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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28 Aug 2007: Guess Who's Back...

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Guess Who's Back...we are. We don't really wanna be - but real life calls.

LAX is a hectic ass airport and we ended up bickering with a TSA officer over some duty free cognac we brought back. He could have been cool - but he wanted to be a dick. Whatever. That's his job - not ours.

It felt good to finally get off the plane after a 12 hour flight and weird that we had to take a runway shuttle to the main gate. This has never happened to me in LA.

As C-Bug would say - Open your eyes Ju...hahahha

Hey...Sex Tourists dudes - just like my cousins can't stand your asses neither can I. Nasty Ass Rude sex tourists who can't get any in their own country make me sick. Julian and I watched a girl RUN from the dude she got assigned to sit next to on the flight from Manila to Taipei - Hella gross. You know Julian clowned his ass and I called his archaic ass a wuss for carryin' travelers checks - they got international ATM's now - retard. hahahaha

Another retarded dude on the airplance was like OMG finally American Soil...I said actually this an Asian Airline on Asian Soil - you retard. Mind you this hokey lookin' tourist dude had the NERVE to dislike his Asian vacation and he had to Amerasian sons. And his simpering wife was dumber than wet shit for allowing her husband to breed self hate.

I pointed at them in FRONT OF THEIR FACE and said See Bebe - THAT is the difference between TOURISTS and TRAVELLERS. Hella gross. I made a hella audible barfing sound. Julian looked at his face and said,"you think you'd be happy to be in Asia with an Asian wife you dumb mothuhfucka you. Bwaa hahahaha." We take no prisoners in this piece.

So we got on the bus that wasn't crowded and made our way home.

Everyone looked happy to finally be off the plane. I'm glad we didn't look worse for the wear. The little girl in the pink sittin' with her lola was so well behaved and her LITTLE sister acted better than most of the adults on the plane.

We got home and I made fried rice and gangsta noodles and told my brother and godbrother all the stories. I'm so sad we had to leave Manila but I'm lookin' forward to many more adventures...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

26 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Day 9

Asian Vacation Day 9...

I have just organized the packing...

Handcarry Bag - with Limited Edition Jordans, Magazines and Moisturizer...


Golf Bag doubled up with cleaned golf shoes inside and..Stuffed with Asian Art Mags and Belts


Crate with 13 fresh kung fu undershirts, a couple purses and assorted clothing - my paintbrushes and many many gifts - packed and ready to be taped up...

Suitcase packed with goodies for the kids, preserves and assorted clothing...

Leather Carry on packed with dirty clothes for check-in...

Bookstore bag with Manila FHM and English Tagalog dictionary minus postcards for the homies alocated to front zip of luggage...


Closet stripped of our gear...


All of our random junk placed in ONE spot so we don't forget anything...



Sigh. Tomorrow is a travel day. Julian is already in bed. All of our bags are packed. But..I still don't want to go to bed. This vacation has flown by. The days move so quickly when you are not just having fun by also living so happily. I don't want to miss a thing even if it is just a gecko hot steppin on a window, or the crickets chirping, or the whispery sound of the wind blowin the palm trees around. As far as I'm concerned this should be real life.

But there are people who love us and miss us and we really must go "home." Funny thing about this vacation is it really made me realize that I am truly a world citizen because I am at "home" anywhere I go.

I wish I could say that I'm spoiled...but the more accurate thing to say is that I have been lucky/fortunate to have travelled throughout my entire life. Julian has reminded me that most people don't leave the State they live in much less the country/continent they live on. I'm excited about the future. We have a lot to look forward to and places that Julian's never seen before (see Europe and Main Continental Asia)...

I'm also excited about future investments.

Everything is falling into place,



To be continued...once we land on US soil.

26 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Day

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Asian Vacation Day 8...

Happy 85th Birthday Lola...We Lub You.

As I write this Julian is taking a nap...after a day of swimming, playing basketball and eating lots of food catered and otherwise. Mom, Lola and my little sister Keyla are all at the casino. The last of the food is being put away and Lola Loleng is watching back to back episodes of Season 1 of Heroes. Hahahaha.

I woke up this morning and I could hear the caterers setting up right below my bedroom window...

Julian sleeps so well here...especially on handmade hardwood beds. Mom said all the new beds throughout the house took 6 men to carry up to the 2nd floor.

We woke up around 830am and the party wasn't scheduled until noon so I suggested that we take a little swim...Straight out of bed and into the water.

It never fails I always get water in my right ear...

I think Julian loves the good life...Don't we all...

For reals...

It's really not so bad

Everyone should try it...

No Kung Fu in the Pool Kid

Bwaa guys don't even know!

Here's a little POV from our pool...notice we ain't sharing

After we left the pool Julian noticed the boys were playing basketball and I said you wanna play? He said not really...I said just give them a little thrill - play a good game. So he played like 4 games and came into the house and then relaxed in the all marble bathroom. Bwaa hahahaha. I'mma miss this house so much - you all don't even know...

Then he came downstairs and everyone was starting to arrive...So many lola's and tita's and Uncles...And I can honestly say that everyone just loved Julian to pieces...and adored his happy demeanor and playfulness. Mom and Julian have even started double teaming me when I'm a grumpy little cuss in the morning. I like how they laugh over breakfast while they give me a hard time. hahahha

How about a little puto (steamed rice cake)

The housegirls simply love Julian and are tickled to feed him all the time

Why are the fruitbaskets never empty here?

Ian and Julian eating on the patio

Dr. Tweety and Me at it again. Years ago before she became a doctor and I became a pastry chef...we used to swoon at violinists in chamber orchestras then run for donuts and talk about life, art, music & ballet.

Keyla and Zachy (Dr. Tweety's youngest bebe)

Julian, Lola Penny and Me...Lola Penny has known me since my first trip to the Philippines at age 7. She is my maternal grandmothers sister in law. She is the first woman who ever fed me frog legs and encouraged me to be proud of my dark skin.

Dr. Josie and bebe Zachy. Dr. Josie is also my Tita (auntie). She is my mom's first cousin and a fabulous lady dentist. She has also known me forever.

Julian and Uncle Junior. Uncle Junior is the most undercover playboy I ever met - brother of Dr. Josie and Son of Lola Penny also a first cousin to my mom and a fabulous architect.

Tita Oyee is my mom's youngest sister. Dang she used to change my diapers - and she's as gorgeous today as she was then. Tita Goyee is best friends with Tita Oyee and has been around since my toddler days...Holla at my aunties - coz they are proof positive that bein 52 is a piece of cake.

Angelica would actually come up my 2nd cousin once removed. She is the daughter of Dr. Josie...she's now starting college - the last time I saw her she was like 18 months old and we smobbed to Mc Donalds...She is as cute now as she was then dimples in place and sweeter than a swiss chocolate.

Mommy Pareng (to my immediate left) is my godmother's oldest sister. She is a wonderful well read woman who has a firm grasp on theology and philosophy. She is also one of the dopest baker I've ever met and the most positive person I've met. She is also intrinsically feminine, cultured and thoughtful. I am blessed to have met her and have her become part of my life!!!

The little bebe with the twisted hair is like my 4th niece from a distant cousin - she was jockin' spots in many pics... Bwaa hahaha

Me with the Birthday girl...Lola was grumpy all day! Haha

I told you she was jockin' spots!!!

Lola Lucia, my maternal grandfather's sister...and some of my Lola's cousins and of course the little 4th niece jockin' a spot, plus Keyla in the mix...

Auntie Cely, Julian and Uncle Jimmy. Auntie Cely and Uncle Jimmy have been married forever. They also have been friends of my Mom's since before I was born. Funny that they would end up semi retired here as well. I love how everyone in this pic is rockin' pink!

After everyone left...Tita Mama (my godmother) pulled some paintings from the 2nd room. Paintings done over 10 years ago. I had done a study for oil portraiture of a children's portrait. I had found a pic of my brother and I and did a rough painting of it. Tita Mama found it laying under the bed and had it cleaned and framed. I could not believe it. I was already plotting to take it home and Mom said that is stayin' in this house - don't even THINK of takin' that. Bwaa hahahahhhaa.

The thing is huge 3 x 4 feet. I wish I had more time to paint. Looking at this painting reminds me of how in love I used to be with painting and the happiness it planted in me. Fortunately, I've started painting again and that's not a bad thing. Love brings everything around, including stuff that you've always loved.


Later that night Joy popped by for our ritual eyebrow plucking and talkin'. She had Little BrettBrett (Dr. Tweety's eldest bebe)...Kiddo's jock the spot in this joint. Our worlds all revolve and evolve around each other and it's not a bad thing...Julian has told me a couple times over this vacation that my family is wonderful and so close and so full of love. We are not perfect - but we all take care of each other and steal the time we can.


It's now 9:56pm and it's time to pack up all the goodies that we've collected from our little vacation...It's almost too bonkers. I don't even know how I'm gonna do I'm gonna have the girls throw me a cup of iced coffee and just dig in. We are so sad that the week has passed so quickly. But we are already planning our next vacation...

Here I go on a packing adventure...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

25 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Day 7

Asian Vacation Day 7...

Slept in. Started Packing. Had Brunch. Julian went back to bed. Decided we needed a few more things for our peeps at home. Hopped a cab to the mall in Alabang since Keyla needed her phone serviced.

While Keyla went and did that Julian saw some wireless boxing gloves for a fighting game - best believe he went and tested the shit out of them. Bwaa hahahhaa. He had a whole crowd watchin' his ass...

He has way too much fun shoppin' and watchin' people. Bwaa hahaha

We finally got hungry and decided on some fast Japanese food. It came up like 4 bucks a person. , Imagine that!!!

Furai Bento

Tempura Donburi

Ebi Tempura

I won't even go into all the fabulous stuff we picked up and some dope ass books. We also picked up the Filipino versions of FHM and MAXIM for my brother and godbrother - 5 versions - haha.

We made way back home through traffic with a quick stop at 7-11 (yes 7-11) for some beers and came home. Julian found something new...Rum and Coke in a bottle - hahahahhaha

Bwaa hahhaha - I'm still crackin' up at the Rum and Coke bottle. Observe in the picture below his new leather bracelets. Bwaa hahahhaha.

We got home and everyone wanted to go to the Casino - but we didn't feel like gambling. So we're off to the pool for a late night swim.

To be continued...