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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

23 Dec 2008: sometimes...That Wendy makes me Have Fun...

Sometimes...Wendy Lee encourages me to go have fun...

Like @ Jules Demetrius' One Man Show

Just excuse me - this is my 4th digi cam in 4 years and I still don't know the dang someone help me out...All I wanted was a food button

This one is my fave - mad pretty faces

Okay this is a little better

then we made a quick stop to Konrads dope downtown condo...what - i need that spot - he told me the one to the west is on sale...Wuuut

Why does he have the biggest malcolm ex spray paint portrait ever and the dopest sofa ever! Thpppthhhh I'm hating...It's okay - he gave me the gate code and door code and I can do cookie drive by's anytime coz he's only blocks from my job...Bwaa hahhaa - doorcode = LOVE.

Hey Worm! I love your beard to be feared and all yo' kids.

What about Pickster bringing Sexy Back! We caught up with him and Kree/Miguel and erryone @ Homme Bar

OMG Kree'z dimples hurt me

Okay finally learned the focus setting on the camera

Yeah we were disgusted, coz how you doubt our stuntin' and why do some of you people smell like used pampers and you are grown ass women. nu UH.

Bathe. You Heffas

Yeah we made it out to the Hidden House

Wendy and King...and below - Wendy and a "fan" Thanks for covering the door playboy and offering us a drink!

Dang I love Sika and Crash and even the ever Urbane mr J.

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