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Thursday, December 4, 2008

04 Dec 2008: You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You...

You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You...

When he gets you Art...(by Alfie Ebojo)

and boots (by Baby Phat)

---IN THAT ORDER. Art First, Boots Second---

I had just told him that I actually squeezed in on Alfie even though her exhibit is ongoing until December 7th and wanted the Love is a Battlefield Piece and he said Oh I want to get that for you...and then I was eyeballing the boots and he had already seen me try them on and he said I will get them for you.


Economy is busted huh?


Truth be told he's been extraordinarily helpful and working days and having weekends off truly agrees with him. I can't believe the amount of things he's been getting done since I've been working from 6am to 5:30pm. I truly appreciate it because I really resent having to tell any kind of grown man to do AAAANYTHING. We'll also be hitting the gym also this week - that is HELLA Bleh for me, but I need to go. We already hit the Nike store for his running shoes (personally I prefer Adidas or Roos --lol--)...I tell you what I can throw down 6 dishes in 90 minutes but put me in the gym and it's like getting my teeth cleaned - uncomfortable but you feel better after.

Everything is going smoothly, just not as quickly as we planned...But City Momma says,"...when you are moving according to God's plan everything seems easy because you aren't fighting how things should be. You are where you belong." How's that for a beautiful Momma phrase?

But we have room in our life for more...

more family

more friends

more love

mo' money

more travelling

just more.

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