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Friday, April 21, 2006

21 Apr 2006: Cleo & Chocolate

I'm mad at the website - their pics aren't as pretty as mine. haha.

and so. It's been pretty busy -

but there's time enough to make some strawberry vanilla


and so Cleo has grown - she's now about 13 weeks or so and oddly enough she acts a bit like a cat. She growls to greet you then rubs up on your legs and bails. Very funny, but kind of annoying - since Max is always around and a crowd pleaser and uber frisbee dog. Oh yah - she's not canine, she's a Piglet. She steals everyones food, sleeps in her dish and naps under the dining table - coz god forbid anyone else get scraps. You know why she's treacherous - coz she has a really kyoote face and a wretched demeanor...


and mo' chocolate


The award for what the hell is for dinner that you ordered this goes to:

Strawberry Coconut...**freaky grimace face here**

and mango's back as always


Recently remnants of the past have come calling, via email and celliscious from distant continents with coral reefs and reversed winter. Then another, and another and another. I don't know why people want to confess things to me. I don't know why they feel the need to overspeak on things in the past. The past is what it is - it has passed. Some hauntings are eternal I guess. I guess everyone has someone that got away. I have to admire anyone who still recollects that I made his heart shimmer, and his eyes glimmer and his brain swell up to tango with mine...All our similiarities and all our differences fit like legos, but he was in pursuit of that great big fortune, and I was wrapped up in boyfriends or work...6 years ago and continents away - and still, he never forgets. Frighteningly enough, he can make anything happen now, because he's achieved his goals. Still, he maintains humility and humbleness. But such passe greetings are always entwined with propriety and gentlemanly inquiry towards my boything and myself. I know he asks a mutual friend about me and still with that educated propriety. But I know a sliver of his unjaded heart hopes - that perhaps i'm free. But I'm not.

I'm not meant to be his.


Plenty of things are never meant to be. I think it's the acceptance of this that allows a person to live in a evoluted state. Some things will not be due to spite or anger. Some things will never be because of love. Some things will never be because of circumstance. But nature rights Herself. Bubbles in the water always float towards the sky. No matter how much you fight it - you will always end up where you belong. And if you've got the will, you will end up where you want to belong...

...if your pen is dry and void of ink

Cut into yourself and feel those old pains

and write with bloody tainted emotion...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

12 Apr 2006: Aren't there 29 hours in a day?

It's been almost a month since my last entry

Life gets in the way I suppose. The days that I don't work I try to find little pleasures where I can - quicknaps and playing Samurai Warriors, frequenting my favourite bookstore and meals out. Hanging out in the usual hotspots is out of the question, so to all of you that I haven't seen lately at Take me Back or the Blunt Club I'm hella sorry - but I'll see you soon...

...Cakes and Cakes...


How about a little mango - kiwi...

...or some Mint Action

raspberry chocolate always pays the bills

Snickers 'flavor' is glorified chocolate and caramel with deez nuts


and so for 5 days straight I was makin' cakes and dealing with a location move. Thankfully, I didn't have to pack all of my stuff personally. I was also most grateful that a lot of my fresh ingredients were waiting. The entire production team was moved from one shop space to a more centralized location that will be treated like a 'commisary'...all of our desserts and gelatos will be produced in one location and then a delivery driver will bring them out as needed. I worked 8.5 hours then 5 hours then 13.5 hours then 12.5 hours then 9.5 hours --- at the end of the 5th day, I was just on auto pilot. But I can proudly say that I accomplished what I needed to do.

I can't even begin to explain how tight the old workspace used to be. We all used to work back to back, side to side and desserts mothuhfuckin' bouncin to this say what! Hahahahahhaa. Yet now, I have my own work area - specifically for me. The other day all of the kids crowded onto my tables - I keep the surfaces clear of clutter - and the general manager walked by and said why is everyone in your area? I said oh I don't care - it's fine - I worked in less than this. Then the production manager said oh you know they all love her everyone gravitates to her - bwaa hahahha. I just laughed my evil ass laugh and humped out some cakes...

Some shelves and drawers are going to be put in tomorrow morning since i'm not going in until 3pm. But most of the equipment is in and I haven't even taken photos of the burners, ovens and freezers. It's bonkers. I have to bring a few more tools in tomorrow but overall I'm happy. In this business you are beyond lucky to have space, much less a space made specifically for you...

They put this white board for me and when I'm off I put when I will return, in case there are messages and shit...Well I took yesterday off (erm, not really - bought some cork heel nana shoes, went to Samurai Comics, went to Taco Tuesday - and made beef afritada for the boys and did my chef laundry at the boys house)...and I guess some of the kids from the original shop stopped by for the grand opening and left me some love notes.


Man I miss those kids. They really make the time pass hella quick and most of all they keep my spirit grounded in youthfulness. I have a feeling I'll be seeing them around more and more. It's like having 10 little sisters who laugh a whole fuckin' lot!