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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 Sept 2009: Be...Belo...Be Low...huh?

So this goes back to Spanish Colonialism...White skin is preferred here by the masses and some of the old rich and the bougie rich. Used to be that a lot of people would use this Papaya soap where he enzymes would bleach down your skin...After that people would get skin peels and such to "pale themselves down," in more recent years people started using topical lotions and creams to kill the melanin in their skin. The results are almost always awful because over half of the year here the sun is relentless, yet people would expose their freshly bleached skin to the sun and end up looking like they underwent chemo and they would have flakey angry red welts and patches. More recently they have started taking oral bleaching pills which contain glutathione...The research is incomplete but it makes you utterly pale. So basically you orally injest this pill that breaks down your melanin

It's hella crazy - it's everywhere. People really come out their pockets trying to bleach their skin - even poor people will bleach their face and neck and then have a brown body - HELLA ODD. The movie stars are as pale as Korean and Japanese women. Most of them don't even "LOOK" filipino anymore. It's a bit bizarre.

Now I'm used to this bullshit because people always ask me if I am Filipino or part black or whatever - that's just Ig'nant shit to me coz I know who I am and where I'm from and also, I've never cared much for the approval of others. I just give people a look of disdain explain my dad is from Cebu - my mom was born in a mansion in Pasay City - my maternal grandparents are from Las Pinas and Cavite - I gotta give them a WHOLE etymology of my background to disprove shit - but that's only when I'm in a good mood.

But Julian...he's taken a real dislike for skin bleaching. The skin bleaching brand that seems most popular is "BELO." It's endorsed by a LOT of stars and has a TON of billboards all over town. Julian has gone to telling people NO BELO....and they look at him quizzically - he then tells them STAY BROWN...and amazingly enough a LOT of people agree with him.

Julian intends to get a shirt that says STAY BROWN on the front and STAY BLACK on the back. LOL...He really gets this look of shock/disgust/horror when people have the iffy symptoms of bleaching their skin. I'm used to seeing self hate. A lot of Filipinos act like they are so proud to be Filipino yet do things to change their outward appearances to mimic a more Western look. How you gonna wear a RIZAL tshirt and then bleach your skin and raise your nose...Some of these actresses have hawkish noses that are far too big for the ratio of their face - which leads them to fix their eyes - and also leads them to fix their lips and cheekbones. HELLA WEIRD...

The funny thing is wherever you see bleaching products sold you will also see sunblock being sold. Which makes us LAUGH. So here are these people who bleach their skin and remove the sunblock GOD gave them (melanin) and then cover it up with man made products for "protection"

God gave you all the protection you need...


Julian always says when he sees natural Filipino folks - Filipinos are goodlookin people - Pinays are sexy - Filipino babies are some of the cutest bebe's out there....yet why are they trying to pale down their skin? I have to constantly explain to him about Spanish slavery and colonial thinking and the American presence here and blah blah blah. Fortunately he is with a woman who accepts the blessings she's given instead of trying to alter gods work.

I do get bent when FACIALLY BUSTED people ask me if i'm filipino - I'm like are you f***ING kidding me - you look like a walking injury and you are askin ME. Country Momma and Julian are always having to calm me down. The gay guys at the salon yesterday kept askin Mom if I was really her kid and I had to bite my tongue as they were givin me a pedicure and I didn't wanna get cut. I told my mother how DARE those flaming faggots ask if my Daddy was an American when their faces look run over by a MACK truck - tha'ts BULLSHIT. She told me don't argue with uneducated people it makes you look Ig'nant. Bleh - KAKA.

I think a natural example of a Filipina beauty is Tetchie Agbayani...


She has even managed to age gracefully as the first Pinay to grace Playboy...

I also dig Marlene Aguilar...she's like a Pinay Camille Paglia...I dig her brains MORE.

When it comes to Filipino men...I like Richard Gomez of course..

Cesar Montano

Derek Ramsey (he's also part egyptian part english) - and he gets points from me for giving his Chick a MINI Cooper as a gift. LOL


The funny thing despite all this pale love that people show others they sure LOVE LOVE LOVE Julian - even the snobbiest women and aunties have nothing but love and hugs for Julian and blather on about his good looks and winning personality...All the aunties have also told him we are praying for you and the Sauce to have we have someone to spoil. Then they add,"we hope all the kids look like you Julian - no offense Saucy." LMFAOOOOO. I'm not even mad about it - coz I love his eyes and eyelashes too - and truth be told he doesn't have that peppery temper that I have. LOL

Even perfect strangers are always comin up to him wherever we go to say hello or hi or comment oh how handsome. Bwaa hahaha.

Me and Julian have been joking with the family...


yeah we will...

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