ones only came in lame colours like red/white candy cane or orange. Julian is not TOO particular about things - it's pretty obvious that he enjoys that he can trust my judgement on things. I did my homework this morning and decided I wanted the Quickfire in Lime...and the Bebe would get the pantech duo or a double slide. Well all they had was the Pantech Matrix in black with a touch of Lime. Sooo...

Voila...his and hers phones.

Bwaaa hahahhaa. I love these lil jokers. Nothing else looked good. I already ditched a blackberry and i didn't like the VU and i didn't want the newer beefier there you go. LOL.


He was so tickled when he got home it was like Christmas all over again and he had this look of excitement - then he took the memory card from his old phone and it just happened to take it plug and play. So all his music was sitting right. He's still playin with it right now coz it slide both ways. hahahha.

It's the little things huh.

Coz really at this point of the game we are just little kids with an income.

ps) call me so I can autoprogram your birthdays with your number.

it's five days later and he's still tickled!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

07 Jan 2009: Still Imitated...Still Motivated

I'm still laughin...

Still laughing at you heffa's trying to rock bangs and funky boots and steez. Naw - keep tryin' it's okay. The headcount went up 2 this week. And since no one will tell you I will. If you have an ugly face don't try to rock a child like haircut. If you have no cheekbones don't try to cut it so slick. If you just don't have the demeanor to do it - don't do it. It is a brutal and blunt lookin' style to rock and if you ain't rockin' it right you look like a Perpetratoress...

Also, keep imitating. When you try to take something from someone else even if it's their steez - something will be taken in exchange. This is a basic principal of nature for you heffa's that didn't pay attention in biology. The last couple wannabees that copied me had a lot of bad things befall them, job loss, divorce, breakups, etcetera. So keep imitating and I'll make some popcorn.


I wore my funky shortstack Japanese-ey lookin sugar boots and a cord 3/4 cut coat to work today...It's a little funky but who cares I got a shoe shopping date with my girl Monica today. OMG these heffas be today i initiated...


hi haters

bye haters

Monday, January 5, 2009

05 Jan 2009: Grubbin’ is Lubbin’

Somehow, we made it through the holidays...Our presents were pretty obvious from the start and now we have even more than what we had. Fashion and Fun seemed to have intermarried with Food and Art.

In between all the doubletime and triple time and comp days and half days - we still managed to make meals...and even pack our lunches...

Dinner becomes the next days lunch with chicken enchiladas...

I've started sending lunches off in these disposable foils with covers...coz my tupperware is making it to other peoples cabinets and not finding their way home. This remedies me askin' for it or for anyone feeling bad.

For Christmas we had a simple paella, a ham and side veggies.

Here's a closeup

Ham,"it ain't no joke"

Then there's the nightly food.

Sirloin isn't a life altering decision - it's just there all the time

I make our salad toppings...don't hate

Our mashed potatoes don't come from a box, and gravy is made fresh

With a little salad

All I gotta say is 2 years in the game...and he's still tickled with his plate.

Plus you know - we're still getting the hookup on pot roast...about 35lbs for like 40 bucks. Bwaa ahahahha.

You think you know but you don't. I got the super delux hookups.

Don't say you love people if you feed them garbage. Just Don't.

I see people doin' this all the time sayin' how they care about such and such or love such and such to death, and then when the topic of cooking comes up they turn up their shit infested noses as if they were entitled to do nothing.