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Sunday, September 20, 2009

20 Sept 2009: The Fabric of Life...literally and not so literally

So Day 25 26 and 27 were spent battling with the seamstress...

About 10 days ago I told Tita Mama (my godmother) that I wanted to go to the fabric district. About a day later she asked me what I needed from there - I said oh some fabric coz I want a couple of my dresses copied. She laughed and asked,"what kind of fabric" I laughed and said oh just linen and cotton for everyday wear. She said Ohhhh no problem just come to the house - and pick what you'd like, I'll come pick you up in the morning.

I went to titas house and she literally had 4 floor to ceiling cabinets 4 half cabinets and 3 trunks full of fabric. I didnt even know where to begin. I finally narrowed it down to 12 choices and dresses to copy and some sketches of what i wanted.

The original lady who used to make all of our dresses has very unfortunately passed away. That lady was originally taught to sew by our grandmother...and she always said that so proudly whenever we asked her to sew us up anything...

Well I guess my Mom had a lady who sewed up her shorts. I wasn't going to trust anyone so blindly so I gave her 4 dresses to copy about a week ago and some fabric. I should have known then it was bullshit when she showed up late, left late and returned a day later than the originally scheduled time. But she did a good job.

It ended up being day in and day out of constant text messages from Mom's #1 girl just to get a delivery time and the last 3 days I've had to reschedule any kind of going out. She was supposed to show up today past noon and after calling her 8 times she finally said that she was going to be here by 7pm. I'm hella pissed coz I missed one of the girls birthday dinners - but as we are packing and I need a final fitting I have no choice but to pack and wait since we leave in the morning.

However - the tardy beeyotch does do a clean job.

Here's a peek at what she's done so far.

I had to have 2 purple joints made to match the eggplant etienne aigner that my Tita Oyee gave me - I like this little jackie O style joint. And I got the boots to match the purse which will also go with THIS dress...

I also had some little sundresses made...I love them all but I really have a crush on that blue one...

I got a couple little neutral dresses...

Egad...I love this joint with the geometric...Can't wait to rock it with boots.

And I just had to get ONE flossy joint - Black Kimono...Don't hate...


So there you have it. You know the funny thing is - because I was comped the fabric the dresses only ended up being like 9 dollars each. Bwaa hahahhhaa. Imagine that. I was still a bit perved at her and advise her that I dropped a tasty amount of change on her because the usual work she does is 1 dress a week and I dropped 9 on her and because of my complicated selections I paid twice as much.

In these times when someone pays you double on a 9x order you should be quick and courteous because when I order I bring other orders with me. Tsk tsk.

But like all my different dresses - only certain fabrics should be used for certain dresses and should be worn by certain people. It's the variations in the cloth that make all of us up.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 Sept 2009: In for the night...whew kinna pooped...

Well. we really din't go out for dinner. We went for Pulutan. Pulutan is a filipino word that means things u pick up but it is used as a term for finger food you grub while drinking. This whole month that we've been here we din't realize that like 15 minutes away was a whole stretch of bars, snacks, eats, shopping and cafes. So instead of doing some sit down joint we went to Laiyas. The joint was really awesome - natural wood tables - great service and not only were beers freezing and the food yummy - it was also UNBELIEVABLY cheap - true locals joint.

I ordered the fish and chips...the fish was buttery and flakey and cut down to the same shape as a jalapeno popper but twice as long. So Yummy.

Camille chose the Tenderloin Beef - the red onions with this beef were perfect. The smell of the mushrooms in sauce and the sizzling sound were UNBELIEVABLE.

Julian really looked at the menu (4 pages food 1 page drinks) - he took one look at the Teriyaki Tuna and was like YEAH YEAH YEAH - also deliscious.

So Yummy and fun to sit around in the late afternoon...This is one of the things i love about here. Friends and Familly stop to have a beer and a snack and do it in a leisurely fashion...and just laugh about all kinds of stuff and be excited to have some time together. People seem to lack that outside Asia and Europe - the ability to stop and smell the damn roses...I like it. It seems so easy and affordable to leave the house in Asia and just kill a couple hours.

So We stopped at the grocery store for this Hot Sauce (heh heh) that he's absolutely fallen in love with. I love the grocery stores here and anywhere in Asia coz they always have a different version of existing stuff - i'mma eat this Zip candy bar in a minute...Julian is already drinkin beers...and I was lookin for a loofah washcloth and instead found Hello Kitty wipes - LMFAOOOOO.

So we leave the grocery store and hit the open market. I'm really on a mission to pick up Iphone Cases but we always take a look around at the markets. There are different levels of open markets around the city - Now...if you know the sources you can buy a LOT of overstock stuff at certain suppliers who are only in certain spots. Those places are CONSIDERABLY cheaper and also harder to find - BUT if you find a cool person and frequent them you refer to them as "SUKE" which means like fave stall or fave salesperson that you frequent. Different parts of the city specialize in different things - and to figure out where the cheapest and the best are requires both experience and a ghetto tourguide. There are also parts of the city that have the same things for a bit more - BUT...if you have any kind of quickness or brains you can get a good price anywhere. So I've got this down to a science now - where I can buy stuff 15 minutes from my house thanks to the best girls i know. Bwaa hahhaha.

So Scilla and Benjo cracked their cases for their Iphones and asked me to pick them up a couple - and I actually found a pink one that fits mine (miracle coz nothing fits my Quickfire joint)...I can't believe the girls gave me such a good price - but that's just my tough haggling and Julians good natured teasing of the salesgirls.

I'm walkin around lookin for some kind of sugarless tea (none to be found)...when I notice a hidden rack...Oh hells a tokidoki bat boy...

Oh hells - a chocolate camo toki doki. LMFAOOOOOOO

Bwaa hahhaha- black pirate. LMFAOOOOOOO. I know I got haters.
Hahahahhahha. I'm laughin my brown ass all day.

So Julian HAD to stop by his "suke" and say Hello Tita...and see what's new and ended up gettin the sickest crocs out there...I never thought I'd see the day my man willingly picked a pair of crocks out there but these jokers ARE nice. LOL.

That was quite a long mission...bout 4 hours or so of leisurely hanging out. haha
We came home and showed our goodies to Mom who just beat us home from the Casino. LOL. Then I proceeded to grate some Monterey Jack for Julian as he had a craving for some nachos. haha. If you dont really love somebody don't try to grate a quarter lb of cheese for them in like 99% humidity - I got a little secret but you'd be hard pressed to get it out of me.

That's the only food that's not really good in Manila is Mexican while at the grocery store we picked up some Tostitos and the local Sun Chips...coz Bebe loves nachos and tacos at any old time...

And while I was at it why didn't I just make him some quesadillas too.

okay...that's enough excitement for 1 day...I'm waiting for Camille to send me the pics she has on her cam from today and the NBA game as More to come...

Close to 1am now and I have to be at the spa in 6 hours for a diamond facial. i dont really know what that is but I'll let you guys know tomorrow.

17 Sept 2009: Hahahha - Still havin fun!!!

hahahha Still havin fun...mission 1 today - Ongpin...

Yummy Yummy Crazy Fruit Displays

Yummy Yummy Chinese Pastries

Okay we are off for dinner and beers...Part 2 later.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 Sept 2009: Be...Belo...Be Low...huh?

So this goes back to Spanish Colonialism...White skin is preferred here by the masses and some of the old rich and the bougie rich. Used to be that a lot of people would use this Papaya soap where he enzymes would bleach down your skin...After that people would get skin peels and such to "pale themselves down," in more recent years people started using topical lotions and creams to kill the melanin in their skin. The results are almost always awful because over half of the year here the sun is relentless, yet people would expose their freshly bleached skin to the sun and end up looking like they underwent chemo and they would have flakey angry red welts and patches. More recently they have started taking oral bleaching pills which contain glutathione...The research is incomplete but it makes you utterly pale. So basically you orally injest this pill that breaks down your melanin

It's hella crazy - it's everywhere. People really come out their pockets trying to bleach their skin - even poor people will bleach their face and neck and then have a brown body - HELLA ODD. The movie stars are as pale as Korean and Japanese women. Most of them don't even "LOOK" filipino anymore. It's a bit bizarre.

Now I'm used to this bullshit because people always ask me if I am Filipino or part black or whatever - that's just Ig'nant shit to me coz I know who I am and where I'm from and also, I've never cared much for the approval of others. I just give people a look of disdain explain my dad is from Cebu - my mom was born in a mansion in Pasay City - my maternal grandparents are from Las Pinas and Cavite - I gotta give them a WHOLE etymology of my background to disprove shit - but that's only when I'm in a good mood.

But Julian...he's taken a real dislike for skin bleaching. The skin bleaching brand that seems most popular is "BELO." It's endorsed by a LOT of stars and has a TON of billboards all over town. Julian has gone to telling people NO BELO....and they look at him quizzically - he then tells them STAY BROWN...and amazingly enough a LOT of people agree with him.

Julian intends to get a shirt that says STAY BROWN on the front and STAY BLACK on the back. LOL...He really gets this look of shock/disgust/horror when people have the iffy symptoms of bleaching their skin. I'm used to seeing self hate. A lot of Filipinos act like they are so proud to be Filipino yet do things to change their outward appearances to mimic a more Western look. How you gonna wear a RIZAL tshirt and then bleach your skin and raise your nose...Some of these actresses have hawkish noses that are far too big for the ratio of their face - which leads them to fix their eyes - and also leads them to fix their lips and cheekbones. HELLA WEIRD...

The funny thing is wherever you see bleaching products sold you will also see sunblock being sold. Which makes us LAUGH. So here are these people who bleach their skin and remove the sunblock GOD gave them (melanin) and then cover it up with man made products for "protection"

God gave you all the protection you need...


Julian always says when he sees natural Filipino folks - Filipinos are goodlookin people - Pinays are sexy - Filipino babies are some of the cutest bebe's out there....yet why are they trying to pale down their skin? I have to constantly explain to him about Spanish slavery and colonial thinking and the American presence here and blah blah blah. Fortunately he is with a woman who accepts the blessings she's given instead of trying to alter gods work.

I do get bent when FACIALLY BUSTED people ask me if i'm filipino - I'm like are you f***ING kidding me - you look like a walking injury and you are askin ME. Country Momma and Julian are always having to calm me down. The gay guys at the salon yesterday kept askin Mom if I was really her kid and I had to bite my tongue as they were givin me a pedicure and I didn't wanna get cut. I told my mother how DARE those flaming faggots ask if my Daddy was an American when their faces look run over by a MACK truck - tha'ts BULLSHIT. She told me don't argue with uneducated people it makes you look Ig'nant. Bleh - KAKA.

I think a natural example of a Filipina beauty is Tetchie Agbayani...


She has even managed to age gracefully as the first Pinay to grace Playboy...

I also dig Marlene Aguilar...she's like a Pinay Camille Paglia...I dig her brains MORE.

When it comes to Filipino men...I like Richard Gomez of course..

Cesar Montano

Derek Ramsey (he's also part egyptian part english) - and he gets points from me for giving his Chick a MINI Cooper as a gift. LOL


The funny thing despite all this pale love that people show others they sure LOVE LOVE LOVE Julian - even the snobbiest women and aunties have nothing but love and hugs for Julian and blather on about his good looks and winning personality...All the aunties have also told him we are praying for you and the Sauce to have we have someone to spoil. Then they add,"we hope all the kids look like you Julian - no offense Saucy." LMFAOOOOO. I'm not even mad about it - coz I love his eyes and eyelashes too - and truth be told he doesn't have that peppery temper that I have. LOL

Even perfect strangers are always comin up to him wherever we go to say hello or hi or comment oh how handsome. Bwaa hahaha.

Me and Julian have been joking with the family...


yeah we will...

Monday, September 14, 2009

14 Sept 2009: Everything Works Out...

Today Julian was supposed to fly home...he was supposed to go home a week earlier than I was. He already had a crate and his golf bag packed, the car was ready to go - his bags loaded and he was having a bite to eat. I told him to relax while I called Korean Air to confirm...

Well...Let me tell you - I love the Asian Airlines because the flight attendants are not only beautiful and attentive they are also thorough, quick and adept...Well my preference has a reason. En route here from Phoenix - the US Air 'ground stewardess' messed up Julians return flight and booked it the same time as MINE. Wuteva Heffa. Fortunately his work isn't gonna be buggin about it - but still it's retarded.

However, everything works out - last night for some reason all the radar systems went out at the airports and none of the flights went out so this morning all the flights finally went out but it was bonkers better that he be hear instead of anywhere else.


The PBA vs NBA Asian Challenge 2009 was very fun. I must admit the seats we got were even better than I thought...We had a better view than people who got a little closer for double the price...

RIDICULOUS...and we were just havin a good time...Plus this was our first NbA or PbA game ever --- I'd never gone to a sports event with him before despite our many freebies and offers to go...I would go anytime

Plus Quezon is so funny and bustling that the cops have to rope off the pedestrians during red lights so they don't go berserk and stop traffic...

Big fun and the bustle it's different in another part of the city...people in this part of the city are always on the have to keep your wits about you and be prepared for anything.


Yesterday...we were trying to see this WuShu demo in a park about 15 minutes from here but we had like 5 hours to kill. Well Julian wanted to go to see the CCP exhibit on Asian instruments - well I'd taken Janine there but I'd forgotten my camera...but I didn't this time...hahaha.

It had been a LONG minute since we'd gone there so we meandered...And people were inviting Julian to hang out. Hahahha.

Well...Cameras are NOT allowed in most museums...but don't let me use my night setting button on this joker...well 285 pics later...and voila - you guys get a tour too.

We didn't get one shot off at Casa de Manila but it was certainly worth it to use the camera that rest of the time...After we went to Silahis Arts and Crafts we wanted a coffee to rest our feet and sit for a bit...turns out there was a place right behind the art joint out of the way - It started to sprinkle when we entered the gallery but as we exited it meant cool breezes over a few drinks.

everything works out.

So we are refreshed after some drinks and conversation and started to exit Intramuros with no particular destination and then chanced upon an abandoned building with plenty of Graff. Imagine that...

This is a place of creation not destruction - you find that people here make things...expressions of themselves - expressions of protest - expressions of hospitality...and there are times where they aren't even sure if they can do it but they don't quit at ALL...

perfect example - My mom has a dressmaker - My godmother hooked me up with like 15 bolts of prime fabric - so I asked the lady can u make this can you make that - and she said well...I said let's try 4 pieces and if you do it i'll get 6 more...

She stopped by today and she's the "SHIT"....she told Mom's girls those designs make my head bleed - but I love making beautiful things...and I'm lucky to have work right now because no one is really ordering anything.

everything works out

Saturday, September 5, 2009

05 Sept 2009: Halfway there...

So...we're about halfway through's so fun to relax and decompress...

Today Rommel Scilla and Pete left for Hawaii...but before they caught that 7pm flight we ran to the Mall of Asia...Everyone got up around 9am, everyone packed their bags and then we had a late breakfast. Julian wanted me to do a little museum tour with him (that's another story)...but LotLot (Mom's #1 best ever assistant) asked me,"aren't you getting the tickets today?" I was like DOH - I almost forgot about those tickets...

Last night Julian finally looked up the PBA vs NBA Challenge in Manila...also known as Asian Challenge 2009. He said the tickets were only hittin for 800 Philippine Pesos - so roughly 9 bucks. I was like well...if you are down i'm down. Lotlot heard us talkin about the game and she was like "BASKETBALL!!!" I said oh you like it? She was like yeah usually i'm the only one watchin in the living I said wanna go? She's like Yeah...I'll give u money for the ticket...I said "NO YOU WON'T...our treat..."

Lotlot does everything for Mom and is also charged with the care of our maternal grandmother...she has done this for over 10 years without any piss poor behaviour or care...without complaint or neglect. She is also far more trustworthy than MOST of our relatives and tracks the finances and schedules in the house. So...if she wants to see a very rare game -I'll be the FIRST to get that ticket...

The boys weren't really lookin that bad for bein out until 330am last night and 5am the night before - but it was a last stop for facials and massages...

In looking at us you can't even tell it's a rainy day...we look so sunkissed and shiny.

Pete still wins the most photogenic award for vacation 2009

While they did that...We stopped for tickets. We got there ahead of someone who could barely restrain himself from pushing us over to look at the damn seats as there weren't many left - Then the SM Customer Service Center couldn't log onto net tickets...coz their internet connection wasn't even was just BOO. bleh. So the guy behind us kept tryin to push forward...and Julian pushed him back and then he sidled up again and I said Damn Mothuhfucka can I but some tickets back UP...And he finally backed up. THEN the link disconnected to the ticket center - so the girl had to call on the phone and hold our tickets. She did. She looked at the guy behind me and I said I will NOT move until I have printed tickets in my HAND. She smiled and nodded. I knew what the hell is goin on.

The tickets were hittin for 4x the internet price - but all good.

Finally we got them...for Sept 11th. Woo hoo

Me, Julian, LotLot and Camille...roll out...roll out...roll out...roll out...

It's gonna be mad Fun. I've never even been to a real basketball game...and to think my first real game with Julian is a NBA PBA rare game with Kareem Abdul Jabbar as Head Coach and in Manila. CRAZY!!! Hella Cool but CRAZY. I'm excited....

The Georgia Cousins left for Hongkong this AM as well - we were to go with them but opted instead for this NBA PBA HongKong will always be there. Yanno.

We also picked up a few things at the mall for our God Daughter - Cute like I dunno what! I know she will be very excited to get her things....Julian grabbed up one of the latest golf visors and ordered some sick air jordans plus matching jacket in from another nike store (they will arrive 2pm tomorrow)...While he did that - I popped by this spot i've been WRECKLESSLY EYEBALLING...

Seriously...the BOMB...even just plain yogurt is too delish. Creamy with perfect melt temperature...the right amount of tart. I could eat VATS of this plain...but with fresh kiwi and sliced almonds...UNBELIEVABLE...I may have to alternate frozen yogurt with my other fave coffee joint - UCC coffee...bwaa hahahha.

Hellz it's vacation - I can have both, just not at ONCE.

And still - they hit walls all over...i've been real neglectful about takin pics of different spots around that have grafitti...I gotta be more astute in takin out the cam...

Seems like this is the last place that krylon isn't under lock and key anymore.


I just wanna say it's so nice to relax and do nothing. When we first got here it was unusually HUMID for August. I was very surprised when my brother and sister got a case of Prickly Heat. Really rare for us coz we never get that. But in the last few days it's really cooled off and has been raining almost every other day. It's more acceptable and far far easier to get about. But regardless of the weather, we are able to get around. But the heat wiped us out a few days and even on those days family is prone to stopping by with a plate of food, a case of beer, a quick hello and more often than not they don't even stay because they have things to do. haha.

My Best Girl in Manila...Monica S...She was finally able to step away from her copywriting and food styling for one day and we caught up. It meant choppin it up until 130 am. hahaha Just like the old days when all we did was suck down either coffee or beer and paint all night. I have only the deepest respect and admiration for this girl of mine. Her grind is unbelievable and she's been 2 kinds of creative Art Director already - Yaddadamean? Even after all that - at our cores we are the same women who love life and art and various orders. But I will say this - she is far more decent than I am...far more patient...but with such Joy doing what she does. And as if work weren't enough - she's kicking off a food styling company for tv and print ads.

Somehow she always does what is RIGHT.

We have a few things scheduled.

It's gonna get exciting.


As if it weren't already.