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Saturday, August 25, 2007

25 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Day 7

Asian Vacation Day 7...

Slept in. Started Packing. Had Brunch. Julian went back to bed. Decided we needed a few more things for our peeps at home. Hopped a cab to the mall in Alabang since Keyla needed her phone serviced.

While Keyla went and did that Julian saw some wireless boxing gloves for a fighting game - best believe he went and tested the shit out of them. Bwaa hahahhaa. He had a whole crowd watchin' his ass...

He has way too much fun shoppin' and watchin' people. Bwaa hahaha

We finally got hungry and decided on some fast Japanese food. It came up like 4 bucks a person. , Imagine that!!!

Furai Bento

Tempura Donburi

Ebi Tempura

I won't even go into all the fabulous stuff we picked up and some dope ass books. We also picked up the Filipino versions of FHM and MAXIM for my brother and godbrother - 5 versions - haha.

We made way back home through traffic with a quick stop at 7-11 (yes 7-11) for some beers and came home. Julian found something new...Rum and Coke in a bottle - hahahahhaha

Bwaa hahhaha - I'm still crackin' up at the Rum and Coke bottle. Observe in the picture below his new leather bracelets. Bwaa hahahhaha.

We got home and everyone wanted to go to the Casino - but we didn't feel like gambling. So we're off to the pool for a late night swim.

To be continued...

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