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Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Dec 2008: Sushi is good. but i forgot the food pics. LOL

Saturday we dropped my bro at the airport (off to Manila/asia for a month). Well the night before we already got it in our heads that we wanted to grab some ninja sushi and go buy up some anime figures after the airport drop.

So Julian goes home to shave and unloads the truck and then I make some quickie nachos and then we're off.

We sit down...sake bombers, hilarious cutsie waitresses, hot tea, ice water and start tickin' off our order...Nosy Julian notices a lady next to us on the phone...and says,"Are you waiting on a blind date?" The lady was like,"oh how'd you guess..."

She's lucky i took a blurry one. Coz her face was kinna hurt, not in a super ugly way --- but in this strange bizarre desperate way that kind of repelled me. All in one breath she tells our table,"oh yeah i'm on a blind date, this is my second one, i've started this internet dating thing on a christian website - but it's been real weird, i don't really like dating, but after 27 years my husband left me for someone else, i need to be somewhere in a relations ship, so you know..."


Dannnng like that just put all your business on front street in front of the brown folks - sorry Lady - you funny. She looked at me and was like what do you think,"I said dudes who are good on the internet suck at real life and never deliver their internet personae." She asked,"where did you two meet," In unison,"At a hip hop show." How long have you been together? In tandem again,"2 years on New Years Day." Awww. I said,"Look, my boyfriend stinks at emails, instant messages, text messages and all that...however..." Julian chimed in,"however, I'm hands on sexy - hahahhahha" I just smirked and said,"He's best in real life on any level...if I would have met him on an internet level I would have misread him." She's like oh.

Julian,"Lady you should watch pimp chronicles, that's what men want"

I didn't say a WOOOOORD. Bwaa haahhaha.

We really love sushi...seriously

We waited all day with very little to eat. Just to get the grub on

tuna, spicy tuna, soft shell crab, salmon, chandler roll, dragon roll, sweet and spicy roll, philly funk, yum dee dee yum yum yum

How's Julian gonna find this thing...

And then talk about chicks with hurt faces or his homies who date girls who are only attractive below the neck...

It's still good matter where we go...

And why does funny stuff keep happening...all that laughin' make the pics blurr.

But it's still all good.


Yesterday was football day...Julian pretty much spends the whole day with the homies and I do some nominal cooking, take a nap, run some errands or sit at the cafe catching up on writing...

Around 4pm Kibby sent me a text that said,"what's for dinner?' I laughed and responded,"Sick of bar food?" He's like yeah. I texted,"chicken fried rice, prawns with okra in a mushroom sauce and beef lumpia." He's like can I bring Vic and his Girlfriend. I'm like yeah sure no problem.

So everyones eating and I'm making mango green tea and everyone is eating and laughing...and then the boys razz Vic's girl for a minute and she goes and smacks Julian's head with a piece of Paper. I put my knife down and said,"That one is free Laura...the next time you go anywhere near my boyfriends head - we're gonna have technical difficulties in this mothuhfucka..." She put her hand down and said,"sorry" I said,"like i said 1st offense slides,after that i'm movin furniture around this kitchen."

The boys thought it was funny but she didn't.

I'm laughin.

Tell you what girls...mess around smackin' men - you might find that one crazy dude that smacks you back - or even worse, they're girlfriend that LIKES smackin' people. 'Nuff Sed.

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