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Monday, July 31, 2006

31 Jul 2006: Cake Recap, Friends Recap, Life Recap...

I've been so behind in my cake bloggage. I'm on this new schedule to coincide with deliveries since we have multiple lounges and new types of cakes going out. The boyfriend unit currently has no WiFi at his house and since i'm over there 4 days a week, I haven't even uploaded off the digi cam. But here's a recap of some previous cakes...

the Cypria and Richard

the Alyssa

the April and John

Fields of Tiramisu

Strawberry Cheesecake

...Exploratory Bakery

It's funny - I've been makin' a lot of cakes that are different than my usual style and I'm so wrapped up I don't even pause to take a pic and my digi is right in my chefsack...shit. I really need to be more aware of that. I really try to keep my approaches fresh even when I'm tired, aggravated or even antsy...Sometimes I just have to stand quietly for a sec to get inside myself again - and then I remember why I love to do what I do...

It seems lately that I'm doing a lot more baking and building and I'm gettin' away from the specialty part that I love. But it's good to be ground in the basics again. It feels good to just have solid work on some days. Just hammerin through while my mind flows into that stream of consciousness that jumps from memory to future planning to what time is it. I don't care how often I do it, I still love the buttery smell of pound cake and the fudgy scent of brownies and even just vanilla hittin' that batter.

...It ain't that hot on the hot side

Occasionally I make family dinner - usually it's just some type of roasted meat and fried rice. The kids love those nights. They are so lucky that the proprietors serve family dinner and not just that most times she'll even cook it when I'm slammed with regular cakery. I really enjoy makin' family dinner - it gives me a little break from dealin' with beautiful things and I can just put out some hot food real quick. I like cookin' hot, it's like I go on auto pilot and just throw this here chop that there and boom boom boom.

...$44.00 round trip, say WHAT

This schedules kickin my ass, I need a weekend away. My little sister K---- is talkin' about Vegas...hahaha I said that ain't away - that's out of control. Coz you know you never sleep when you are there.

...on Recaptured Friends - they ain't endangered

I found a few hella hella old friends on myspace. I was doin a random search on my girl M----, uh duh she's fabulous and I found her. I dont' think I've talked to her in like 4 years, well lo and damn behold she's still damn fabulous. That brings me such relief, that others in the world maintain their fabulocity. Finding her led me to S------, and well hot damn if he isn't still one of the finest men on the planet and I've known this cat since high school...and bein' on S's page led me to J---, oh lawd I went on many a nutty mission with this heffa. Apparently some of our friends have disappeared onto their own places and no one knows where they are. I'm glad I found my old friends. When you've enjoyed them and have happy memories with them there is no reason to disappear. It's also funny how when someone really has good thoughts and memories of you they are excited to "see" you even if it is only online for now.

I think everyone has someone like that in their lives. People who you have no bad memories with. People who have a good spot reservation in your heart that brought you fun times and laughter and no other expectation other than good times and great conversations. And if they happen to make you a sheer little opera coat with feather cuff and collar - well shit, then that's all just Panna baby, just Panna...

...the godbebe is En Route...

Little A--- is going to be here this weekend and heaven forbid if I din't get her 9 year old ass the Baby Bratz sushi Lounge a gogo which has a Karaoke stage included. Bwaa hahahhaha. Damn Fabulous

...iKea survival

My sister needed an entertainment stand thingie for her tv and she said let's go to Walmart. I said well shit if you are gonna go to Walmart we may as well just go to Ikea since both our asses have the day off. She actually found a great corner one. I also found a dark blue table top (rectangular) and powder blue grey table top (square) and they were only 10 bucks each. I don't really have a use for them right now - I just liked the colour and size soo I'm storing them. The legs are only 5 bucks a pop, and are constantly in stock so I'll get them later. These will actually make great drawing tables.

So we're lookin' at these plates. Square jobs - portugal made which means okay for baking and microwave...And I sporadically speak in Taglish (Tagalog and English)...and I tell my sister they are okay, but still too expensive for Ikea - I'll get the real ones somewhere else. Well behind me this lady says in Tagalog "OMG they are filipino, I can't believe it" Mind you she says this shit to her MEXICAN husband who was like WHAT...So I flip my skull around and glare at her for like 2 minutes without sayin' a word. Still glaring...By this time my sister is laughing nervously. Still more glaring...Then the lady laughs nervously. Then I flip my skull away from her and walk off. I speak loudly and say I KNOW that bitch din't question my filipino authenticity---how's she gonna act when you know her husband ordered her midget bowlegged ass out of a fuckin' catalog or ebay. Damn fucktards - I swear.

We picked up some other shit for Kuya and then drove home in the rain.

...Humidity is

all this rain and humidity is getting on my nerves. I don't remember the air being this thick last year. i do not like feeling sticky. If I were in the tropics walkin' towards a waterfall or a fresh soda spring beneath ancient trees I wouldn't give a rats ass. But here it smells fetid and rusty and I just can't stand it anymore. But this isn't such a high price to pay for awesome winters and springs. When most of the country suffers we languish in flip flops and tees.


Some people have lactose intolerance. I have bullshit intolerance. I don't want to hear any self induced delusions of grandeur. I don't need anyone to speak to me just to hear their own frikkin' voice. I don't need anyone's offered up approvals on what I'm doing - I really don't give a flyin' kung fu monk what you think, I didn't care for approval as a child, I sure as shit don't give a damn now. I don't care who you are, who you slid out of (yo momma), how cute you perceive yourself - if you're with me at work your ass better be workin' or you are gonna taste my asian death glare. I don't need your lies or excuses, all that does is insult my intelligence. And believe me honey, I've been fed a lifetime of books, PBS, Nova and experience - you got a couple decades of catching up to do. I don't need your excuses - I need your solutions. Did I mention, don't think I don't see what a selfish little ass you are, coz we all smell that perverted self centeredness. Oh and I don't need anyone to tell me how this or that is of a certain quality - be it monetary, equity related, or anything material, I know what's going on, I have eyes - don't impart your half educated opinions on me, I din't ask so don't offer. I wish they made Claritin for humanoid allergies. I wish I could take a 24 hour time release dose and take it according to the schedules or locations I had to be.


those who say they love you don't show it as well as those who love you and just don't say. People are so flippant in sayin' love ya love you lub lub...But I know...I have a trained nose.


the people I love I love a lot lately.

the people i dislike I dislike strongly of late.

the bright seem brilliant

the dull are so muddy

things are shifting into focus and background

life is now amplified

so i guess you could say

i'm acquainted with my feelings

but who has time for that

the pitter and patter of little feelings

the step and stomp of stronger feelings

in the grand scheme of life

i'm just a brilliant piece of glass

under a sky reflecting water.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

09 Jul 2006: Ceremonies, Cookies & Crossin' Statelines...

I realize it is a few days late.

But a girl has quite a few things to do

Madge at a rest area in the Mojave...

Sooo I know it's a few day's late

and some photographs are still forthcoming. But here's some photos and short tales from the week I took off. Although I must say this was the most exhausting vacation my brown ass has ever taken...

I drove from Phoenix to the Bay. It took close to 11 hours, and that's with 4 stops for smoking and gas coz I don't smoke in my car. I'm not telling anyone how fast I drove, you do the Math. When I got to my sister R----'s house the first one out the door is J----- to say Hi a'te and give me big hugs and kisses...It's so bonkers how when you don't see the sibs it's all madness and crazy...Of course God bebe numero uno is always up in the mix. So after stayin' up til 4am and just choppin it up with my sister I woke up the next day and told A--- my godbebe that I was takin' her to Monterey just me and her - no little brothers just the two of us. Oh you know she was excited. Of course I din't even leave the house until I made dad a 2 course lunch and steamed rice. But more on that later.

Of course I could have stayed all day and all night, but I knew I had a wedding cake to work on - so a little day play was okay.

First stop...Del Monte Beach. Of course that was after my eldest godbebe got me for starbucks and madelines. haaha. She was having fun playing in the surf - and it took me a minute to realize that I really missed that hissy sound of the ocean...It was so cool to just leave the top down, alarm the car and throw our shoes in the back seat.

Next stop, Pacific grove...I completely brainfarted that I had to pick up some Japanese incense either in Pacific Grove or Carmel, but oh well I'm sure I'll manage to find it somewhere. A--- loved it there too even though she'd already been there with her parents. She so loved driving next to the ocean with the top down. Come to think of it, she sure remembered her digi cam and when to use it more so than I did...Unfortunately I didn't have time to take her to my hidden beach outside Carmel - but next time I'm sure it will still be there. You know the funny thing is - Dad knows the flanking beach to my hidden one, coz he and Uncle Julio used to go fishing there - funny shit.

Then we stopped at the wharf to pick up a 2 quarts of clam chowder at Old Fishermans Grotto (that's my fave chowder at the wharf), no time for a Calamari Steak - but I looked lustily at Domenico's Restaurant. Ally got a 3 foot candy powder thing and we grabbed some caramel corn for my sister. On the way home we also made one more stop, whereupon my godbebe got an outfit and some Von Dutch kicks. hahahha. Damn girl sure knows how to work Ninang over.

Then at home - time to make Enchiladas for everyone because I promised.

I mean really is it necessary for Dad to come in every 35 minutes to ask is it time to eat yet - hahahhaa. OMG Dad acts like no one cooks for him and shit. And when I'm cookin' the food is almost ready and he's already there with rice steamin' on his plate talkin' bout that looks good. Haha he swears. But you have to love him. It's his own externalized facade of drama, he's just showin' love. But R---- tells me I KNOW Dad is happy you are here I can just tell...and the kids runnin' all over with 2 yr old A----- occasionally tellin' me to go home coz I have the GALL to say NO...

You know what happens when you let a 2 yr old eat sour candy powder from his sisters Wharf Candy...Glazed eyes!!! hahhahha

So dinner got eaten and my sister and I ran to the store to pick up some ghirardelli and guittard chocolate - I didn't bring my own. So I made the ganache and the simple syrup for the cake and then knocked out. I think I actually got about 6 hours of sleep that night and then it was time to get up and make Dad some lunch and then bail into the city for rehearsal.

I missed rehearsal coz the chaplain started at 15 til instead of on the hour.

However I shouldn't feel bad coz Sheryl was late from the airport as well, but it's all good...So then we left Fort Mason Chapel and went to Bucca di Beppo on Howard I think. I had Sheryl riding shotgun with me and let me tell you - cruising down Van Ness towards Howard is one thing but going uphill on Gough had me ridin the clutch a little bit. Poor Little Mini Cooper was peeling out coz of my "drivin' stickshift on hills" anxiety. haha.

So both families and the wedding party went to Bucca Di Beppo for dinner and the girls are so fun. That was my first Bucca my opinion it's just WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. But yummy yummy calamari and fried mozarella...I'm such a ditz - I forgot my digi cam and I parked in that garage across the Metreon. Nu un no more walkin' but I'll wait for Sharona to send me some pics, I know she's got them. So I think the girls went Sojubang afterwards but I told them no way girls - I have a cake to rock...but I love you and see you tomorrow at 9am...

Once at home - everyone was so intrigued with the cake makin' process.

Except Dad...he's just into if we're so small

I din't even trip on any of it...I just made sure everyone had chocolate ganache for their bananas...L--- my bro in law is hilarious - he set up the digi cam on the fish tank so we could all squoosh in together...

I was supposed to meet 'Ness for coffee but I din't even get back to Hayward until almost 9 and I still had a 3 tier wedding cake to rock. Someone was even nice enough to invite me to his gig in San Jose...and little demon-ness my sister is she's like hurry with the cake and let's go out - but the buttercream icing was NOT cooperating and I ended up stayin' up until 5am workin' on that wedding cake. I took a 1 hour catnap then took a shower and drove to the Radisson Miyako in Japantown. I really like that hotel...The gardens are beautiful and albeit it is an older hotel, it doesn't have that San Franciso rotted wood scent that some of the older places have by being near the ocean...

Hey the doorman let me park right in front of the doors, he said my car is too pretty and too new to park on the street, haha Thank you Uncle...

April's Dad was so cute, he got us starbucks and bagels and fruit trays and snacks, you could just see how excited her parents were about everything - we started getting our hair done at 930am...and makeup etcetera...I should have napped in the bridal suite - but I just couldn't take a nap - not with all the excitement...April looked simply gorgeous...I'm not sayin' that coz she's one of my bestussest friends - I say it coz she did...

Some couples have a natural balance and easiness...

April and John do. Just watchin' them interact made me a bit weepy.

**i'm a dumb dumb, I left my digi cam in my car at the I am missing limo pics, pics at the palace of fine arts, pics at the chapel and random pics...however, I will put those in later **

I DID WANT TO KICK THE PHOTOGRAPHER...for not forewarning us that we were to walk on gravel - in our bridesmaids dresses and high heels around the palace of fine arts. Oh lawd, wanna see 4 cute asian women teetering and tottering. What about when I stepped out the limo and put one leg out the wind caught the back of my dress and Sharon saw my PANTIES. bwaaa hahahhaha...


How could she be so calm...

So we walked...and why did the other bridesmaid tell me you walked a BIT fast in this sanctimonious tone. Bitch--- my miu miu shoes are brand mothuhfuckin' new and I just traipsed through gravel, I'll walk however the hell I want as long as it ain't bowlegged...but I bit my tongue...And sure enough when April came down the aisle - we all teared up.

I think 85 people is just right for a wedding. 100 and under is manageable I think...So during the cocktail hour...April changed...

Ahhh I wish this photo would have been in colour...such a gorgeous chartreuse and red...I'm sure there will be more pics later...

Sharon and Soo are awesome...I wish I would have had a vid cam about the whole hairspray incident. April made good decisions in her bridesmaids - that's all I gotta say...

So after the meet and greet came the dance...

Then the cake...*pics of cake later*

And after a mere 1.5 hours of sleep at best. We are still smiling.

Sharon you crazy girl, you are so fun...I hope it's not another 4 years before we see each other again - don't make me stalk you in NYC.

I had to tape the dress to the bra, then the bra to my skin...and that still din't work I was fallin' out the dress so Sharon had to stickpin it together and make it look like it was supposed to be like that...Bad enough that I felt like godzilla at the wedding...but then I was oozing out of it too.

Thanks for the dance's been too long. I'll come see you in LA in the fall for sure...


So after the festivities ended - I left the city to go back to my sisters. I had enough energy to go out, but I knew I'd never have enough energy to drive back to the East Bay alone at 5am. Everyone was there watchin' tv and snacking...I told my brother and sister in law, let's get up and do dimsum tomorrow morning. They are like Yah okay - you drive. hahaha.

I was so wiped out that I din't eve wake up until 11. by the time I got done with the Shower and whatnot...I said we'll never make it for any decent least not in the city. Dad said why don't you guys just go to Oakland. And you know what - the dumplings and taro puff were STILL hella good. AND I managed to pick up Pukka stuff for Ly--- and Keyla. It was a beautiful day to be out walkin' around and snakin' on dimsum...I knew I was headin' to Sacramento later that afternoon - so I made it a point to do something with my little brother.


Sacramento was not a bad drive from took me like...1 hour and 10 mins...I just love Meesh and Adia's house. You know Meesh and I have been friends since Vans first came out. I slept so well in that house. Ly--- ran out of the garage and said Auntie Auntie Auntie...and when I pulled Pukka out the trunk for her she was like Oh oh oh...She's so huge and yet she is STILL the baby. She basically wanted me to kidnap her and take her to AZ - hahahhaha. Although since it's her idea that's hardly kidnapping...OMG why are T----- and C----- so damn grown. But as grown as they are they are still the same and familiar to me. So Meesh and I stayed up pretty damn late talking and just hanging out. Adia went to bed and Meesh is such a trooper - she was tryin to keep her eyes open and talk...and her head was bobbin. hahahah.


Next day, Adia is like I want pancit and lumpia and this and that...hahahhaha. So she tells me she has a filipino grocery store that she goes to and it's called "PEENOY"...don't you know that made me laugh...maybe coz i'm PEELEEPEENO. I love runnin to the grocery store and gettin' starbucks with meesh. It's just something we always did together... So basically I made the pancit and then did a little lumpia rollin' review with Meesh, uh coz Mom has been showin' her since we were 15 and don't you know we hammered out like 150 regular lumpia and like 150 lumpia shanghai and like 50 shrimp cream cheese wonton. hahahhah. We even had time to go to the hair store joint and buy dreadlock stuff for her wifey and my hubby.

Meesh: Where's the dreadlock section

Dude: Why (lookin' at mine and meesh's hair)

Meesh: You know gel and wax for dreadlocks

Dude: For twisting your hair

Meesh: *sighs* noooo for dreadlocks

Dude: Why (still lookin' at our hair)

Meesh: it's not for US...

Dude: oh Okay, I was gonna say you can shake them dreds...

THEN he showed us the section...hahahah. That store had all kinds of stuff hair and wigs and tank tops and belts - and they even made belts like my chef one. hahahha.the lady was like 15 minutes - we make you a belt. hahah. I'm gonna keep that shit in mind though.

Later that night Ly--- said Auntie read me a bed time story, no one reads to me. I laughed and said stop bullshittin, I know people read to you and she LAUGHED. She said auntie you sleep on the bottom bunk and I sleep on the top with Pukka. This bebe broad was watchin' charlies angels while I read her thumbelina...and i put my GROWN ass to bed. I woke up with a book under my face and her watchin Anime all smooshed up on me. haha. I just love that kid. She'll always just be a baby to me.

Next Day...

Auntie I want a Slurpee. hahaha Okay says I. While I'm helpin' Meesh roll up wonton for the neighbors BBQ (no comment)...This kid is loading the carseat into the back of the cooper...ahahhha. Oh you know we drove down the street with the top down and her singing Gnarls Barkley' "crazy" at the top of her lungs...talkin' about - "i got YOUR stunna shades auntie"...

So we stopped in on this bbq...Oh let me and Meesh catch Adia waiting in line with the kids for an ice cream cone - haha - Beer and Sherbet baby

Adia was gettin so sad as it was comin' time for me to leave. I said don't be sad momma - we'll all meet in LA in the fall to take the kids to Disneyland and Magic Mountain...she said it's not the saaaaaaaaame. I love Adia, it's just so easy to be around her. I'm so happy to see that the lives my friends have cultivated is successful and drama free, yet always real. Ah my girls I miss you already...we are blessed for the time we stole.


it was late when I left Sacto - and I was just plain exhausted. I din't even get a chance to see Melissa or Rob, or Phoebe and her men,or Keechie Keyla and Jay, or Mimi and George or Ness, or Joseph...I din't even talk to Arturo or Leslie...simply put, I overbooked myself and a few passing comments got on my nerves. it's a holiday weekend - what are you gonna do. jeez.

The drive home was a bit sad and long. But I made it home in one piece and the boyfriend unit and zokes were keepin the ceiling fan on for me. hahahhaha. That fetid familiar heat just came off the pavement. You know what people do when they love you - wait patiently and make you a painting that will always make you smile.


Getting away is so good for you.

I advise everyone to do it immediately.


sidenote: if you haven't seen your boyfriend in a week and y'all start doing it - remember to lock the door. Coz Wendy Lee might come by and do a COP KNOCK on the door and scream IMMIGRATION and scare the shit out of you mid stroke. hahahhahah. LMFAOOOO. We still love you Wendy Lee...even if you are a ninja and poke your lovely face through the door and say I love you guys. hahahhaha. Wendy Rocks.