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Sunday, December 7, 2008

07 Dec 2008: Ginger Chicken w/BokChoy - @ least in our crib

In my house - we got a thing for...each other......and



bok choy (yun choy, red choy, hella choy)


When we've had long days and can't really think of anything we want to eat there is always chicken and rice and all it's variances...

This is one of our favourites and a pleaser for our friends who do dinner drive by's...Although this particular one was exceptionally spicy.

Here's how you do it.

Prep the herbs, veggies and chicken...set aside a small bowl with cornstarch

Heat the wok with no oil until it smokes a bit.

Add cold oil to hot wok and throw in garlic until it dances...

Add more garlic and the slivers of ginger with red chili flakes (korean's best)

Keep the heat scary high and add the chicken

Just keep it moving and about half way through add the carrots and a splash of soy sauce with a dribble of oyster sauce and maybe a little sake

Once cooked through - add some water to the cornstarch and cook until it's clear and glistening...Add the BokChoy...

Then plate it up over rice or noodles: I cut seaweed over mine...


Julian brought a bowl to work with rice and a side of fruit. An older guy said MAN, you eat good lunch...what's that Bok Coy? Julian's like YUP, my lunches are always good, but my wifey always makes them so I don't have to or like to eat out. Dude said,"Man, when I lived in calie I always ordered got bok choy - what you know about Bok Choy kid." Julian laughed and replied,"bok choy /yun choy/ YUM choy. I like it all and I've tried at least 4 kinds..I know it's good!" Hahahahha.

I split some with Apple at work and she's like YUM YUM YUM...

Hahahha. I used to think that people like anything that anyone else makes, but I suppose there is truth in what is said about your feelings imprintin on the food. Well, that and the fact that I still love cooking.


Here's a peek at what we did to our leftover Turkey:

Turkey Bomblette and Bacon. hahaha

And in between brother killing a project , so he can take one month off and hang out overseas with his best friend...

and even More Lemon Tarts...


Okay...I'm off to play more boogie superstar with everyone and hookup the chocolate chip cookies...

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