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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

23 Dec 2008: sometimes...That Wendy makes me Have Fun...

Sometimes...Wendy Lee encourages me to go have fun...

Like @ Jules Demetrius' One Man Show

Just excuse me - this is my 4th digi cam in 4 years and I still don't know the dang someone help me out...All I wanted was a food button

This one is my fave - mad pretty faces

Okay this is a little better

then we made a quick stop to Konrads dope downtown condo...what - i need that spot - he told me the one to the west is on sale...Wuuut

Why does he have the biggest malcolm ex spray paint portrait ever and the dopest sofa ever! Thpppthhhh I'm hating...It's okay - he gave me the gate code and door code and I can do cookie drive by's anytime coz he's only blocks from my job...Bwaa hahhaa - doorcode = LOVE.

Hey Worm! I love your beard to be feared and all yo' kids.

What about Pickster bringing Sexy Back! We caught up with him and Kree/Miguel and erryone @ Homme Bar

OMG Kree'z dimples hurt me

Okay finally learned the focus setting on the camera

Yeah we were disgusted, coz how you doubt our stuntin' and why do some of you people smell like used pampers and you are grown ass women. nu UH.

Bathe. You Heffas

Yeah we made it out to the Hidden House

Wendy and King...and below - Wendy and a "fan" Thanks for covering the door playboy and offering us a drink!

Dang I love Sika and Crash and even the ever Urbane mr J.

23 Dec 2008: Makin’ Time...

You know...I was so excited last week. My Alfie Ebojo joint finally came in the mail with a Christmas Card and doppio Ugly Dolls...Aww Thank you Alfie for the talented whoa-man you are and the thoughtful gifts and bebe wishes!!!

I'm actually going to have to reposition some of the art around the walls but for now it sits on a wall flanked by a tv where we play games. LOL It's all a battlefield isn't it!

And don't make me talk about how cute these ugly's are and ironically I also have the matching journals...

So Wendy & The Grimey One have been sick and I've been I tell her would you like some kind of soup/congee? She's like,"if you are offerin' i'm not refusing." She was enroute to practice....So I made Filipino arrozcaldo - it is a rice porridge with garlic, chicken, ginger, saffron and spices. The variation I made was like the chinese congee/jook which tops it with wild mushrooms and shredded beef. Hahahahha just add a splash of soy and sesame...Yummy!

Of course I always pack my bestussest homies to go containers.

I have to add that due to the fact that my tupperware gets parked at other people's houses I started buying REAL to go containers. HAHA. That ain't right! So not right.

While I was waiting for the arrozcaldo/jook/congee to simmer...I also made a batch of spicy pork adobo for my godbrother - I worked all half days last week just because I could...And my brother is on some single man stuff coz my bro and sis are overseas for a month...

But yeah. Ad-OHHHH-bo. ya heard?

Bwaa hahhahhha.

Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Dec 2008: Sushi is good. but i forgot the food pics. LOL

Saturday we dropped my bro at the airport (off to Manila/asia for a month). Well the night before we already got it in our heads that we wanted to grab some ninja sushi and go buy up some anime figures after the airport drop.

So Julian goes home to shave and unloads the truck and then I make some quickie nachos and then we're off.

We sit down...sake bombers, hilarious cutsie waitresses, hot tea, ice water and start tickin' off our order...Nosy Julian notices a lady next to us on the phone...and says,"Are you waiting on a blind date?" The lady was like,"oh how'd you guess..."

She's lucky i took a blurry one. Coz her face was kinna hurt, not in a super ugly way --- but in this strange bizarre desperate way that kind of repelled me. All in one breath she tells our table,"oh yeah i'm on a blind date, this is my second one, i've started this internet dating thing on a christian website - but it's been real weird, i don't really like dating, but after 27 years my husband left me for someone else, i need to be somewhere in a relations ship, so you know..."


Dannnng like that just put all your business on front street in front of the brown folks - sorry Lady - you funny. She looked at me and was like what do you think,"I said dudes who are good on the internet suck at real life and never deliver their internet personae." She asked,"where did you two meet," In unison,"At a hip hop show." How long have you been together? In tandem again,"2 years on New Years Day." Awww. I said,"Look, my boyfriend stinks at emails, instant messages, text messages and all that...however..." Julian chimed in,"however, I'm hands on sexy - hahahhahha" I just smirked and said,"He's best in real life on any level...if I would have met him on an internet level I would have misread him." She's like oh.

Julian,"Lady you should watch pimp chronicles, that's what men want"

I didn't say a WOOOOORD. Bwaa haahhaha.

We really love sushi...seriously

We waited all day with very little to eat. Just to get the grub on

tuna, spicy tuna, soft shell crab, salmon, chandler roll, dragon roll, sweet and spicy roll, philly funk, yum dee dee yum yum yum

How's Julian gonna find this thing...

And then talk about chicks with hurt faces or his homies who date girls who are only attractive below the neck...

It's still good matter where we go...

And why does funny stuff keep happening...all that laughin' make the pics blurr.

But it's still all good.


Yesterday was football day...Julian pretty much spends the whole day with the homies and I do some nominal cooking, take a nap, run some errands or sit at the cafe catching up on writing...

Around 4pm Kibby sent me a text that said,"what's for dinner?' I laughed and responded,"Sick of bar food?" He's like yeah. I texted,"chicken fried rice, prawns with okra in a mushroom sauce and beef lumpia." He's like can I bring Vic and his Girlfriend. I'm like yeah sure no problem.

So everyones eating and I'm making mango green tea and everyone is eating and laughing...and then the boys razz Vic's girl for a minute and she goes and smacks Julian's head with a piece of Paper. I put my knife down and said,"That one is free Laura...the next time you go anywhere near my boyfriends head - we're gonna have technical difficulties in this mothuhfucka..." She put her hand down and said,"sorry" I said,"like i said 1st offense slides,after that i'm movin furniture around this kitchen."

The boys thought it was funny but she didn't.

I'm laughin.

Tell you what girls...mess around smackin' men - you might find that one crazy dude that smacks you back - or even worse, they're girlfriend that LIKES smackin' people. 'Nuff Sed.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

14 Dec 2008: Super Soul Sundayz podcast

Get some Funk for your Chunky Ears...

This week TruSoul invades SuperSoulSundayz as we celebrate Gaby's AKA Aqua's 9th 25 birthday!!!!(do the math)

TruSoul Dj's Sivan and Joseph'jojo'Torres throwing down Deep House, Funk, Soul, Latin, Classic Hip Hop, Rare Groove, Dub, Reggae, the kitchen sink and pretty much anything not tied down to something. Be there for a celebration of life, music and dance.

Thanks for all the support and love!!! That is what keeps the party going!!!!!

" />

you don't gotta wait till sunday to enjoy your favorite tunes mixed by your favorite dj's just check out the podcast ..." target="_blank">David Harness Podcast" target="_blank">TruSoul Radio (jojo..'s weekly podcast)

Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Dec 2008: Cooooome On February 3rd!!!

I already prepaid it...before the release!

Jeeezo: AFRO SAMURAI, season 2 ---- bwaaaa, just can't wait.

Currently watching:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 Dec 2008: Just 1 thing for my Christmas List!

A Watch...

a TokiDoki for Hello Kitty watch...that's all...

However, these are hard to find --- so I'll take a birthday substitution in March

and someday for the Baby Registry...Binky for Life...

Monday, December 8, 2008

08 Dec 2008: Sooooo Tickled!!!

I'm So Tickled...

...coz i know my alfie ebojo painting is on the way

...coz i got a new laptop

...coz mr man acts just as excited as when we first met about everything we do

...coz my lil sister is on her way to manila which means goodies for us

...coz i found LRG pants on HELLA sale

...coz we're gonna start working out together

...coz christmas is coming

...just coz

Sunday, December 7, 2008

07 Dec 2008: Ginger Chicken w/BokChoy - @ least in our crib

In my house - we got a thing for...each other......and



bok choy (yun choy, red choy, hella choy)


When we've had long days and can't really think of anything we want to eat there is always chicken and rice and all it's variances...

This is one of our favourites and a pleaser for our friends who do dinner drive by's...Although this particular one was exceptionally spicy.

Here's how you do it.

Prep the herbs, veggies and chicken...set aside a small bowl with cornstarch

Heat the wok with no oil until it smokes a bit.

Add cold oil to hot wok and throw in garlic until it dances...

Add more garlic and the slivers of ginger with red chili flakes (korean's best)

Keep the heat scary high and add the chicken

Just keep it moving and about half way through add the carrots and a splash of soy sauce with a dribble of oyster sauce and maybe a little sake

Once cooked through - add some water to the cornstarch and cook until it's clear and glistening...Add the BokChoy...

Then plate it up over rice or noodles: I cut seaweed over mine...


Julian brought a bowl to work with rice and a side of fruit. An older guy said MAN, you eat good lunch...what's that Bok Coy? Julian's like YUP, my lunches are always good, but my wifey always makes them so I don't have to or like to eat out. Dude said,"Man, when I lived in calie I always ordered got bok choy - what you know about Bok Choy kid." Julian laughed and replied,"bok choy /yun choy/ YUM choy. I like it all and I've tried at least 4 kinds..I know it's good!" Hahahahha.

I split some with Apple at work and she's like YUM YUM YUM...

Hahahha. I used to think that people like anything that anyone else makes, but I suppose there is truth in what is said about your feelings imprintin on the food. Well, that and the fact that I still love cooking.


Here's a peek at what we did to our leftover Turkey:

Turkey Bomblette and Bacon. hahaha

And in between brother killing a project , so he can take one month off and hang out overseas with his best friend...

and even More Lemon Tarts...


Okay...I'm off to play more boogie superstar with everyone and hookup the chocolate chip cookies...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

04 Dec 2008: You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You...

You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You...

When he gets you Art...(by Alfie Ebojo)

and boots (by Baby Phat)

---IN THAT ORDER. Art First, Boots Second---

I had just told him that I actually squeezed in on Alfie even though her exhibit is ongoing until December 7th and wanted the Love is a Battlefield Piece and he said Oh I want to get that for you...and then I was eyeballing the boots and he had already seen me try them on and he said I will get them for you.


Economy is busted huh?


Truth be told he's been extraordinarily helpful and working days and having weekends off truly agrees with him. I can't believe the amount of things he's been getting done since I've been working from 6am to 5:30pm. I truly appreciate it because I really resent having to tell any kind of grown man to do AAAANYTHING. We'll also be hitting the gym also this week - that is HELLA Bleh for me, but I need to go. We already hit the Nike store for his running shoes (personally I prefer Adidas or Roos --lol--)...I tell you what I can throw down 6 dishes in 90 minutes but put me in the gym and it's like getting my teeth cleaned - uncomfortable but you feel better after.

Everything is going smoothly, just not as quickly as we planned...But City Momma says,"...when you are moving according to God's plan everything seems easy because you aren't fighting how things should be. You are where you belong." How's that for a beautiful Momma phrase?

But we have room in our life for more...

more family

more friends

more love

mo' money

more travelling

just more.