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Saturday, August 4, 2007

04 Aug 2007: Goofy...Hilarious...Excited


I don't know how much more goofy these cake requests can get. I realize that you are having a hawaiian theme birthday - but all you are getting from me is handforged florals on the said cakes! I have to maintain my creative integrity...

ps) Tell yo' Mama to spell your name right.


Why do I find my little nephew Tank's face and rocked out hair so Hilarious!!! Even when he's mad he cracks me up...

My sister said when it was time to leave...Tank cried and cried sayin' that he didn't wanna go home and he likes it here and why couldn't they stay. Awww. She also said that when they went home Grandmama asked,"What did you do in Arizona?" He said," Swimming and Played with the dogs and I played with Uncle and I cooked with Auntie!!!" Grandmama said,"Cooking..." My sister told her that I let him add the spices and stir and help with the pasta and gangsta noodles and cookies and little dude would get the stepstool out the laundry room and physically help me. Everyone is so very impressed with the almost 3 year old!

Why is my first godbebe lookin' so grown! And helpin' me in the kitchen in her camo dress...Bwaa hahaha. Uncle Ro...brush that hair! You got poolhead.

Double chef's rockin' Dad's last name...that's me and Lee...I'm lookin' kinna scrubby in these pics - but I don't mind. It's family and they will love you face scrubbed blank and all. Hey Alfie - look i'm rockin' specs!

My sister is such a trooper - super preggo and workin' hard and her and my fabulous brother in law go on these roadtrips and mini vacations. I love to watch them coz they really are each other's best "homie" Her big bellied preggo ass was playin' Wii with my godbaby pitchin Wii baseball then sayin Whaaaat with a shoulder shake and game shimmy. I'm like helllll no. Hahahahha.

I love having them around. Hella sad to see them go home. I sent home a pan of biko for Dad. Biko is a sweet rice cake. The rice cake is cooked in coconut milk/coconut cream then flattened and baked after you top it with a coconut caramel. OooooWeeee. She said Dad killed it in a day. Bwaa haaha. She called and said we need more. Hahahhahha. I was tryin' to show them how I do mine and I just don't have a recipe - it's freestyle.

So...Everyone met Julian - he'd only met my one sister and one brother. This time he had a chance to meet everyone all together: My 3 brothers, my 2 sisters, my dope brother in law, my niece and 2 nephews...he already knew my godbrother...All I gotta say is everyone digs/loves Julian!


Yesterday morning Julian was packin' his toiletries for his business trip and I was having some coffee @ the kitchen table working on spreadsheets. He walked in the kitchen and said,"Bebe...I'm getting so excited about going to the Philippines!!! You don't even know!" Hahahhaahha. I just laughed and said you are gonna have the best time ever and try stuff that will be so new and good to you! He was just shaking his fist like YES...I said or you can just sleep by the pool or the beach. Hahahahha.

It's just 2 weeks away kids.

Last night the famous Wendy Lee popped by to pick up a cake for Jessica's birthday. I ended up not going because I had both digi cams and my brother needed one of them because he was leaving for Mexico today which meant I had to go to the North Valley house. I just love Wendy. We chopped it up over smoothies and I showed her the 50 some odd pics I printed from Chicago (+1 of her and Julian coz she's matchmaker deluxe - holla). She just smiled and said so sweetly,"...You two are always having the time of your life..." I'm like," that's your work Wendy Lee - all yours!!!" She told me about psycho beauty queens from the last pageant in SF...about all city's she will be at for Rock the Bells...Ahhh Life resumes. It's so fun to be us!

She is more excited than Julian about this upcoming trip. I told her there will be other's and you must go on one of them. She's like oh HELL yes!

I always love any time that Wendy and I can hang out!

It ain't tough bein' stuntariffic glamazons but someone's gotta do it.

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