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Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 Sept 2008: Number 5 Beezies...

Well...the new job is going well...We had a breakfast meeting a week ago and much to my surprise after the organizational and departmental announcement it was announced that I jocked the 5th position. What! Very odd to position so quickly (I'd only been there 2 weeks) but now the bar has been set for my performance.

I told Julian I never considered myself as a competitive person...he laughed and said,"Bebe, you are VERY competitive...I KNOW THIS!" hahahhaa. Honestly, I didn't ever consider myself so much competitive as much as I considered myself someone who liked results - and QUALITY results. But at the end of the day with anything I do, I like to do it well for the purpose of having a job well done.

These bankers hours are the bomb as well.

I woke up early this morning to replant some potted plants, organize the house and get the laundry started and finish season 1 of Bleach (anime)...Julian woke up a bit languidly and said...when do you sleep? I said "huh" He said," last night you made dinner and dinner for tonight in case you stay at your sisters and packed 2 days worth of lunches for me and then stayed up and watched Bleach...then you woke up at 630am talkin' about GOOD MORNIN BEBE" Hhahahaha. I laughed. He said I guess that's why you are the woman. I said because I'm last one down and first one up.

It's the gangsterism in my veins. hahaha.

ps) A few weeks ago Wendy came over and said,"mmm, smells good Sauce, what you making..." I shrugged and said," Bacon Bits for the salads..." She laughed and gave her rocker hair a sassy shake and said,"oh Uh Uh Kibby" she looked at him and added,"I thought bacon bits come in a jar...When I want them I go to the store..." He laughed with a big grin and said I don't know what to tell you Wendizzle..." She just shook her head muttering Mmmm Mmm spoiled.

ahhahaha. Wendy has been doing drive - by's for dinner and out lives are so full but somehow we manage. She invited me to Common tonight. We'll See.

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