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Thursday, August 24, 2006

24 Aug 2006: Give me a damn break and take ur bullshit on...

give me a fuckin' break - now i gotta put a preferred list coz god knows who from the shop has added me to their myspace friends and our general manager knows how to check the shop page. Give me a fuckin' break - so I gotta mark shit private - yah right. As if I didn't have to deal with her shit already all day. As 'ness says - signal when you change moods bitch.

that's my latest forearm burn.

I'm gettin some pretty good cheffin' scars. I got 5 now.

I'm workin 9-12 hour days lately. I'm short on patience and short on time. If I have to recover my own area 3x a day coz people are constantly on my pastry station - I'm just gonna get a damn tshirt that says mom. Come to think of it --- children are more reciprocal and loving than some of the bitches I have to work with who can't wipe their own asses. Useless bitches. On top of that the night guy took a 1 week vacation - so I'll probably be throwin full sheet pans across the kitchen again. And just when you think you've had enough...people just wanna put one more damn lumpia on your plate.

...on chicks named Marina...

First of all - I've known 3 of them in real life and seen one online. I don't like them and they get on my nerves. So you ask what brings this about...well --- the consultant came into town for the last 2 days to check on the gelato and cakes to see if it's up to "standard" --- of course he din't have shit to say about my work coz it's all up to speed. Well he brought his new "girlfriend". Let me preface this tirade with this --- I believe in tolerance between individuals regardless of where you stand politically, socially, religiously - etcetera. However, even I have bounderies. Well, this consultant of ours runs around the planet consulting the opening of gelateria's and desert lounges. In his travels, he met some chick and started boning her. She knew he was married and still fucked him. You know what - that's one of my boundaries bitch - don't be a HUSBAND FUCKER. With all the dick on the planet - is it really necessary to fuck some dick that is ATTACHED. THEN --- don't come up in my shop and question me on what I am doing and what is this or that with some snooty look on your fuckin inverted face. Then someone offered her some beef jerky and she said OH it tastes funny, and they said it's the chinese kind, which is the Char Siu, it has the sweet 5 spice she says oh it's DOG or CAT. FUCK YOU HOE. Backwards ass husband fucker, you bowlegged little midget. You ain't shit. I don't care who you are fuckin - you still ain't shit. I'll kick you and your Italian ass all the way to the airport like we're playin kick the can. But i'll make an exception in your case - we'll call it Futbol di Hoe.

...on the consultant...

I have to give respect to this motherfucker - he's got the experience and the skill and the speed. He also has a meticulosity to his nature that I enjoy watching. might be in "love" with this chick, but I don't have to extend my respect for you to her. Also - at the end of the day you are a consultant and you are up in this bitch for a piece of the pie. I have no idea why he's even around. Granted, we are growin faster than we can stand and my area is goin' through changes coz it's the last quarter and we need to get some profits in the coffer. I'm totally cool with that. I've made gorgeous cakes for almost 2 years - now we'll feed the masses and whet their palates with what we can do and then revert to the beauty.

Also, don't come up in this piece talkin' about how Costco wants your ass to open 3000 gelaterias for them on an industrial level and how you turned them down in order to work with us and all this shit. Fuckin please - you european fob.. You fucking hoe. Don't EVER come up in here talkin' about how you are a Master Gelato Maker and all this shit - when you are just pimpin yourself out to the highest buyer. Seriously - if this joker and his hoe move here - i might just have to move on. Fuck that. I can't stand hoes and I can't stand people who hoe out their art...

...Speakin' of Art...

Thank you to Zokes - Dr Zokes Wonder...for my Queen Bee painting...

I think that's totally subliminal. Hahahha. Zokes is one of my biggest fans. He always talks about how gangsta my cookin' and cheffin is. He's also always the first ones to catch my jokes. I love the fact that Zokes is creative and constantly creating but also that he's not a sexist fuckin' pig - he enjoys being around women who have specific opinions about shit and chicks who are about their shit. hahahhaa I don't even think he enjoys other people's cookin' outside of mine. My favorite phrase - how's the filipino girl gonna make baked ziti better than i've had and i'm part italian - bwaaaaaaaaa hahahhhaha. He's got another piece collaborated on for me - i'll put that on another blog later on.

Thanks to Hyder...for the best compliment ever. I was leaving in Madge and this dude leant down and said nice...and Hyder said yah check that out man - he said this car is blinging. But as dope as this car is - this car don't deserve this girl! Awww how cool is that

...later on...

I'm tired of my boythings pissy pussy ass moods. I'm dealin with way too much to have to dissect his moods and then hyperdissect my time. So go to work for 12 hours - go home, do laundry and paint for 4 hours - get up, play with dogs - get ready go to work for another 9 hour grind then run to car and grab gear and cute shoes - go to club for your mans show (after he's been pissy on the phone all fuckin' day for no apparent reason)...He's on some artistic shit, so i play airball with Type and let Murder Dice crack me up and then Grieves does his nasty dance. Oh I love those guys they are damn fabulous and always on the go. But the boyfuck is still bein' alll pissy and artsy and weird - okay I understand that but don't get aloof with me motherfucker - i AM someone in this world. That's what I get for tryin' to be supportive when MY work is like the eye of the storm right now.

I've got a lot of projects right now

I don't expect my man to be one of them.

Did I put you on deck - yes i did.

Keep fuckin' around.

and to think...I started this...

Fuckin' constantly complaining that I give everyone a painting but my boytard...Oh you want a painting and blah blah...and I was actually feeling some artistic energy so I even blocked it in...

the size is no joke - it's 1ft by's a bit bigger than what i'm used to painting. And truly I dig pencil more. But you know. It's just in the blocking stage - and it's oil paint - coz I still love oilpainting. Even though everyone seems to love the speed of acrylic - I like babysitting the oils. Sometimes the itch hits and you just wanna smell like turpentine...

I'm also workin' on another piece but I'm not gonna post it yet.

okay let's see what else:


This new cook next door talks a lot of shit. He probably is just choppin' onions in that bitch. One of these days he's gonna catch the end of my foot. Especially if I hear him say anything about 'mommy' who owns the shop - whom I've heard him refer to from a distance as "the funny chinese lady"...Mommy is in no way "funny" She's 51, buffed, fine as hell and the most genuine no nonsense person i've met. He told me whassup the other day - and I said shuttup you dicksucker. And all the cooks laughed. Don't be a racist and be a pussy about it. Where that shit on your sleeve you moron - so I can kick you down. One of the kitchen guys asked me in spanish - why are you mad (por que eres enojada)...and I said because este pendejo es un picar en mi culo ( coz this bastard is a pimple on my ass)...Yah try that shit on fool. Keep talkin shit - I'mma hit you with my car. Stupid clown.

All these hotshot cooks/chefs lurkin' around. Talkin' all this shit about how they know this or how they know that - and they fuckin' prep cookin' or workin' for hospitals makin' slop. How are they gonna act like hot shit, insult others, then be driving a piece of shit - askin' me how much do I make and how do I afford that car. First of all what I make ain't your business. Get over yourself - your self perceived genius is misplaced motherfuckers... I'm cool with that. And none of you need to holla at me either - when i'm sittin on my milkcrate in the back havin' a smoke - it ain't recess fool. I don't need to talk about what I do - I just put my ass in there and do it. I make it happen, it ain't open for discussion.

uh Yah.

I'm burnin out on all these people who are just intellectually and culturally inferior. It's really kind of hard for me to stomach bein' around all these dunder heads in Scottsdale who are really just a bunch of hicks in disguise. They have the manners of children who were raised as dogs. IT'S NOT HUMOROUS TO MAKE FUN OF FOREIGN THINGS. I'm especially sick of Sean at work, oh he thinks he's so witty and funny just farting and makin' fun of people's last names. Like he's so entitled to shit with his leg lifting classy farts. Bitch please. I take shits with a higher IQ than you. Stop kiddin' yourself. Don't make me get rid of you you little prick. If I could stab someone and get away with it I'd do it every day.

I'm takin' a 4 day weekend in October, even if it's just to Palm Springs.

okay that's it for now. I had some other shit to Rant about...but it dissolved into the sky. Crazy - ever since this announcement was made about additional planets - everything has gone utterly bonkers.

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