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Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Jan 2009: Lumpia Chronicles: Chicken & White Shanghai

Last week the topic of lumpia came up. Tina and Gya were supposed to come over on Saturday to help roll. I didn't really have that many skins so more than anything it was gonna be a lumpia rollin lesson. Well on Friday night I was just wiped out - even though I'd taken a half day from work I was just wiped. So I told the girls I needed to buy chicken but I still hadn't gone to buy any but would in the morning.

Usually on saturday mornings I wake up automatically around 7am. I didn't even wake up until like 830. I ran to buy produce and chicken and scored chicken breasts at $1.27/lb. So I bought like uhhhh - 20 lbs. hahaha. Then I stopped to get produce and 3 kinds of lettuce and some tortilla chips.

I texted the girls you don't even have to come until 1pm coz I haven't even started cooking yet...So I parboiled the chicken breasts and got to work...


drain and shred

pre saute the potatoes

defrost the wrappers

saute in the usual fashion and season

add mixed and chopped veggies then cool to room under a fan

Roll with or without the Homies

I calculated I can roll 50 lumpias in the time it takes Julian to finish 3 quarters on NBA live and I think those are 3 minute quarters. hahaha. not bad right...

Just roll steadily and text friends with your pinky finger so you don't get rice flour glue on your new phone. LOL

So I had a whole bowl of boiled chicken and didn't know what to do and Benjo was enroute with extra wrappers...So I decided to create a "white shanghai"...Usually Filipinos make lumpia shanghai with half beef half pork with some garlic and some green onion which makes it cook brown or pink. I mixed fresh ground pork with boiled chicken breast, 1 cup (yeah a CUP) of minced fresh ginger, green onion and 5 cloves of garlic, garlic powder and red Korean chili powder...So when they cook it has a bright white interior. I humped out about 100 of those and just rolled my little hands off...

Fortunately for me Benjo and Bebe were here to taste test...Benjo took his cut of 25 each home sayin,"thanks now i've replenished my stock..." hahahah.

I told Kibby - call JR/Vic Damone and tell him to come get his cut.
jr: oh i'll be there at 6pm, believe it.
vic: yeah yeah yeah man - I'm there.

Someone come help us eat these MoFo's there's no room in the freezer.
Even the door is full. Ridiiiiiiiiiiiiiculous.

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