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Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 Sept 2009: In for the night...whew kinna pooped...

Well. we really din't go out for dinner. We went for Pulutan. Pulutan is a filipino word that means things u pick up but it is used as a term for finger food you grub while drinking. This whole month that we've been here we din't realize that like 15 minutes away was a whole stretch of bars, snacks, eats, shopping and cafes. So instead of doing some sit down joint we went to Laiyas. The joint was really awesome - natural wood tables - great service and not only were beers freezing and the food yummy - it was also UNBELIEVABLY cheap - true locals joint.

I ordered the fish and chips...the fish was buttery and flakey and cut down to the same shape as a jalapeno popper but twice as long. So Yummy.

Camille chose the Tenderloin Beef - the red onions with this beef were perfect. The smell of the mushrooms in sauce and the sizzling sound were UNBELIEVABLE.

Julian really looked at the menu (4 pages food 1 page drinks) - he took one look at the Teriyaki Tuna and was like YEAH YEAH YEAH - also deliscious.

So Yummy and fun to sit around in the late afternoon...This is one of the things i love about here. Friends and Familly stop to have a beer and a snack and do it in a leisurely fashion...and just laugh about all kinds of stuff and be excited to have some time together. People seem to lack that outside Asia and Europe - the ability to stop and smell the damn roses...I like it. It seems so easy and affordable to leave the house in Asia and just kill a couple hours.

So We stopped at the grocery store for this Hot Sauce (heh heh) that he's absolutely fallen in love with. I love the grocery stores here and anywhere in Asia coz they always have a different version of existing stuff - i'mma eat this Zip candy bar in a minute...Julian is already drinkin beers...and I was lookin for a loofah washcloth and instead found Hello Kitty wipes - LMFAOOOOO.

So we leave the grocery store and hit the open market. I'm really on a mission to pick up Iphone Cases but we always take a look around at the markets. There are different levels of open markets around the city - Now...if you know the sources you can buy a LOT of overstock stuff at certain suppliers who are only in certain spots. Those places are CONSIDERABLY cheaper and also harder to find - BUT if you find a cool person and frequent them you refer to them as "SUKE" which means like fave stall or fave salesperson that you frequent. Different parts of the city specialize in different things - and to figure out where the cheapest and the best are requires both experience and a ghetto tourguide. There are also parts of the city that have the same things for a bit more - BUT...if you have any kind of quickness or brains you can get a good price anywhere. So I've got this down to a science now - where I can buy stuff 15 minutes from my house thanks to the best girls i know. Bwaa hahhaha.

So Scilla and Benjo cracked their cases for their Iphones and asked me to pick them up a couple - and I actually found a pink one that fits mine (miracle coz nothing fits my Quickfire joint)...I can't believe the girls gave me such a good price - but that's just my tough haggling and Julians good natured teasing of the salesgirls.

I'm walkin around lookin for some kind of sugarless tea (none to be found)...when I notice a hidden rack...Oh hells a tokidoki bat boy...

Oh hells - a chocolate camo toki doki. LMFAOOOOOOO

Bwaa hahhaha- black pirate. LMFAOOOOOOO. I know I got haters.
Hahahahhahha. I'm laughin my brown ass all day.

So Julian HAD to stop by his "suke" and say Hello Tita...and see what's new and ended up gettin the sickest crocs out there...I never thought I'd see the day my man willingly picked a pair of crocks out there but these jokers ARE nice. LOL.

That was quite a long mission...bout 4 hours or so of leisurely hanging out. haha
We came home and showed our goodies to Mom who just beat us home from the Casino. LOL. Then I proceeded to grate some Monterey Jack for Julian as he had a craving for some nachos. haha. If you dont really love somebody don't try to grate a quarter lb of cheese for them in like 99% humidity - I got a little secret but you'd be hard pressed to get it out of me.

That's the only food that's not really good in Manila is Mexican while at the grocery store we picked up some Tostitos and the local Sun Chips...coz Bebe loves nachos and tacos at any old time...

And while I was at it why didn't I just make him some quesadillas too.

okay...that's enough excitement for 1 day...I'm waiting for Camille to send me the pics she has on her cam from today and the NBA game as More to come...

Close to 1am now and I have to be at the spa in 6 hours for a diamond facial. i dont really know what that is but I'll let you guys know tomorrow.

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