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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

01 Aug 2007: Countown to Vacation, Part Deux

As usual...we had a video call with Mom overseas. She is very excited that we three are coming to visit. She is just sad that Julian and I will only be there for a short 10 days. She already has a few things planned for us. Hidden Valley Resort. A few more beach resorts. A visit to the "mountain house" in Mendes. A cute yet upscale luncheon at Sonia's Garden...where my cousine and family (including the fabulous twin godsons of mine) will be joining us. Also a trip to Baguio to try some strawberry wine and a little hiking. My Godfather Benito has also booked a round of golf for Julian and himself at the Alabang Country Club. Funny that Julian would chance upon some sparkly new clubs last night.

We will be there for Lola's (my grandmothers') birthday...

I'm really excited. It's noisy and crazy and crowded and sometimes stinky...but it's going to be fun and for Julian it will be new. The family is already planning the purchase of Humongous Shrimp and Langoustine for our arrival. I've also told Mom's "helper" to keep the beers very cold. Julian's never been to Asia...I am hoping to fit in a trip to the rice terraces and if the weather permits a one day trip to Hong Kong since it is only 45 minutes away by plane. The fares are dirt cheap and the city is wonderful. We'll see where the road takes us.

I just had to write this coz I can't stand it anymore! This is gonna be my second vacation this year and I got another one coming and hopefully San Francisco for New Years Eve!!!

Hang onto your hats kids coz some really dope blogs will be coming.

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