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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20 Jan 2009: Sigh...I broke down and did it...

So today I broke down and picked up new phones for us...My phone is getting a little scratchy and his is just on it's last leg. It's funny that Julian would hand me a wad and be like,"do something nice for yourself..." or "get a massage Bebe, you deserve it..." or "this is just because you're such a wonderful woman..." I don't really need it so it gets stashed away or put back into the house...

The other day I called him and his phone conked out completely...So today I went and worked a deal and got 2 very dope phones for about 130 bucks. Bwaa hahahah. Holla @ Kevin @ AT&T on Camelback.

Bebe wanted some LG thing - but they had a bunch of lamers and the cool ones only came in lame colours like red/white candy cane or orange. Julian is not TOO particular about things - it's pretty obvious that he enjoys that he can trust my judgement on things. I did my homework this morning and decided I wanted the Quickfire in Lime...and the Bebe would get the pantech duo or a double slide. Well all they had was the Pantech Matrix in black with a touch of Lime. Sooo...

Voila...his and hers phones.

Bwaaa hahahhaa. I love these lil jokers. Nothing else looked good. I already ditched a blackberry and i didn't like the VU and i didn't want the newer beefier there you go. LOL.


He was so tickled when he got home it was like Christmas all over again and he had this look of excitement - then he took the memory card from his old phone and it just happened to take it plug and play. So all his music was sitting right. He's still playin with it right now coz it slide both ways. hahahha.

It's the little things huh.

Coz really at this point of the game we are just little kids with an income.

ps) call me so I can autoprogram your birthdays with your number.

it's five days later and he's still tickled!

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