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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22 Aug 2007: Asian Vacation Day 4

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Ahhh we finally just had a chill day at the house. Good food and all that. I ran to Divisoria which is one of the biggest and cheapest markets in Old Manila. I bought up a bunch of treats for my girls and myself. Hot, Stanky and Bonkers. But well worth the trip. I also chanced upon a 12 piece tart pan in reinforced aluminum - 1 for me and 1 for Katie...

I also found the distributor for Basketball Jerseys for export - Authentic NBA Reebok for less than 5 bucks - so the bebe got 2. hahahaha

The morning started once they cracked the fresh jackfruit. Mr. Man loves the fresh fruit...

Then Lola Penny came to visit...

Julian took off to get his teeth cleaned and took his first Jeepney Ride to get his teeth cleaned by my Auntie Josie DDS...By the way, no cavities...and he's a tattletale and got me busted coz I took off to get a beauty afternoon.

We took off for haircuts - hot oil treatments - which include the dopest hair shampoo and include a scalp neck and shoulder massage. Did I mention the manicure and pedicure...


Bwaa hahahaha before


Crazy but fun - went home and chilled and posted blogs - had some slow roasted chicken and fresh cucumber and called it a night...

Although Julian did wake up to a gang of ants marching under his pillow...Doin' the A-Town stomp under his skull. Bwaa hahahahha. I like how he brushed those little fools to the side and just pushed me to the side of the bed. hahahha.

More adventures to be posted later.

Julian wanted me to add...Haters - we love you. Our goal is to have a couple new haters per day - that way we know we are stuntin' proper.

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