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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24 Sept 2008: Cute and Lethal

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To be genuinely cute and genuinely lethal is only something few of us can do...

Don't fake the funk okay. The rest of us actually maintain our own individuality and dope personae's and keep it pushin. To my CORE I am sinister by nature - my nature has only been tempered by my family, my friends and my boyfriend. Because I am not squeemish in the least. Lucky for society I am surrounded by the moral, strong and loving. If you are doin the same old shit you were doing 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 years ago...I can't mess with you. If you ain't gottit kid you ain't gottit

Keep actin' like my designer imposter and you get imposter rewards.

For those that have gotten served lately.








Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 Sept 2008: Number 5 Beezies...

Well...the new job is going well...We had a breakfast meeting a week ago and much to my surprise after the organizational and departmental announcement it was announced that I jocked the 5th position. What! Very odd to position so quickly (I'd only been there 2 weeks) but now the bar has been set for my performance.

I told Julian I never considered myself as a competitive person...he laughed and said,"Bebe, you are VERY competitive...I KNOW THIS!" hahahhaa. Honestly, I didn't ever consider myself so much competitive as much as I considered myself someone who liked results - and QUALITY results. But at the end of the day with anything I do, I like to do it well for the purpose of having a job well done.

These bankers hours are the bomb as well.

I woke up early this morning to replant some potted plants, organize the house and get the laundry started and finish season 1 of Bleach (anime)...Julian woke up a bit languidly and said...when do you sleep? I said "huh" He said," last night you made dinner and dinner for tonight in case you stay at your sisters and packed 2 days worth of lunches for me and then stayed up and watched Bleach...then you woke up at 630am talkin' about GOOD MORNIN BEBE" Hhahahaha. I laughed. He said I guess that's why you are the woman. I said because I'm last one down and first one up.

It's the gangsterism in my veins. hahaha.

ps) A few weeks ago Wendy came over and said,"mmm, smells good Sauce, what you making..." I shrugged and said," Bacon Bits for the salads..." She laughed and gave her rocker hair a sassy shake and said,"oh Uh Uh Kibby" she looked at him and added,"I thought bacon bits come in a jar...When I want them I go to the store..." He laughed with a big grin and said I don't know what to tell you Wendizzle..." She just shook her head muttering Mmmm Mmm spoiled.

ahhahaha. Wendy has been doing drive - by's for dinner and out lives are so full but somehow we manage. She invited me to Common tonight. We'll See.