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Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Jan 2009: Food for my Cipher...

So last night I'm in bed reading and watchin Trading Places (original with Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd) and Julian's playin' poker with everyone...I hear the door around 130-ish - and it's Mr. Man and he says I'm with Boris and Vic...I holla,"i'm in bed...He comes in the room gives me a hug and a kiss and I'm like,'you got beer breath hunny..." He laughs. I tell him there's potroast in the stove - just make something...there's rolls and spanish rice and stuff to make nachos. He's like okay I gottit. So I mute the TV and listen to see how he'll handle it. I hear the knife move off the counter - I hear the cutting board jiggle near the stove and then I hear the oven open and the roast get put on the counter. Then I hear silence.

Hahaha he's too faded to assemble food.

So I throw on a robe and my glasses and walk out there with my bedhead and I'm like hi guys! And they are all just standin there lookin at the meat but everyone has a fresh heinekin in their hand. I just laugh and ask,"need help?" The bebe is like YEAH. I said I gottit.

Everyone is chopping it up and I slice up a third of the beef - ask bebe to grab an onion, the lemon juice and some bellpepper. I heat up the pan, until it smokes - then hit the ricecoooker to rewarm the rice. Add oil - sizzle beef, sprinkle some red chili flakes and garlic powder...Boris is intrigued and is like what's this what's that...Kibby is like Grub Commentator..that is garlic powder, that is no msg oyster sauce, that is 2 soysauce, she uses 2 kinds)...All three of them are rubbin their hands as the meat sizzles - I fire up the little fryer and drop in half a dozen lumpia. I then add a little fresh crushed pepper, bellpeppers, onions and green onions. In about 4 more minutes it's all done. The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Boris,"OMG you got eggroll action too?"
Julian,"My bebe makes those..."
Boris," Noooo Way..."
I open the fridge and show him the stash...he's like Wow man wow and gives Julian this look of,"you're lucky."

I say, it's ready - eat eat eat.

They are just eating and eating and sayin,"oh man that's good, this is so good" hahahaha. I told them eat it all - i'm not hungry its too late. LOL. So they ate and went to catch a quick poker game at Rudeboy's house. Mind you their Jamaican homie called like 5x and they are like HOLDUP WE EAATTTIIIIIN'


Last week Gya blew into town for a little respite from East Coast Winter...
Bomblettes on the fly for Gya, Tina, Element and Me and then a quick peek at Friday coz everyone loves that Movie... also included are pics from a previous bomblette where we gave Gya a hard time about her Anime I dig him face!

Logan (Element) was joking I'll have steak with mine - I laughed and said don't joke - we got steak - The girls are like don't make him no steak - I laughed and said let the man have steak - if he want steak he can have steak....

Man - why I gotta have my just rolled out of bed skirt on in both sets of pics and the first hoodie I grab out the cabinet. hahahhah.

I even had time to throw a batch of cookies coz you know we cool like that...

Girl bomblettes was one of the funnest...

And even before Gya left for Brooklyn...there was time for brunch

hahaha: i'm the only person who gets photo tagged for a cookie delivery.

And still we're packin' lunches...

Mostly sammiches and pasta dishes topped with salmon or chickennn

a couple weeks ago the girls came in from Vegas for a couple days to relax after snowboarding in Utah and Flagstaff...hahaha

They din't even wanna go out - they just wanted to chill and eat.

After one meal in particular they were like dang we're sleepy - I said oh you guys just ate too much - It's just the ITIS. They were like what's the itis?
I laughed and said we gotta watch boondocks for proper explanation. I never bother the girls when we mob out to Vegas we always stay at the hotel - but now the girls insist we gotta stay with them. LOL.

My latest favourite arrival from Tita Momma in Manila...5lbs of organic, sun dried on banana leaves then hand roasted in a clay pot over charcoal. Bwaa hahhaha. What you know about that...observe the pan roasted chicken on romaine in the background already packed for my lunch


So Vic said it again...He woke up late one morning and was standing in the kitchen tryin to eat before he left for work. So he was disconbobulated and makin' a decision - meanwhile his girlfriend stood in the kitchen and LOOKED at him. I told Julian this morning...if her dumb ass was already standing in there she was prolly already stuffing her face - how hard would it be to hook him up with something to eat if she was already stuffing her face?" I didn't like that cow anyways - and she really pushed me over the edge when she smacked Julian jokingly in the head with a piece of paper. But for realz.

Why you tryin' to be with someone when you have nothing...nothing brought, nothing to share, nothing to give. And then this hoe tries to act surprised that his Momma don't like her.

I'm tired of hearin' of these triflin' ass hoes. I'mma tell you hoes that I know in a 3rd party way (as in your guy hang out with my man) everytime you cut up - everytime you mess up - everytime you act up, act retarded, act dumb, act out - and I know you hoes do it daily - it's good luck to me. Coz everytime you do dumbshit your guy call my MAN and tells him the DUMB shit you did and after he's done shakin his head as he listens on the phone...he finds wherever I am in the house and gives me a hug and a kiss - and THANKS me...yeah, he thanks me for helping to make the life we have a good one and being a good woman and a great friend to him and never doin dumb shit. So you see your misfortune is my fortune.

I will tell you this - when you are selfish and dumb, you might as well have an expiration date on your forehead: best before 02.02.09...coz it's only a matter of time before he gets hip to your rotten dumbshit then you out on that ASS.

Bwaaa hhahhaa.

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