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Monday, July 31, 2006

31 Jul 2006: Cake Recap, Friends Recap, Life Recap...

I've been so behind in my cake bloggage. I'm on this new schedule to coincide with deliveries since we have multiple lounges and new types of cakes going out. The boyfriend unit currently has no WiFi at his house and since i'm over there 4 days a week, I haven't even uploaded off the digi cam. But here's a recap of some previous cakes...

the Cypria and Richard

the Alyssa

the April and John

Fields of Tiramisu

Strawberry Cheesecake

...Exploratory Bakery

It's funny - I've been makin' a lot of cakes that are different than my usual style and I'm so wrapped up I don't even pause to take a pic and my digi is right in my chefsack...shit. I really need to be more aware of that. I really try to keep my approaches fresh even when I'm tired, aggravated or even antsy...Sometimes I just have to stand quietly for a sec to get inside myself again - and then I remember why I love to do what I do...

It seems lately that I'm doing a lot more baking and building and I'm gettin' away from the specialty part that I love. But it's good to be ground in the basics again. It feels good to just have solid work on some days. Just hammerin through while my mind flows into that stream of consciousness that jumps from memory to future planning to what time is it. I don't care how often I do it, I still love the buttery smell of pound cake and the fudgy scent of brownies and even just vanilla hittin' that batter.

...It ain't that hot on the hot side

Occasionally I make family dinner - usually it's just some type of roasted meat and fried rice. The kids love those nights. They are so lucky that the proprietors serve family dinner and not just that most times she'll even cook it when I'm slammed with regular cakery. I really enjoy makin' family dinner - it gives me a little break from dealin' with beautiful things and I can just put out some hot food real quick. I like cookin' hot, it's like I go on auto pilot and just throw this here chop that there and boom boom boom.

...$44.00 round trip, say WHAT

This schedules kickin my ass, I need a weekend away. My little sister K---- is talkin' about Vegas...hahaha I said that ain't away - that's out of control. Coz you know you never sleep when you are there.

...on Recaptured Friends - they ain't endangered

I found a few hella hella old friends on myspace. I was doin a random search on my girl M----, uh duh she's fabulous and I found her. I dont' think I've talked to her in like 4 years, well lo and damn behold she's still damn fabulous. That brings me such relief, that others in the world maintain their fabulocity. Finding her led me to S------, and well hot damn if he isn't still one of the finest men on the planet and I've known this cat since high school...and bein' on S's page led me to J---, oh lawd I went on many a nutty mission with this heffa. Apparently some of our friends have disappeared onto their own places and no one knows where they are. I'm glad I found my old friends. When you've enjoyed them and have happy memories with them there is no reason to disappear. It's also funny how when someone really has good thoughts and memories of you they are excited to "see" you even if it is only online for now.

I think everyone has someone like that in their lives. People who you have no bad memories with. People who have a good spot reservation in your heart that brought you fun times and laughter and no other expectation other than good times and great conversations. And if they happen to make you a sheer little opera coat with feather cuff and collar - well shit, then that's all just Panna baby, just Panna...

...the godbebe is En Route...

Little A--- is going to be here this weekend and heaven forbid if I din't get her 9 year old ass the Baby Bratz sushi Lounge a gogo which has a Karaoke stage included. Bwaa hahahhaha. Damn Fabulous

...iKea survival

My sister needed an entertainment stand thingie for her tv and she said let's go to Walmart. I said well shit if you are gonna go to Walmart we may as well just go to Ikea since both our asses have the day off. She actually found a great corner one. I also found a dark blue table top (rectangular) and powder blue grey table top (square) and they were only 10 bucks each. I don't really have a use for them right now - I just liked the colour and size soo I'm storing them. The legs are only 5 bucks a pop, and are constantly in stock so I'll get them later. These will actually make great drawing tables.

So we're lookin' at these plates. Square jobs - portugal made which means okay for baking and microwave...And I sporadically speak in Taglish (Tagalog and English)...and I tell my sister they are okay, but still too expensive for Ikea - I'll get the real ones somewhere else. Well behind me this lady says in Tagalog "OMG they are filipino, I can't believe it" Mind you she says this shit to her MEXICAN husband who was like WHAT...So I flip my skull around and glare at her for like 2 minutes without sayin' a word. Still glaring...By this time my sister is laughing nervously. Still more glaring...Then the lady laughs nervously. Then I flip my skull away from her and walk off. I speak loudly and say I KNOW that bitch din't question my filipino authenticity---how's she gonna act when you know her husband ordered her midget bowlegged ass out of a fuckin' catalog or ebay. Damn fucktards - I swear.

We picked up some other shit for Kuya and then drove home in the rain.

...Humidity is

all this rain and humidity is getting on my nerves. I don't remember the air being this thick last year. i do not like feeling sticky. If I were in the tropics walkin' towards a waterfall or a fresh soda spring beneath ancient trees I wouldn't give a rats ass. But here it smells fetid and rusty and I just can't stand it anymore. But this isn't such a high price to pay for awesome winters and springs. When most of the country suffers we languish in flip flops and tees.


Some people have lactose intolerance. I have bullshit intolerance. I don't want to hear any self induced delusions of grandeur. I don't need anyone to speak to me just to hear their own frikkin' voice. I don't need anyone's offered up approvals on what I'm doing - I really don't give a flyin' kung fu monk what you think, I didn't care for approval as a child, I sure as shit don't give a damn now. I don't care who you are, who you slid out of (yo momma), how cute you perceive yourself - if you're with me at work your ass better be workin' or you are gonna taste my asian death glare. I don't need your lies or excuses, all that does is insult my intelligence. And believe me honey, I've been fed a lifetime of books, PBS, Nova and experience - you got a couple decades of catching up to do. I don't need your excuses - I need your solutions. Did I mention, don't think I don't see what a selfish little ass you are, coz we all smell that perverted self centeredness. Oh and I don't need anyone to tell me how this or that is of a certain quality - be it monetary, equity related, or anything material, I know what's going on, I have eyes - don't impart your half educated opinions on me, I din't ask so don't offer. I wish they made Claritin for humanoid allergies. I wish I could take a 24 hour time release dose and take it according to the schedules or locations I had to be.


those who say they love you don't show it as well as those who love you and just don't say. People are so flippant in sayin' love ya love you lub lub...But I know...I have a trained nose.


the people I love I love a lot lately.

the people i dislike I dislike strongly of late.

the bright seem brilliant

the dull are so muddy

things are shifting into focus and background

life is now amplified

so i guess you could say

i'm acquainted with my feelings

but who has time for that

the pitter and patter of little feelings

the step and stomp of stronger feelings

in the grand scheme of life

i'm just a brilliant piece of glass

under a sky reflecting water.

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