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Sunday, August 19, 2007

19 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Part 1

We've been up for 48 hours due to some travel delays and immigration snags in Taipei due to my aged passport. However...we made it in one piece.

We woke up very early on Friday because we both had optometrist appointments. Neither of us slept very much and both of us worked full days the day prior. However here we are like troupers at the Phoenix Airport..

We made it to LA after a very fun flight and actually everyone in our vicinity laughing and talking despite the stanky ass bathroom.

After a crazy 12 hour snag , a dope desk attendant named Jennifer for EVA air and a cute little bebe telling her mom that she would rather stay with the Ajima (me) than go to the bathroom with her - bwaa hahaha. We were off to Taipei!

Holla at the Robots

12 hours later we landed and just orchid room what?

Mind you - at this point we'd been up a solid 36 hours and still had another 6 to go...but we were hangin' in there.

This fluffy bird is looking how I was feelin' after 36 hours of travelling:

For all my lovers of cute. The Taipei Airport has a Hello Kitty waiting room especially for the Hello Kitty EVA jet. Makes you just wanna uh - be kyoote huh?

Taipei has the 2nd best airport food I've ever had...Julian had the spicy beef noodle with a beer and I had the steamed bao with oolong tea!

We made it to Manila and were feelin' and smellin' on the funky side. We had just enough time to have a quick snack of pancit and lumpia. And for me to point out some of the fruit Mom had picked up for us! I like how Julian saw the ONE piece and said MANGOSTEEN excitedly!

We were then in the shower and on the road to go to Papa's take pictures on the biggest sofa ever!!!

I do mean ever...

Julian is absorbing anything and everything he sees. He also has this optimistic tendency to see the universal nature of life.

We stopped at the Kubo house in Mendes for Mom to bring the kiddo's vitamins and toys and to pick up some fruit. Organic of course. Well why is the avocado as big as my face? And how could they tell me OH that's a small one!

Bwaa hahahaha

Then we were whisked away to Sonia's Garden for Dinner...

Tita Mama said..."Oh you sure can pick them..." I laughed and said,"Oh but Mama he picked me..." She said oh good oh good. Then she was so intrigued by Julian's waves. lol...

After dinner we took a walk through lantern lit paths with full blown gardens and flower scented air...It was almost drunk feeling to be walkin' behind that exhaustion. Then we got a quick tour of the new 6 bedroom house. Julian is in love with that place and all it's custom wood work and I can't blame him.


Tomorrow it starts again around 5am. Julian will be playin' the back nine with Uncle Papa and I will be going to the jacuzzi and steamroom @ the country club. I'mma try to fit in a massage and a pedicure tomorrow.

Night night. It's almost midnight

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