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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Part 2

Here is a photo blog of Day 2 of our vacation.

After going to bed super duper uber late...We got a knock at the door at about 430 am. We were scheduled to run to the property in the Country- aka Batangas. First of all we were supposed to just run around Batangas. Check the work on the Santol trees - then Julian was going to play a round of golf at the country club while we sat in the Jacuzzi.

Believe me when I tell you it was an act of pure will to wake up after only sleeping a few hours - I felt like I wanted to just lay in bed all day - but I also knew that not ONE moment of this vacation could be wasted.

It was a nice drive to the country from town about an hour. We docked the Ipod and just chatted it up. Once we got to the Kubo the van was unloaded and we ran to the 2nd property.

No makeup - teeth brushed and fresh out of bed - Yay - NOT.

In the country but manicured country living. hahahhaa

All the furniture is native natural found woods with only slight mods

So we have these cute little napping huts on raised earth...

Oh yes he did climb into the hut loft and peek out that window

We met Jose who does the woodcarving - including the headboard behind him...It was a joy to see someone who not only took pride in what he does but loves what he does...what a great guy.

Observe the stonework on the grounds and the carved out benches.

Papa (my godfather) is always on the move

We went back to the Kubo for breakfast which included Prawns. haha.

We were then off to the country club. But we ran into old dude who owns the property next door. We asked how his Chayote (Prickly Pear) was doing and he said help yourselves. Hahahha.

Julian got out in his golf gear and helped pick some of those bad boys...Damn fabulous - In his brand new Nike golf kicks he dug in...

We made another stop at the 3rd property because Tita Mama wanted to check on the progress for the house build...

I had to get a pic of everyone sitting on a crude bench made from wood that was left from a chopped up coffee plant!!!

Mom and Julian

Mom and Tita Mama

We were shown the young pineapple plants that were all lined up like sweet soldiers skittering in the sun...

Mom took us past the pineapple where all the banana and papaya trees were...Mom said oh look Julian there is a ripe papaya - you can get it if you want and pointed to the ladder. THIS man despite my discouragement jumped it instead of using a bamboo ladder. His first papaya ever...bwaa hahaha

We also picked up Jackfruit that was well beyond ready...By the end of the day we had 7 Jackfruit, 4 full blown cuts of senorita bananas, Bushels of Santol, avocados, some Guyabano and the Chayote. Hella Nuts...

En route to the golf course we passed Splendido view. We decided to stop and look at the new golf course Splendido Taal (turns out Greg Norman designed it and Julian would play it at a later time...

Almost a hole in 1 - but not this day...

So we notice a shop on the way out of town that says Wine. We stop hoping it would be some local wines...Unfortunately it wasn't. But they did have some freaky ass hookerish statue in front of the shop. Funny but scary but still funny

We drove back into town and Tita Mama gifted me with some of the most beautiful white gold earrings I've ever been given. I can't wait to wear them.

We rested for a little bit and watched some dubbed Korean and Filipino tv shows and laughed. Then Julian said let's go swimming. at MIDNIGHT. Hahahhaa. Skinny Dippin' coz we could. Bwaa hahaha.

Well Why not.

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