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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Part 3

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Day 3 Photo Blog of Vacation...

2 days of country living flipped into a little bit of city living. Mom and Tita Mama wanted to take us to lunch at Sofitel Hotel...and then out to the Mall of Asia...I couldn't decide what to wear and almost sported some golf shorts and a tank and then decided to go the way of a girl...

Sofitel Hotel sits on Manila Bay near Roxas Boulevard. We entered the lobby through metal detectors - which is pretty common here.

The sculpture in the center of the winding staircase is beautiful

Turns out it was some kind of crazy high end lunch buffet. By any standard it was very pricey...40 dollars each for lunch. But damn well worth it.

Ironically - upon entering you pass the dessert line.

For the foodie Homegirls...I had to take pics...well, of the food.

Green Tea/Red Bean Pannacotta, Mango Choco Mousse, Pinipig Choco Crisp and all kinds of Yummy Madness...

Fresh fruit display including dragon fruit Yuuuuumers...Julian loved the dove carving on the watermelon! Me too.

Skewered Treats for the Chocolate Fountain

Everyone getting ready to throwdown uptown - on Lunch. haha

Mom looked over and said there Julian - your favorite - the SHRIMP! Then I got "busted" by Mister Snooty LunchRoom Monitor dude...No pictures in the dining room Ma'am. Bwaa hahahhhaa. But I still kept on...

Oysters...Shrimp...Cracked Crab Claws...Mussels. All THAT sitting on a mound of shaved ice and topped with some ice carving. Wow!

I warmed it up with a little sushi sampler and a few pieces of crab I took off of Julian's plate! So Yummy

10 years later and my sister is still playin' with her food. Bwaa hahaha - that's a strip of mushroom in her mouth off the dimsum selection!

Oh Dim Sum we love you. That green jelly was infused with jasmine tea and the little black sesame ball on top had a ginger twist...The almond jelly with sweet bean and kiwi was off the hook. They also served a version of the jelly's in shot glasses topped with fresh pineapple - oooooh so damn good.

I have to say that Julian and I had a lot of fans in the dining room. People would just look at us and smile at the "lovebirds" Julian also noticed at how apparently beautiful all the servers were and how excellent the customer service is...I said it is so nice to be in a beautiful environment with beautiful servers with great big beautiful smiles on their face. All he could do was nod - chew and say uh huh. Bwaa hahahahah.

I had a little antipasta plate...I love the air dried beef ! Also the salami and proscuitto - olives yum...a bit of smoked salmon and parmesan...I also had a sliver of apricot and some hummus...

We also had lamb, grilled to order. Paella and shaved shank was available and a very tasty salad bar...

So everyone was telling Julian about Halo Halo...He didn't look too sure about how to build it - so I made his for him. He said it was very yummy Mmmhmm as he was eating followed with Yup uh huh Yup -- then he added it kind of tastes like a Jelly Belly but better. hahahhaa. Excellent...

You know I had to dip something in the chocolate fountain and grub a churro...Who said cute can't be yummy.

The dining room opened onto the pool area so we stepped out there to get some air and look at the bay...

So after getting a little air - the Mom's wanted to go to the casino and gamble for a little bit. While they did that we stayed in the Casino VIP lounge. Cognac for him and Coffee for her.

Then we caught a cab to the Mall of Asia. We scheduled a massage for us (75 minutes each) and did a little shopping while we waited for our appointments.

I cannot believe the reaction Julian gets from the locals. They love to look at him and smile in this odd friendly manner. Of course he sends the ladies skittering. We breezed into the Nike Park store where he scored the dopest Jordan's ever. Limited edition. I'l talk about that more later.

That massage was excellent and I fell asleep for almost the whole thing. I would peek over at Julian and he was asleep. It totally entertains me that a lot of locals are shocked when I start speaking Filipino. We went into a local department store called SM to look for some stuff for the god kids...We scored a very cute dress. The Mommies went home and Julian wanted to look at the men's department ...where he scored a jersey to match his dope shoes.

I also found the plastic pencil case that April wanted for school. Found it - got it - yup. Mario brothers is the ticket.

Why was Julian being followed around by such eager salesladies...hahahaha. Why did he put on the frog headband in the kids department?

Why does Mr. Bean want my man?

We had everything we were looking for - and headed out. We stopped at Bo's coffee. Bo's coffee is a local coffee shop - excellent. We had single shots of Espresso Tsokolate and doppio waters while we perused our little purchases.

Here is a picture of Julian so pleased with his Philippine edition Jordans in the white patent with blue yellow and red touches - He also found a city series jersey by Fubu that had MANILA blazed across it. Just perfect.

As we hit the curb to get a cab - the sky opened up and filled the air with cool rain. When we got home the rain stopped. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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