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Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Jan 2009: Homie Phone Home...

I love it when I randomly get calls from the Homies...

What you doin Sauce...GYA
Honey I'm home...Wendy returning from Asia
What's crackin' gangsta...Epademik Emcee Esquire
I got your toffee from London..April
Just wanted to say I love you two...City Momma
Get on the skype...let's video call...Country Momma

And there's still the calls I miss...

I still haven't figured out my phone it has way more features than my last phone which was already a heavy duty 3G Razor from Asia and the bear with me and just keep callin..

from my sister in Seattle: why did my ice cream cake come out fucked up
to my sister in Seattle: you gotta use pound cake, with a layer of ganache
from my sister in Seattle: Ohhhhh pound cake, thats why
again from my sister: Why does your god daughter want an upgrade on her cell
to my sister in Seattle: coz she saw my blog and we got 2 flip phones for like 130
from my sister in Seattle. Ohhhh - that's hot - hahahah.
to my sister in Seattle: whats she need an upgrade 4 - she 10!

Bwaa hahahha

Then there's the random texts I send

to my bro: Yo - my train just passed a cobbler joint downtown
from my bro: Cobbler is my favourite, i like blueberry
to my bro: Bootyberry cobbler you mean
from my bro: Yeah that too, we gotta try that place
to my bro: I will try next week and give you my verdict
from my bro: coo !

there are many throughout the week that just crack me up to and from everyone and i keep most of them just to make me laugh - coz even the most simple ones are funny...or good news...or remind you that someone loves you.

to my stepmom: hi, i need the address. scilla brought your panties from Manila
from my stepmom: oh, thanks her *yeah it said thanks her*

from scilla: keech is havin a baby and it's a BOY!
from me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay - i'm happy for them, they are very lucky/blessed.

from my boyfriend: i'm your biggest fan you know...
to my boyfriend: awwww.
from my boyfriend: i really am...

from monica: what time are you shopping til...
to monica: it's only 6 - i'll be here til 8
from monica: i'm on the way...
...which leads to a shopping blitz in which i score a japanese print tank top, ruffled tank top, juicy couture sundress, calvin klein sundress, sam and max apron french lookin sundress and a halogen sundress...after which we go grab dinner/eggs at the 5&Diner down the road.

3 days later monica hits me with this:

from monica: call me
no response coz I was talking business @ work
from monica: seriously call me
no response still talkin and loggin off my pc at work
from monica: 911 bitch i'm serious
and then a voicemail: call me
so i call her and she says,"OMG clearance is 75% off at Nordstrom Rack - get your ass down here right now.

BWAAAAAHAHAHHHA. I told her I"m on the train and it's already 620 - i left the office late today. She said,"911 bitch, I'm serious!" for shopping.

from Benj: i'm going to Ash Comics to buy some stuff
to Benj: cool come by i'm makin food...come eat
from Benj: wow ty cool...

as if he's not my little brother - like he gotta call anyway...
i really don't expect people to call but i like the heads up so I can get it crackin...

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