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Saturday, March 17, 2012

what the TSA really costs...

Tony contacted me via this blog and asked me to post something he created regarding the TSA and what a waste of resources it they are a government agency we are technically paying them...

Please take the time to check it out and let me know what you think!

TSA Waste
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weird Little House #2

Well we sold our house. We are all moved out and temporarily camped at my sisters and all the stuff is in storage or sitting in my sister or brothers garages. We are also currently looking for a new house.

I want to say that we were very fortunate to sell as quickly as we did. But...the buyers were complete assheads. We listed the house on a Thursday night - we had 2 appointments for Friday and around 15 lookers over the weekend.

Click here for pics and listing of the old house

Well by Sunday night we had 2 offers and one of them was for 20K above list. We took it and closed 3 weeks later. Well I remember one day i was at home during the inspection and the lady came during the inspection and I greeted her "hello" Don't you know that bitch walked right by me like she already owned my shit. hahaha! What a clown! You know all I wanted to ask her was if she wanted to keep the garden beds that Afro made out of cedar coz I would have been glad to leave them if she wanted to grow her own food but she wanted to be an assclown.

So she put a few things on the inspection - a slight rewire of the kitchen, professional cleaning and a new disposal. I was like yeah okay cool that's fine. So jump ahead to last week 2 DAYS before closing this COW says she wants the front landscaped and the garage swept and some other ridiculous shit. MIND YOU - I wanted the closing to be March 19th so I would have Spring Break to move - so I was planning this move, studying for midterms and trying to get some last minute canning in (I did it all Hooray! for me)...the buyer also told us that they "couldn't afford 2 moves so could we have a close date of March 15 because the house they were RENTING got short saled under their ass. FINE. So jump to the DAY before close - she wants the pool to be "CRYSTAL CLEAR" lmfaoooooooo. Clown.

Mr. Man was so mad he took apart those garden beds and packed the cedar in the moving pod. Super Unbelievable - I already did that heifer a favor and she gets on some self entitled shit. I took all the life and good luck I brought with me into that house.

Meanwhile the hunt is on for a house.

We are glad to be out of the burbs. I know everyone is saying why don't you move to the country - well with my academic ambitions this is simply not possible. We want to be closer to my Pops In Law and closer to social activities that are not possible in that old neighborhood. Great house - but because of the nature of the real estate market it feels very transient and odd. The people who intend to stay there for awhile are becoming more hermit like and we really don't like them enough to socialize with them. Also I absolutely resent that homeowners fee...when I first bought that house the homeowners was like $65 a month now it is up to $147 a month - for what? for nothing - a few parks and pavement. bullshit.

Click here for Weird House 2 that we looked at.

I really love this old pink adobe home and I hope we get it - but if not - there are some unique houses that come on the market. We are hoping to move into a neighborhood with personality and long time residents or people that love their unique homes. It would be nice to have block parties again or at least know who you live near.