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Saturday, September 5, 2009

05 Sept 2009: Halfway there...

So...we're about halfway through's so fun to relax and decompress...

Today Rommel Scilla and Pete left for Hawaii...but before they caught that 7pm flight we ran to the Mall of Asia...Everyone got up around 9am, everyone packed their bags and then we had a late breakfast. Julian wanted me to do a little museum tour with him (that's another story)...but LotLot (Mom's #1 best ever assistant) asked me,"aren't you getting the tickets today?" I was like DOH - I almost forgot about those tickets...

Last night Julian finally looked up the PBA vs NBA Challenge in Manila...also known as Asian Challenge 2009. He said the tickets were only hittin for 800 Philippine Pesos - so roughly 9 bucks. I was like well...if you are down i'm down. Lotlot heard us talkin about the game and she was like "BASKETBALL!!!" I said oh you like it? She was like yeah usually i'm the only one watchin in the living I said wanna go? She's like Yeah...I'll give u money for the ticket...I said "NO YOU WON'T...our treat..."

Lotlot does everything for Mom and is also charged with the care of our maternal grandmother...she has done this for over 10 years without any piss poor behaviour or care...without complaint or neglect. She is also far more trustworthy than MOST of our relatives and tracks the finances and schedules in the house. So...if she wants to see a very rare game -I'll be the FIRST to get that ticket...

The boys weren't really lookin that bad for bein out until 330am last night and 5am the night before - but it was a last stop for facials and massages...

In looking at us you can't even tell it's a rainy day...we look so sunkissed and shiny.

Pete still wins the most photogenic award for vacation 2009

While they did that...We stopped for tickets. We got there ahead of someone who could barely restrain himself from pushing us over to look at the damn seats as there weren't many left - Then the SM Customer Service Center couldn't log onto net tickets...coz their internet connection wasn't even was just BOO. bleh. So the guy behind us kept tryin to push forward...and Julian pushed him back and then he sidled up again and I said Damn Mothuhfucka can I but some tickets back UP...And he finally backed up. THEN the link disconnected to the ticket center - so the girl had to call on the phone and hold our tickets. She did. She looked at the guy behind me and I said I will NOT move until I have printed tickets in my HAND. She smiled and nodded. I knew what the hell is goin on.

The tickets were hittin for 4x the internet price - but all good.

Finally we got them...for Sept 11th. Woo hoo

Me, Julian, LotLot and Camille...roll out...roll out...roll out...roll out...

It's gonna be mad Fun. I've never even been to a real basketball game...and to think my first real game with Julian is a NBA PBA rare game with Kareem Abdul Jabbar as Head Coach and in Manila. CRAZY!!! Hella Cool but CRAZY. I'm excited....

The Georgia Cousins left for Hongkong this AM as well - we were to go with them but opted instead for this NBA PBA HongKong will always be there. Yanno.

We also picked up a few things at the mall for our God Daughter - Cute like I dunno what! I know she will be very excited to get her things....Julian grabbed up one of the latest golf visors and ordered some sick air jordans plus matching jacket in from another nike store (they will arrive 2pm tomorrow)...While he did that - I popped by this spot i've been WRECKLESSLY EYEBALLING...

Seriously...the BOMB...even just plain yogurt is too delish. Creamy with perfect melt temperature...the right amount of tart. I could eat VATS of this plain...but with fresh kiwi and sliced almonds...UNBELIEVABLE...I may have to alternate frozen yogurt with my other fave coffee joint - UCC coffee...bwaa hahahha.

Hellz it's vacation - I can have both, just not at ONCE.

And still - they hit walls all over...i've been real neglectful about takin pics of different spots around that have grafitti...I gotta be more astute in takin out the cam...

Seems like this is the last place that krylon isn't under lock and key anymore.


I just wanna say it's so nice to relax and do nothing. When we first got here it was unusually HUMID for August. I was very surprised when my brother and sister got a case of Prickly Heat. Really rare for us coz we never get that. But in the last few days it's really cooled off and has been raining almost every other day. It's more acceptable and far far easier to get about. But regardless of the weather, we are able to get around. But the heat wiped us out a few days and even on those days family is prone to stopping by with a plate of food, a case of beer, a quick hello and more often than not they don't even stay because they have things to do. haha.

My Best Girl in Manila...Monica S...She was finally able to step away from her copywriting and food styling for one day and we caught up. It meant choppin it up until 130 am. hahaha Just like the old days when all we did was suck down either coffee or beer and paint all night. I have only the deepest respect and admiration for this girl of mine. Her grind is unbelievable and she's been 2 kinds of creative Art Director already - Yaddadamean? Even after all that - at our cores we are the same women who love life and art and various orders. But I will say this - she is far more decent than I am...far more patient...but with such Joy doing what she does. And as if work weren't enough - she's kicking off a food styling company for tv and print ads.

Somehow she always does what is RIGHT.

We have a few things scheduled.

It's gonna get exciting.


As if it weren't already.

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